1205_ The magic movies

What’s showing this winter at a theater near you?

[Steve & Hazel]

[Chelsea & Chip]

When you go to the movies, what do you watch? Exhilarating/ɪɡˈzɪləreɪtɪŋ/ action films? Romantic comedies? Animated adventures? Whatever you enjoy, you will find it on silver screen this holiday season.

Three animated films promise adventure and excitement in 3-D. In Megamind, a supervallian named “Megamind" discovers that his life is boring without adversary. So he creates Titan, the perfect superhero. Unfortunately, Titan decides to destroy the world and Megemind has to save it. Desney’s tangled is adaptation of the Rapunzel fairytale about princess who has spent her entire life in her tower. After falling in love with a clever young man, she must venture out into the world to find him. Yogi Bear follows the adventures of two bears, Yogi and Boo Boo, who live in Jellystone Park. When the greedy mayor wants to close the park, Yogi and Boo Boo spring into action to save their home.

Romance fans will enjoy Due Date. Robert Downey Jr. plays a father-to-be trying to reach home for the birth of his first child. He hitches a ride(=lift) with an aspiring actor and on the cross-country trip encounters one disaster after another.

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Emerge (從困境等中)擺脫; 露頭, 出頭[(+from)]


[Ashley & Ken]

K: Hey, Ashley, how are you?

A: Hi, Ken. I’m great. I just went through a mega stack of books. We’ve been running behind but now we are all caught up.

K: Did you say you went through a mega stack of books? Is that a certain kind of book?

A: No, mega means large in size. So, for instance, if you enter the lottery, you could win mega bucks.

K: I see. Or you could be stuck in a mega traffic jam.

A: Right. Mega is an informal adjective that describes anything big or impressive. However you can also use it as a prefix.

K: Does it have the same meaning?

A: Yes, for instance, if someone is a mega star then they are a super star. Or if you’re getting sick, you might take a mega dose of vitamin C to get better.

K: A mega dose? A dose is an amount of a particular medicine, isn’t it?

A: Yes, or a dose of a particular quality. For instance, someone might get a mega dose of publicity for a new invention.

K: Hey, Ashley. I’ve heard of mega cities and I think I’ve been to a few of them too.

A: If you’ve ever been to Tokyo, Los Angeles or New York City, then you’ve been to a mega city. Mega cities are known for having more than 10 million people and there are many mega cities around the world.

K: Well, this has been mega informative, Ashley.

A: I’m glad, Ken. Let me know if you have any more questions.

K: Okay, thanks.


今天這一課介紹一部電影叫做Megamind。我們可以來看一下mega這個字,mega在口語上就是很大的意思,像mega bucks就是數目很大的金錢,一個megastar是個巨星。我們吃藥的時候通常會吃一個dose,一劑的藥,但是一個megadose是很大劑量的藥。另外還有所謂的megacitymegacity指的是人口超過一千萬的大城市,像東京、洛杉磯、紐約都可以稱為megacity




exhilarating (adj) 令人興奮的,刺激的

The amusement park’s exhilarating roller coaster ride attracts many young visitors.


The video footage captured the exhilarating atmosphere of the car race.


adversary (n) 對手,敵人

Our football team will compete against our long-time adversary tonight.


The one-time best friends are now adversaries in the business world.


hitch (v) 搭便車

Our car broke down so we decided to hitch a ride back home.


Howard hitched a lift to Vegas from a passing RV.


[Vocabulary & phrase]

exhilarating (adj) 刺激的

adversary (n) 仇敵

venture (v) 冒險

hitch (v) 搭便車


exhilarating, adversary, venture, hitch, one-time, a stack of

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