1116_ The World of Work

My First Day
I learned all kinds of things on the first day of my new job



the angle is very steep.

Learning English is a steep learning curve.

[Chelsea & Brandon]

Joan talks to her husband after her first day at work.

Charlie: Hi, honey. How was your first day at your dream job?

Joan: It was good but really tiring! There’s so much to remember! I had meetings with so many different people and departments. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now.

Charlie: Steep (difficult) learning cruve. eh?

Joan: You can say that again. Making the adjustment from a small company to this huge multi-national one is goingto take time.

Charlie: But you had a good orientation?

Joan: Yes. I learned a lot and I asked a lot of questions.

Charlie: Good. That’s the best way to learn what’s expected of you.

Charlie: Is the same person who is training you going to evaluate your work?

Joan: Yes. That will be my team leader. He is really nice and has given me some helpful hints already.

Charlie: Is he approachable? (friendly and easy to talk to)

Joan: I think so. We hit it off right away, so I think we can work well together.

Charlie: And the rest of your team?

Joan: I met all of them too, and they all seem nice.

Hopefully, they’ll all be easy to work with.

Charlie: You’ll find out soon.

Joan: Not till next week. I have orientation the rest of this week.

[More Information]


[Ashley & Ken]

You can say that again. 字面上是說 你可以再說一遍。
其實意思是 你說得一點也沒錯。贊同的說法
I’ll say. 贊同的說法



evaluate (v) 衡量;評估

The company evaluates their employees each quarter.


We should evaluate the market before we start advertising the new product.


approachable (adj) 可接近的;容易親近的

approach (v) 靠近

Wesley doesn’t seem very approachable, but he’s really a nice person once you get to know him.

Wesley 看起來似乎不是那麼容易親近的,但是如果您認識他他其實是個大好人。

hit it off (v ph) 相處融洽;合得來

hit hit hit with

Janet didn’t hit it off with Marlene at first, but soon they became good friends.

Janet Marlene 起初並沒有很合得來,但是他們很快的就變成好朋友。


[Vocabulary & phrase]

steep (adj) 急劇升降的, 大起大落的

learning curve 學習曲線

orientation (n) 方向; 方位; 傾向性[C]

evaluate (v) 衡量;評估

approachable (adj) 可接近的;容易親近的

hit it off (v ph) 相處融洽;合得來

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