15_Ceremonies, cerebrations and culture (5)

[Say Hollow]

Estate agent= realtor

House for sell

Nephew; niece


Erosion, coerce into Ving sth, exempt from, lackluster, integration, to file, dreary, reflection, assembly


Multi-function, multi-media, multi-story car park

Anti /’æntɪ/ -virus, anti-war, ant- fur, anti-hero, anti-clockwise(counter-clockwise)

Hypersensitive, hyperactive, hypermarket

Over-react, over-eat, over-do

Post-graduate, post-mortem(death) examination驗屍

Pro-war, pro- gun

Sub-marine, sub-standard

Pre-nuptial agreement /priˈnʌpʃəl ə‘grimənt/

Semi-final, semi-circle

Undergraduate, under-eat, underestimate

…., all thing considered. (整體來看)

The wedding ceremony went pretty well, all things considered.


I got two As and a B, which is no means feat (pretty good), considering how little I studied.


Let Sb down (disappointed)


I get chronic migraines sometime: 1. Severe; 2 constant

I had a minor stroke.

      A burst blood vessel, a blood clot-à partial paralysis, physiotherapy

I am going through the menopause at the moment

      Hot flushes, HRT

I get terrible hay fever.

      Pollen; antihistamine

I get terrible arthritis.

I get pretty bad eczema. /ˈeksɪmə/ DJ   /ɪɡˈziːmə/ DJ

I am chronically obese

      BMI: body mass index, morbidly obese

I suffer from A.D.D (attention deficit disorder)

      Grow out of it

I got asthma.


I suffer from insomnia


I suffer from post-traumatic stress.

I am infested with head lice.

      Strong shampoo: mouse/mice


Acronym stand for


AIDS: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

CJD: Creutzfledt Jokob disease (variant)  /ˌkrɔɪtsfelt ˈjækɒb dɪziːz/ 克羅伊茨費爾特 雅各布

BSE: Bovine spongiform encephalopathy

IVF: in vitro fertilization; test-tube body

MS: multiple sclerosis

PMT: post-menstrual tension

STD: sexual transmitted disease

HIV: human immunodeficiency virus

ME: myalgic encephalomyelitis

MRSA: methicillin resistant streptococcus aureus

SARS: severe acute respiratory syndrome

TB: tuberculosis

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