15_ceremonies, celebrations and culture(2)


entrench, lavish, civil, elaborate, ancient, solemn, moving, brief, provoke

Sexism is deeply entrenched in our society.

They lived a very lavish lifestyle

Helicopters are mainly used for military rather than civil use.

After ten years of military dictatorship, the country now has a civil government.

He said he was resigning but did not elaborate on his reasons. 他說他準備辭職但未詳細說明原因。 V

She went on to elaborate her argument. 她進而詳盡闡述了她的論點。

ancestor worship

People have lived in this valley since ancient times.

He’s got an ancient computer.

Everyone looked very solemn.

a deeply moving experience 非常動人的經歷

His performance was very moving. 他的表演非常感人。

a brief description/summary/account 簡明扼要的描述╱總結╱叙述

Please be brief (= say what you want to say quickly). 請簡明扼要。

The announcement provoked a storm of protest. 這個聲明激起了抗議的風潮。

The article was intended to provoke discussion. 這篇文章旨在引發討論。


The wedding reception, 結婚喜宴

Registry office戶籍登記處ß registrar登記員

Funeral à coffin /’kɔfɪn/

Forsake /fɚ‘sek/ He had made it clear to his wife that he would never forsake her. 他明確地向妻子說,永遠不離開她。

Shotgun wedding à due to father in law


make a public statement發表公開申明 of your commitment (=a promise)

She doesn’t want to make a big emotional commitment to Steve at the moment. 她不想在此刻對史蒂夫在感情上作出重大的承諾。

Have right to my pension /’pɛnʃən/ 養老金;撫恤金;退休金

Immediate family直系親屬 <> extended family, collateral relatives

We are in and out of the registry office in about ten minutes flat.


in… flat informal

1.       used with an expression of time to say that something happened or was done very quickly, in no more than the time stated (與表達時間的詞語連用,表示發生或做得很快)才,只用了,整

They changed the wheel in three minutes flat(= in exactly three minutes). 他們僅用三分鐘就換了輪胎。


I’ve heard they’re getting divorced. Mind you(聽著), I’m not surprisedthey were always arguing. 聽說他們要離婚了。告訴你吧,我並不感到意外,因為他們總是爭吵。

Exchange of vows and Rings交換誓約與戒指

I am going to burst into the tears.


Do ; noun

a party; a social event 社交聚會;社交活動 British English informal

Are you having a big do for your birthday? 你打算舉行大型生日宴會嗎?



Drag /dræg/ A bit of a drag

a boring person or thing; something that is annoying 令人厭煩的人;乏味無聊的事 singular informal

He’s such a drag. 他真惹人討厭。

Walking’s a draglet’s drive there. 步行太累了 咱們開車去吧。

Having to work late every day is a drag. 每天都得晚下班可真討厭。


drone on (about something) 嘮嘮叨叨地說

Phrasal: nod /nɑd/off informal

to fall asleep for a short time while you are sitting in a chair 打盹;打瞌睡

I was practically nodding off in that meeting. 我在那次會上差點睡着了。

People file on and off stage to shake …hand and collect their scrolls

And needless to say, …


Gown /gaun/ to dress up in a gown

mortar /’mɔrtɚ/ board學位帽,方頂帽

grunge   /ɡrʌndʒ/ DJ   /grʌndʒ/ KK  ~~ image垃圾搖滾風格


they’d been nagging me for ages.

nag   /næɡ/ DJ   /næg/ KK, verb

to keep complaining to somebody about their behaviour or keep asking them to do something 嘮叨;不停地抱怨 ~ (at sb)

Stop naggingI’ll do it as soon as I can. 別嘮叨了 我會儘快做的。 V

She had been nagging him to paint the fence. 她一直嘮叨,要他把圍欄油漆一下。

Taxpayer’s expense, the needy

champagne   /ʃæmˈpeɪn/ DJ   /ʃæm’pen/ KK


a perk of the job

perk   /pɜːk/ DJ   /pɜːrk/ DJ US   /pɝk/ KK US

  • noun
    • Variant: 

perquisite formal

2.       something you receive as well as your wages for doing a particular job (工資之外的)補貼,津貼,額外待遇 usually plural

      • Perks offered by the firm include a car and free health insurance. 公司給予的額外待遇包括一輛汽車和免費健康保險。
      • Not having to get up early is just one of the perks of being retired. 不必早起只是退休生活的好處之一。 figurative

Be paid vast amounts of money


Request it in his will.

a legal document that says what is to happen to somebody’s money and property after they die 遺囑countable

  • I ought to make a will. 我應該立份遺囑。
  • My father left me the house in his will. 我父親在遺囑中把這所房子遺贈給了我。


A bizarre thing = wired

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