1026_ In the Kitchen with a Chef (2)

What really happens in the kitchen


[Chip & Winnie]

SC: How important are measurements when following a recipe?
DW: You know, I’ve been cooking for so long, I do it all
by feel now. But for the average cook, measurements are essential. There’s an old saying: “you can add to a recipe but you can’t take away.” So you need to follow what the basic recipe says, but it’s OK to add a little spice or change it around a bit. We have recipes, so you or I or anyone can follow the recipe and have the food turn out well.
Which spices should be used with which foods and why?
DW: The spice used
is closely related to the culture the food you’re cooking comes from. You use those spices to make the food taste genuine. In Western cooking, certain spices generally go well with certain foods. Rosemary and garlic go really well with pork. Thyme and black pepper go well with chicken. Citrus is also very good with poultry.
SC: Do you have any tips you would like to share?
DW: To be a professional chef, you need to
apply yourself and have a passion for what you’re doing. It feels good to make food people really enjoy.

[More Information]

Restaurant kitchens can have a number of different kinds of chefs. The executive chef, or head chef, is responsible for the menu. The executive chef also comes up with new recipes, hires, fires, trains, and oversees the organization of the kitchen and its daily operations. A sous chef is the head chef’s right hand man and the kitchen’s second in command. The sous chef does a lot of cooking.


[Ashley & Ken]

A: So, what have you been up to lately, Ken?
K: You know I think
I’m getting stuck in a routine. I do the same thing everyday. I wake up, exercise, go to work, come to the library, go home and watch TV.
A: Hmm. Sounds like you need to spice up your routine a little bit.
K: Spice up my routine? Does that mean I should add spices?
A: (laugh) No, I mean you need to add more interesting things to your daily schedule. You can spice up anything by making it more interesting or exciting.
K: Oh, yeah? Like what?
A: Well, you can spice up the speech by adding a few funny jokes or stories. You can spice up the room by adding more vibrant color.
K: Okay. Well, I guess you’re right. I can spice up my live with a little variety.
A: Hey, variety is the spice of life. If you did the same thing over and over again you may get bored.
K: Well, if I learn something new that could make my life more interesting.
A: Taking on the new hobby can put this spice back to your life.
K: So spices aren’t just things we add to make our food more flavorful?
A: Right, spices can add flavor to activities. See, we can even
add flavor to our daily life.
K: Well, I’m going to try something new today to spice up my day.
A: Great idea. Variety is the spice of life.

今天的課文提到spice(香料、調味品),但是spice也可以指趣味,有一句諺語variety is the spice of life(變化是人生的趣味),意思就是生活要有變化才不會乏味。因此spice當動詞就是加添趣味,若是你的生活很無趣,你大概要想想該如何spice up your life加添一些趣味在生活當中)。


Eighty percent of being a chef is technique – learning how to do things. The other 20 percent is natural ability.
A number that is more than 10 at the beginning of the sentence must be spelled out except year.
1999 was a difficult year for the Jones Family.
Twenty customers came into the store and bought 200 apples.
Thomas Edison once said,
Genius is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.
…life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we respond to it.


essential (adj) 不可或缺的,極其重要的
Accurate marketing strategies are essential for a company’s success.
It is essential to include all team members in each discussion.
genuine (adj) 
It’s not easy to find genuine Indian food in this little town.
This chair is undoubtedly a genuine 15th century antique.
He looked at the wounded cat
with genuine concern.
citrus (n)
柑橘類 /’sɪtrəs/
citrus fruit 
a citrus tree 
Mom enjoys citrus tea a lot.
This citrus orchard is quite famous for its jam.


genuine   /ˈdʒenjuɪn/ DJ   /’dʒɛnjuɪn/ KK

  • adjective

1.      real; exactly what it appears to be; not artificial 真的;名副其實的

      • Is the painting a genuine Picasso? 這幅畫是畢加索的真跡嗎?
      • Fake designer watches are sold at a fraction of the price of the genuine article. 偽造的設計師名牌手錶以真品若干分之一的價格出售。
      • Only genuine refugees can apply for asylum. 只有真正的難民才能申請政治避難。


to work at something or study something very hard 勤奮工作;努力學習 VN~ yourself (to sth/to doing sth)

  • You would pass your exams if you applied yourself. 努力學習就會通過考試。
  • We applied our minds to finding a solution to our problem. 我們絞盡腦汁尋求解決問題的辦法。

vibrant   /ˈvaɪbrənt/ DJ   /’vaɪbrənt/ KK

  • adjective

1.      full of life and energy 充滿生機的;生氣勃勃的;精力充沛的 written

      • See also:

exciting Synonym

      • a vibrant city/personality 充滿生機的城市;活潑的個性


[Vocabulary & phrase]

essential (n) 極其重要的,基本的
genuine (adj)
rosemary (n)
thyme (n)
citrus (n)
poultry (n)


measurement, vibrant life, spice up, genuine, essential, poultry

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