1025_ In the Kitchen with a Chef (1)

What really happens in the kitchen


What is a chef different from a cook? extreme different

Professional : chefs.

Entry level: cooks.

The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

[Chip & Winnie]

SC: What is the difference between a chef and a cook?
David Wiehler (DW): Cooks
generally work at entry-level jobs. They work at different places in the kitchen and follow recipes. Chefs have special training and know which foods go well together they can invent new recipes.
SC: How do you become a chef?
DW: There are many
culinary  /’kʌləˈnɛrɪ/ schools both in the U.S. and abroad. All are good – you really can’t pick the best one. You get out of the course what you put into it. Eighty percent of being a chef is technique – learning how to do things. The other 20 percent is natural ability.
SC: Describe the day of a chef.
DW: I generally go to work two hours before
service starts. The night before, we will have written lists of all the things we need to prepare when we get there. I get everything ready, and then we begin service. I work in different roles depending on what is needed. Typically, it’s a 10 to 12-hour day. I stay about an hour after service is done to make sure all the prep lists are written for the next day. Then I close down the kitchen.

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[Ashley & Ken]

A: (on the phone) Hello, I’d like to order one large pepperoni pizza for a delivery. Please deliver to 1245 east maple road, apartment 14. Thank you. Bye bye.
K: Hey, Ashley. Did you just order a pizza?
A: Yes, my niece is coming over to my house and she loves pizza. So I got delivery.
A: Why didn’t you just make your own homemade pizza?
A: I don’t have time. Delivery is faster.
K: Is delivery the same thing as takeout?
A: No, takeout must be picked up at the restaurant while delivery is brought to you.
K: So, takeout means you place your order and then take it home to eat?
A: Right. Or if you were in the UK you would call it takeaway.
K: Sometimes I just order something to go.
A: You can say that too. Sometimes you’ll hear people ask
Would you like your coffee for here or to go? To go is use as an adjective while take out is use as a noun phrase.
K: You know, when I was younger I used to get a lunch box to go.
A: Wait. I’m confused. A lunch box? Do you mean you brought a cold lunch to school?
K: Now I’m confused. What’s a cold lunch?
A: Let
s hear from Linda and see if she can explain the differences.
K: Okay.

L: In America, a lunch box refers to the container that holds your food, not the lunch itself. If you ask someone if they wanted a lunch box they would be confused. Take out or carry out are better word choices. However, if you’re a student you may take a cold lunch to school. A cold lunch is food like a sandwich and fruit that you take from home. If you eat the food from the school cafeteria you would call that a hot lunch.

K: Interesting. So I’d better not say lunch box unless I’m referring to the container.
A: Right.
K: I’m getting really hungry with all this talk about food. Could you give me the phone number of that pizza place?
A: Sure, give me a minute.

這一課教我們要如何做一個專業的廚師,但是如果我們很忙,沒有時間開伙,而且又沒有時間到餐館用餐,那我們還有一個選擇,就是get deliverydelivery就是外送的服務。另外takeout是外帶,這是美國人的講法,英國人會講takeawaytakeout通常是先打電話去餐廳點菜,你再去餐廳拿,這是takeout。若是你直接去餐廳點菜,要求要外帶,那叫做to go。很多的速食餐廳的店員在接受點菜時的第一句話就是問for here or to go?(內用還是外帶?)。最後lunch box是指便當盒,但是美國人並沒有人帶便當,一般的中小學生通常會帶cold lunch,冷午餐也就是三明治,不然就是在學校的cafeteria(餐廳)裡吃hot lunch



Eighty percent of being a chef is technique – learning how to do things. The other 20 percent is natural ability.
A number that is more than 10 at the beginning of the sentence must be spelled out except year.
1999 was a difficult year for the Jones Family.
Twenty customers came into the store and bought 200 apples.
Thomas Edison once said,
Genius is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.
…life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we respond to it.


entry-level (adj) 最基層的,入門的,初階的,初級的
Oliver just graduated from school and accepted an entry-level job at a nearby company.
He took an entry-level course in Economics in college.
culinary (adj)
Under the famous chef, Jack learned a lot of
culinary skills.
Mom planted some herbs in her garden so she could create some
culinary masterpiece in her kitchen.
The chef graduated from a
culinary academy in France.
prep (adj)
準備的,預備的  (v) 做好準備
The prep work before a concert is a huge
Ricky is prepping for his midterm.


[Vocabulary & phrase]

chef (n) 主廚,廚師,廚師長
entry-level (adj)
culinary (adj)
prep (adj)


entry-level, culinary, get delivery, takeout, takeaway, lunch box, prep list, prep for, undertaking

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