1220_ Employee Wellness (1)

Keeping employees healthy is a priority for my company.


Provide many wellness events and services

[Chelsea & Chip]

People are the most important asset for my company, so we are well taken care of.

Many wellness events held throughout a year help employees maintain healthy lifestyle, because prevention is the best medicine.

On campus, many services are available for a reasonable price. These include heart screening, flu shot clinic, on-site dietitian, weight management center, and a massage and fitness center. Theses on-site (convenient) services can make it convenient for employees to attend these things instead of postponing or ignoring them.


I personally like my on- site flu shot clinic as it saves me a trip to the hospital. I always prompt my coworkers to get their flu shots sometimes. I don’t want them to get sick because I spend a lot of hours working with them every day.


Other interesting yearly events such as “Bike to Work Day” and “Walk During Lunch Day” invite my employees to get a taste of healthier lifestyles. These events also include prizes as an incentive to encourage everyone to get out of their chairs and participate.

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[Ashley & Ken]

Taste 嘗試;品味

Get a taste of Sth.

A man of taste 有品味的人

Leave a bad taste in your mouth.留下不好的回憶


To save someone a trip to = to keep from having to make a trip.

If you help me to turn in the report, it would save me a trip to the teacher’s office.

I could have asked you to get something for me from the supermarket and saved myself a trip.




The research is aimed at cancer prevention.

The government spent a lot of budget on a new crime prevention programs. Unfortunately, the program didn’t have the effect they desired.


On-site 現場;駐校;駐點的

Our school has an on-site nurse on our health center.

The army set up an on-site medical treatment center right outside the collapse buildings.


Incentive 鼓勵或激勵

Little kids love incentives like stickers貼紙 and stamps 印章.

Tim’s boss promised him a big bonus as an incentive to win the case.

The supervisor offered cash incentives to encourage their staff to work overtime.


Prompt, verb

to make somebody decide to do something; to cause something to happen 促使;導致;激起

The discovery of the bomb prompted an increase in security. 此次發現炸彈促使當局加強了安全工作。 VN

His speech prompted an angry outburst from a man in the crowd. 他的講話激起了人群中一男子的憤怒。

The thought of her daughter’s wedding day prompted her to lose some weight. 對女兒婚期的操心使她消瘦不少。 VN to inf.

to encourage somebody to speak by asking them questions or suggesting words that they could say 鼓勵,提示,提醒(某人說話)

She was too nervous to speak and had to be prompted. 她緊張得說不出話來,只好聽人提示。 VN

The program will prompt you to enter data where required. 這個程序在必要時將提醒你輸入數據。 computing

And then what happened? he prompted. “後來怎樣了?”他鼓勵對方繼續說下去。 V speech



 [Vocabulary & phrase]

Asset 有價值的物或人


On-site 現場;駐校;駐點

Incentive 鼓勵或激勵

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