1224_ The Music of Christmas (1)

Christmas songs fill the heart with the magic of the season


What a wonderful poem

[Chelsea & Chip]

Each year at Christmas, we hear many beautiful songs. Their melodies are so appealing that we hum them long after the song has ended. These traditional carols capture the beauty and wonder of Christmas story.


Hark(listen) the Herald(messenger) angel sing

Charles Wesley, who wrote over 6000 songs during his lifetime, penned the words to his carol. Famous composer, Felix Mendelssohn, wrote the melody. The words and music never meant to go together


But in the 19th century, the organist joined the music and words together to create this favorite carol. Here is the first verse:

Hark the herald angels sing.

Glory(Praise) to newborn king.

Peace on earth and mercy mild

God and sinner reconciled.

Joyful, all ye nations rise

Join the triumph of this skies

With the angelic host proclaim

Christ is born in Bethlehem

Hark the herald angels sing.

Glory to newborn king.



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[Ashley & Ken]

Pen Sth: 用筆寫下來

Card Sb: 要別人出示I.D. card to make sure Sb of legal age

Google Sth

Office, effect (X)





Verse  N文字一段或一節

Henry quotes a few verses from Shakespeare in his love letter.

The entire audience sang along with the singer on the last verse of the song.


Reconcile V. 使和好如初,使和解 …+with, 常常用被動式

The couple was finally reconciled with each other after not speaking for a week.

It’s not been easy to reconcile the two companies’ points of view.


Triumph UN.勝利或是重大成功  + over +勝過的對象

The election results ware the absolute triumph for the political party.

Tina’s triumph over her disability is a story that has touched many people.



 [Vocabulary & phrase]

hum (v.) (曲子)

carol (n.) 歡樂之歌(尤指聖誕頌歌)

organist (n.) 風琴手。

verse (n.) 文字的一段或一節。

reconcile /ˈrekənsaɪl/ (v.) 1. 使和好如初,(~ +with,通常用被動)使和解。2. 使調和。

triumph (n.) [U] 勝利或重大成功。(~+over 勝過…)

herald /ˈherəld/ (n.) (舊時)傳令官,使者,信使。


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