20110101_ Get Smart This Year

Out with the old… in with the new


SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely

A high level of confidence is no guarantee of success.

[Chelsea & Chip]

The beginning of a new year finds many people making New Year’s resolutions. While they are easy to make, few people stay true (committed) to them. However, it’s a new year and many want to turn over a new leaf. If you’re one of them, you’ll be more successful if you make SMART goals! Each goal should be: SMART

Specific. Don’t say you want to lose some weight, read more or exercise more. Decide how much weight to lose, how many books to read, or how many times a week to exercise.

Measurable. Weigh yourself daily, count the number of books you read monthly, and make note of how many times you exercise each week.

Attainable. Don’t set impossible goals. For example, don’t vow to lose 10 kilograms in a week. Or if you have just started running, realize you won’t be running a long-distance race in a month.

Relevant. If you love history, you probably won’t read eight books a month about science. You won’t stick with it if the subject isn’t interesting.

Timely. Set deadlines. How long will you take to read a book?

A new year is about starting over – so start now!

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[Rechal& Ken]

R: Hello, Can I help you?

K: Yeah, I’d like to check this book these book out.

R: Sure thing, Ken.

K: Rachel, what are you doing here in the library?

R: I‘m working work here now.

K: I can see that, but how did you….

R: Well, Ashley is a good friend of mine. She told me that she’s leaving and asked me if I was interested in working here. So here I am.

K: Wow, so you’re Ashley’s replacement.

R: I am. She wished was the one who trained me before she left.

K: So, how do you like it here so far?

R: Well, the work is a bit of overwhelming, but Ashley told me that I should stick with it.

K: Stick with it. Is that the same as “stick to it”?

R: I see you’re as curious as ever and that is about English, Ken. Yes, “stick with it” and “stick to it” mean the same thing. All both of these the idioms mean to continue doing something even if it is hard and we feel like giving up.

K: So if I’m having a hard time learning a song on the piano, my piano teacher might tell me to stick to with it.

R: Yes, your teacher would want you to keep trying the song even in it is hard.

K: Um. Are there any other English idioms that use “stick”?

R: Um. Yes, there are. A good one to learn is “stick to your guns.” That means to refuse to change ideas even other people try to change them. A girl stunk to her gun is about not liking a book, even when it is a was her book club’s favorite.

K: I have to stick to my gun and finish reading studio classroom even when my friends want to go out. 

R: There you go. Here is another one – a stick in the mud.

K: Yeh, a stick in the mud. So you’re using stick as a noun.

R: That’s right. A stick in the mud means to be stubborn and not changing the mind. For example, parents can sometimes see be a stick-in-the-mud about not changing their kids that bed time.

K: My brother always stays up late home on Friday night. He is such a stick-in-the-mud.

R: Hey, you got it. Well, here’re your books.

K: Thank you.

R: And don’t be a stick in the mud and enjoy the books.

K: I would stick with it even it’s hard. Hey, great to seeing you again.

R: You too, Ken.


stick with it堅持、忍耐,也可以用stick toex: I will stick to my decision.我會堅持我的決定。

stick to ones guns堅持自己的原則不屈服外界的壓力。

a stick in the mud用來形容一個老古板不懂的變通守舊的人,ex: Dont be such a stick in the mud.不要那麼不懂的變通。


The beginning of a new year finds many people making New Year’s resolutions.

[Tip] find ~ it usually means to look for something or to finally see something. Here it means to see or to meet by chance.


If Marisa continues to skip class and does not do her homework, she will find it very difficult to pass this course.

Pamela went to the art museum yesterday and found the new exhibit to be very interestin



resolution (n.) 決心,決定。New Years resolutions 新年新希望。


I made a resolution to quit drinking coffee. 我下了決心戒掉咖啡。

One of Wanda’s New Year’s resolutions is to read a good nook every month. Wanda的新年新希望之一是每個閱讀一本好書。


turn over a new leaf (idiom) 重新開始,改過自新,重新做人。

Nathan used to be irresponsible, but he turned over a new leaf after he joined the military. Nathan以前是個不負責任的人,不過他從軍之後完全變了一個人。


deadline (n.) 截止日期,最後期限。meet the deadline指在期限內完成。

The deadline for this report is next Monday. 這份報告最後的期限是下周一。

We stayed up late to meet the deadline. 我們熬夜趕工為了在期限內完成。

Dave missed the deadline for applying for his work pension.



start over (ph. v.) 重新開始。

If we lose the election the whole legislative merry-go-round will have to start over. 如果我們在選舉中失利,走馬燈似的整個法定程式將不得不重頭再來。


[Vocabulary & phrase]

Resolution, turn over a new leaf, start over, meet the deadline, Stick with Sth, Stick to one’s guns, a stick in the mud.

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