1221_ Employee Wellness (2)

Keeping employees healthy is a priority for my company.


Stay health; on your English learning adventure.

[Chelsea & Chip]

I participate in “Walk During Lunch Day”, and was astonished(surprised in a good way) to see that hundreds of people showed up at this event. It turns out to not be an exercise event, but also a social event where I countered many others from different departments. I walked and chatted and had a lot of fun during lunch hour. Although I didn’t win a price in the drawing (a motivation for people to attend), I was glad I had made the effect to participate. Now, I know where to go for a walk around campus during lunch hour, and I’m in the habit of doing it.


Joan and her coworker Sara discuss their office’s wellness events.

J: I wish they’d organize a “Walk During Lunch Day” more often.

S: Why? You can walk on your own at lunchtime.

J: I do walk on and off. I need something to motivate me.

S: And someone to accompany you?

J: Right. Exercise is more fun with friends.

S: So find a friend to walk with. It must be someone in your apartment. Or organize a lunchtime walking group.

J: That’s a good idea. I’ll send an e-mail around this afternoon.

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[Ashley & Ken]

Take a walk. 散步..命令(走開)

Walk on eggshells 處於非常微妙或危險的地位

Walk one’s feet off 走了很多的路



To save someone a trip to = to keep from having to make a trip.

If you help me to turn in the report, it would save me a trip to the teacher’s office.

I could have asked you to get something for me from the supermarket and saved myself a trip.



Astonish, 使大威吃驚,使十分驚訝

It astonished me that many students don’t read much outside of the classroom anymore.

I was astonished that Cathy refuse my help to babysit for her.



At the end of the party, there was a big drawing for a free trip to Hawaii.

The winners of the drawing need to fill out a form before collecting their prizes.

On and off 段段續續地或不時地

Pam works out on and off so she never loses much weight.

Bobby and Kate wrote emails to each other on and off after graduation.



 [Vocabulary & phrase]

Astonish, 使大威吃驚,使十分驚訝


Accompany 陪伴

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