The Blue Angels treat audiences to a spectacular air show


I suggest you go over the youtube and typing blue angle in the space bar.

[Chelsea & Brandon]

What does it take to be a Blue Angels’ pilot?
All pilots who wish to fly with the Blue Angels must be
active-duty (full-time job)Navy or Marine Corps jet pilots with a minimum of 1,250 flight hours. They must be willing to travel and maintain a rigorous training schedule, including 120 training flights during the winter training season. According to Senior Chief Petty Officer George Harris, “We’re simply looking for the best and brightest (hopeful; likely to be successful 有希望的;會成功的) young men and women in the Naval service. We want team players who are excellent communicators…have strong work ethics, and who really want to be the backbone (center/important part) of the Blue Angels organization."

In addition to their scheduled air shows, the team visits
more than 50,000 people a year at schools and hospitals.
The men and women who serve as Blue Angels take 
role seriously as goodwill (Friendly, helpful, or cooperative feelings or attitude ) ambassadors for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.
The maintenance
/’mentənəns/ team
While the pilots may be the stars, the maintenance people are the ones who keep the planes flying. Thanks to their great work, the Blue Angels have never cancelled a performance due to a maintenance problem. Each member of the team, both on the ground and in the air, epitomizes the Blue Angels’ pursuit of excellence.

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[Ashley & Ken]

pilot (n) (飛機等的)駕駛員, 飛行員;(船舶的)領航員; 舵手
copilot (n)
navigate (v)
navigator (n)
領航員; 導航裝置
autopilot abbr. 縮寫automatic pilot 自動駕駛儀
cruise control 定速器


We’re simply looking for the best and brightest young men
and women in the Naval service.
We’re only looking for the best and brightest young men 
and women in the Naval service.
We’re looking for the best and brightest young men and
women in the Naval service.
Don’t be nervous. It’s simply a rehearsal.
The essay was unacceptable because It was simply full of 
grammar mistakes.



rigorous (adj) 嚴峻的;嚴格的;嚴苛的
Rigorous computer safety procedures are conducted to
protect the bank’s account holders.
The team members went through rigorous training and 
improved dramatically in just a few weeks.
backbone (n)
支柱; 骨幹; 基礎
The manufacturing industry is the backbone of the country.
are the backbone of our organization.
backbone 毅力;堅毅;骨氣; [U]
Alex has no backbone and therefore shouldn’t be leading the team.
epitomize (v)
成為典範;象徵; 作為的縮影
With great vision and the ability to make good decisions,
Sam epitomizes a successful entrepreneur.
有著遠大的映像和做出好決定的能力,Sam 是一位成功企業家的典範。 

With little equipment and unsuitable footwear, she epitomizes the inexperienced and unprepared mountain walker.


[Vocabulary & phrase]

active duty (ph) 現役; 全役
rigorous (adj)
嚴峻的;嚴格的;嚴苛的 rigorous training
petty officer (ph)
backbone (n)
支柱; 骨幹; 基礎
goodwill ambassador
epitomize (v)
成為典範;象徵; 作為的縮影



ambassador   /æmˈbæsədə(r)/ DJ   /æm’bæsədɚ/ KK

1.       an official who lives in a foreign country as the senior representative there of his or her own country大使;使節 noun

    • the British Ambassador to Italy/in Rome 英國駐意大利/羅馬大使


epitomize;   -ise   /ɪˈpɪtəmaɪz/ DJ   /ɪ‘pɪtəˈmaɪz/ KK

1.       to be a perfect example of something 成為的典範(或典型) verb VN

    • The fighting qualities of the team are epitomized by the captain. 這個隊善於較量的品質從隊長身上體現出來。

    • These movies seem to epitomize the 1950s. 這些影片似乎就是 20 世紀 50 年代的縮影。



active-duty, rigorous, work ethics, backbone, autopilot, cruise control, navigator, copilot, go over, goodwill, ambassador, epitomize

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