Dance Is Going to the Dogs


is going to dogs = get worse

[Chip & Linda]

Dancing has a new twist. It’s dancing with your dog! This new sport, which is called canine freestyle, features handlers and their dogs performing routines to music.
This dancing craze got its start in Canada about 20 years ago. The idea quickly spread to England and then to the United States. Now canine freestyle is popular
with dog lovers worldwide. The World Canine Freestyle Organization (WCFO) is one of several clubs that promotes this sport. It hosts international events where members meet and compete, and it also offers video competitions.

Everyone knows it takes two to tango. That typically holds true in canine freestyle. Both partners have to keep in step, and the human takes the lead as the team prepares to compete. Owners teach their dogs a number of various moves. Heeling spinning, weaving and jumping are some basic skills of the sport! Once mastered, moves are combined to create a one-of-a-kind (unique)routine. Putting together a qualifying performance takes patience, practice and a real pet-person partnership.

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[Ashley & Ken]

seeing eye dog 導盲犬

guide dog 盲人的領路狗, 導盲犬

hearing dog

service dog


That typically holds true in canine freestyle.
to hold true = applies = hold good適用, 有效
Eighty years ago, this foundation was started to help children of immigrants; today, this still holds true in the foundation.
The employees are expected to follow company rules throughout the day, but do the rules still hold true if employees work on weekends?
hold good
Although the witness is blind, his testimony on what he heard during the robbery still holds good in court.
My father’s promise to buy me a cell phone holds good as long as I get good grades in school.



handler (n) 訓練師
handle (v)
對待, 處理
Police dog handlers must be highly qualified.
handler (n) 操作員
The airport baggage handler is checking one of the carousels for your lost suitcase.
it takes two to tango tango
Sean claimed that his classmate started the fight but it takes two to tango.
Sally blamed Jessica for stealing her boyfriend but
was quickly reminded that it takes two to tango.
怪罪 Jessica 搶走她的男朋友,但是有人馬上提醒她這種事是一個巴掌是拍不響的。
put together 把某些東西放在一起或組織 在一起
It takes a tremendous amount of time
and effort to put together a musical.
Putting together a great meal is one of Naomi’s

[Vocabulary & phrase]

canine, handler, craze, it takes two to tango, heel, put together

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