1115_ The World of Work

My First Day
I learned all kinds of things on the first day of my new job



stress out 壓力過大

[Chelsea & Brandon]

I was very excited on my first day of working at a Fortune 500 company. All the new hires assembled in the lobby on a Monday morning. I was surprised to see
forty-something people there. We were taken to a conference room for a two-hour information session
議會,會議held by the HR, security and IT departments. The session was critical for me to learn how to survive in this new foreign land. At noon all the hiring managers came to pick us up for lunch in the company cafeteria. After lunch my manager took me to my cubicle and introduced me to the team.

He also gave me instructions on how to order office supplies. The first week, all new hires attended all kinds of classes for work. Because I was coming from a small Chinese company, this was a new experience for me, and I felt nervous and insecure at first. Luckily, I had a good mentor  /’mɛnˈtɔr/ to show me around and introduce me to the cross-functional teams. This would make my life a lot easier down the road( in the future). It’s not about what you know but who you know – this is true no matter if you work for a Chinese or an American company.

[More Information]


[Ashley & Ken]

I had a good mentor to show me around.

show someone around

show sb. around帶某人到處逛逛

show someone the ropes

show sb. the ropes告訴某人工作的竅門

learn the ropes學會工作的竅門, teach the ropes


show someone the door

show sb. the door(委婉地)趕走某人



I was surprised to see forty-something people there.



I think twenty-something guests are coming to the party.

The winner ate sixty-something hot dogs.




jam session



assemble (v) 集合, 召集, 聚集 【電腦】組合, 彙編

All the trainees need to assemble in the school gym at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.


Josh assembled the difficult puzzle in two hours.


cubicle (n) [ˋkjubɪk!] 1. 小臥室 2. 小隔間

cubic (adj) 立方體

Lillian put a small fish tank in her office cubicle.

Lillian 在他的辦公室的小格間中放了一個小魚缸。

There are five shower cubicles in the changing room.


mentor (n) 良師益友;導師

Coach Johnson has been Eric’s mentor since high school.

He taught Eric everything he knows about football.

Johnson 教練從高中時就是Eric的良師益友。 他把自己對足球所知的一切都教給他。

[Vocabulary & phrase]

assemble (v) 集合, 召集, 聚集 【電腦】組合, 彙編

cubicle[ˋkjubɪk!] 1. 小臥室 2. 小隔間

insecure (adj) 局促不安的

mentor[ˋmɛntɚ] 1.(M-)【希神】曼托(Odysseus的忠實朋友, 又為其子的良師) 2.良師益友

cross functional team 發怒操作组


assemble, cubicle, insecure, mentor

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