Not all hotel nights are created equal


[Chip & Winnie]

The Poseidon Undersea Resort
Nestled in a Fijian lagoon, the Poseidon Undersea Resort boasts the world’s first seafloor suite 12 meters below the surface of the ocean. By day, people enjoy
golf, tennis and water sports or learn to
pilot a three-passenger Triton submarine to explore the pristine ocean depths.


The Magic Mountain Hotel
In the Huilo Huilo Private Natural Reserve in southern Chile stands the Magic Mountain Hotel, which
is shaped like a volcano. But instead of lava, a waterfall
cascades down its sides. Wood and stone decorate the cozy interior.Nine comfortable rooms, all with modern amenities, are each named for a local species of bird. Hotel guests can enjoy rafting, hiking and horseback riding, or they can relax in a hot tub made out of the huge trunk of a tree and filled with hot water.

Sala Siivermine

The truly adventurous can spend the night in the world’s deepest bedroom in the Sala Silvermine in Sala Vastmanland,Sweden. After a guided tour of the mine located 155 meters underground, you’re left alone to enjoy the solitude with a basket of refreshments. In the morning, the guide returns with a delicious breakfast to enjoy before you return to ground level.

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[Ashley & Ken]

a hot tub made out of the huge trunk of a tree 一個由巨大樹幹打造的澡盆
trunk (n)
樹幹;軀幹, 身軀;象鼻;(旅行用)大皮箱; 汽車車尾的行李箱
boot [
the boy locked himself in the trunk




Antarctica is considered one of the last truly pristine places on earth.

The once pristine beach now sees thousands of tourists every day.

This second-hand computer is nearly new and is in pristine condition.

The bell began to ring and coins cascaded from the slot machine.

Tears cascaded down her cheeks when she discovered that her husband had been wounded in an accident.

a cascade of golden hair

solitude /’sɑləˈtud/
Jason didn’t like the solitude of country life, so he decided to move back to the city.

The writer works with more efficiency when he works in solitude.

After retiring, Nick had a hard time adjusting to so much solitude.

[Vocabulary & phrase]



pristine, cascade, cozy, interior, rafting, in solitude


潟湖 lagoon

泛舟 rafting

騎馬 horseback riding

be alone = solitude


Tree truck, human truck.



Tears cascaded down her cheeks.

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