1021_HOW SICK ARE YOU? (2)

When you feel sick, should you stay home?



John is on leave this week.

They’ll a lot more upset with you.

If you’re A’s position,…

You can always count on Joseph for good advice.


[Chelsea & Chip]

T: You know, Barbara, that sore throat could be strep throat.

B: I know thing it’s anything that serious.

T: Well, you won’t know for sure unless you go to the doctor.

B: But I don’t have time. I have an important meeting today.

T: You do know that if it’s strep throat, you’re very contagious.

B: I hadn’t thought of that. But, I can’t stay home. I don’t have any sick left.

T: If you go to the doctor, maybe you can get a doctor’s note to satisfy your boss.

B: But the people in my office are counting on me to get some things finished up today. They’ll be upset for me if I am not for work.

T: They’ll a lot more upset with you if you show up and you make them sick. Why don’t go to the doctor first and see what he says? If he says you’re not contagious, maybe you can go on to work. But if it’s strep throat, she’ll probably tell you to take antibiotics for 24 hours before going back to work.

B: Maybe you’re right. I rest easier knowing I am not contagious. I’m sure my coworkers will too.  

More Information]

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[Ashley & Ken]

sick leave 病假
take a sick leave/day
take leave
on leave
John is on leave this week.
annual leave
leave of absence
maternity  /m
ə‘tɝnətɪ/ leave 產假




contagious (adj) 會傳染的;具有傳染性的

Since the flu is highly contagious, the government has

advised children and elderly people to get a flu shot.


Pamela’s laughter is contagious.

You just want to laugh with her.


count on 依靠;指望

count on someone or somelthing

the whole team was counting on the quarterback,

and celebrated when he threw the winning pass.


count on someone for something

You can always count on Joseph for good advice.


rest easy 放寬心

I can’t rest easy until I get my wallet back.


She can finally rest easy now that the police have found her little boy.


John is on leave this week.

They’ll a lot more upset with you.

[Vocabulary & phrase]

lousy (adj) 盡是蝨子的;俚】不潔的; 卑鄙的; 討厭的;口】大量的
strep throat
count on
show up
rest easy


strep throat, sick left, contagious, count on, take a sick leave, maternity leave, on leave, she’ll, They’ll, antibiotic, get a flu shot, rest easy

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