15_Ceremonies, cerebrations and culture (3)

[Say Hollow]


Compere, convoluted, squirming

Speaking of…….., that reminds me of sth…

By the way, …..



Split, pass on, condolence, wreath, grieve for, mourn, procession, wail,

Buried, cremated, shroud


The family is split /splɪt/ over the will.

The prize was split between Susan and Kate.

The teacher split the children (up) into three groups.


His father left everything to his youngest son.


To pass on my condolences to his family.

condolence noun  /kənˈdəʊ.lənt s/ /-ˈdoʊ-/ [Cusually plural U]

sympathy and sadness for the family or close friends of a person who has recently died, or an expression of this, especially in written form (常複數)弔辭;弔唁;慰問

a letter of condolence

Dignitaries from all over the world came to offer their condolences.


To send a wreath /riθ/  to the family. 花圈


Be grieving /griv/ for him; grief

  • They are still grieving for their dead child. 他們還在為死去的孩子傷心。 V
  • grieving relatives 悲痛欲絕的親戚
  • She grieved the death of her husband. 她為丈夫的去世而悲傷。 VN
  • It grieved him that he could do nothing to help her. 他因無法幫助她而傷心。 VN that
  • Their lack of interest grieved her. 他們不感興趣使她很痛心。 VN
  • It grieved her to leave. 她要走了,心裏很難過。 VN to inf.


Mourn /mɔrn/ someone = grieve for

  • He was still mourning his brother’s death. 他仍然在哀悼他哥哥。 VN
  • They mourn the passing of a simpler way of life. 他們對逝去的較為淳樸的生活感到惋惜。
  • Today we mourn for all those who died in two world wars. 今天,我們向所有在兩次世界大戰中死難的人表示哀悼。 V
  • She mourned for her lost childhood. 她為失去的童年而傷感。

Mourner  /’mɔrnɚ/;哀悼者


Funeral procession


Be wailing /wel/ by the side of the road.

to make a long loud high cry, especially because you are sad or in pain (尤指因悲傷或疼痛)哭號,號啕,慟哭 V

  • The little girl was wailing miserably. 那小女孩難過得號啕大哭。
  • women wailing and weeping 痛哭流涕的婦女們
  • The cat was wailing to be let out. 貓尖叫着想要被放出去。


He wanted to be cremated /’krimet/.火化

To scatter this ashes into the ocean


I’d like to be buried.  [ˈbɛrɪd]  bury /’bɛrɪ/


Shroud /ʃraud/ Wrap or dress (a body) in a shroud for burial


He went very suddenly.

He cut his son out of this will.

His son is not willing to inherit any of his fortune.

To contest it

a struggle to gain control or power 爭奪,競爭(控制權或權力) ~ (for sth)

  • a contest for the leadership of the party 爭奪政黨的領導權


dodgy dishonest 狡猾的;狡詐的;可疑的

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