Not all hotel nights are created equal


[Chip & Chelsea]

When on vacation, what do you look for in a hotel?  Maybe you want a comfortable bed, luxurious /lʌgˈʒʊə.ri.əs/ (very comfortable and expensive) amenities or a convenient location. However, if you want something out of the ordinary and wish to go beyond the mundane /mʌnˈdeɪn/ (ordinary and therefore not interesting), these spectacular hotels offer a stay you won’t soon forget!
Hippo Point
For those
who prefer an overnight stay with some four-footed-or two-winged – guests, Hippo Point in Kenya offers unique accommodations on the East African plains. The nine-story tower on a private estate  [ɪsˋtet] and wildlife sanctuary  [ˋsæŋktʃʊ͵ɛrɪ]  rates as one of the top 10 resorts in the world.

Guests enjoy incredible views of Olodian Bay while observing the densest population of hippos in Africa. More than 520 species of birds flock around the lake, their calls echoing in the air. After a restful night’s sleep, you’ll find a delicious breakfast waiting on an outside patio  [ˋpɑtɪ͵o] .
Dog Bark Park Inn
At the Dog Bark Park Inn, sleeping in a doghouse is a good thingl Located near Cottonwood, Idaho, this bed and breakfast is inside the world’s largest beagle.
A private staircase leads to the second-story balcony entrance. Guests relax on dog-themed decorative furnishings and enjoy a fabulous breakfast. All this for only $92 a night!

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[Ashley & Ken]

bed and breakfast = B&B
住旅館不是用 live
而是用 stay 
Which hotel are you staying in?


However, if you want something out of the ordinary and wish to go beyond the mundane, these spectacular hotels offer a stay you won’t soon forget!

out of the ordinary= unusual = not ordinary
If you’re looking for an out of the ordinary dining experience, then you should try the new restaurant at the mall.
Mr. Wilson’s artwork got first place because the judges thought his design was out of the ordinary.
It was a typical Wednesday afternoon; nothing out of the ordinary happened.
although the bank’s security alarm rang, the policemen found nothing out of the ordinary.



amenity (n) 愉樂;(常用複)便利設施
The cruise ship boasts top-quality amenities that attract many tourists.
Each month, the residents of the building have to pay a fee to
maintain their public amenities.
mundane (adj)
Sarah only listens to classical music. She considers other types of music mundane.
只聽古典音樂。 她認為其他的音樂都太庸俗了。
Victor leads a mundane life. Work occupies most of his time.
過著平凡樸實的生活。 工作佔領了他大多数的時間。 
estate (n)
The large estate is famous for its red wine.
The historical estate included a large home, farm buildings
and one hundred acres of land.
The old lady left her estate to her only son.


[Vocabulary & phrase]


luxurious, modest, amenity, mundane, estate, wildlife, sanctuary, private estate, nothing out of the ordinary, species, flock, patio, balcony, fabulous, resort


公共設備 public amenity

付費  pay a fee

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