1016_The AIRPod

Never worry about gas again!



[Chelsea & Brandon]

What do you and Motor Development International’s (MDI) newest car have in common? You both rely on (depend on) air to operate. Does that sound impossible? Well, it’s true! You don’t put gas in this vehicle /’vihɪkḷ/ – it runs on ( be powered by, fueled by) the same thing you breathe!
How it works
The AIRPod is powered by
an engine that runs on compressed air. Several high-pressure tanks on the car supply the air. MDI claims the vehicle can go 220 kilometers before the tanks need to be refilled. The tanks take only minutes to refill at special air stations.
What the car can do
Use the car’s 
joystick to drive this cute car through the city. But since the vehicle’s top speed is 45 kilometers per hour, you won’t be breaking any speed records. The standard model has room for three medium-sized adults and one child. The car costs about $8,000. But best of all, it costs less than $1.50 per 200 kilometers to drive and is pollution-free!

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[Ashley & Ken]

A: I’ll see you later, Ken.
K: Wow, you’re leaving early today.
A: Yeah, my car
is low on gas. So I need to make a stop at the gas station before heading home.
K: Oh, can you teach me how to get gas?
A: You don’t know how to put gas in your car?
K: No, I’ve always ridden my bicycle. But last week I bought a car and I have no idea what to do at a gas station.
A: Well, the easiest thing to do is to pull up to full-service gas station and just say to the attendant
Fill’er up and then you just sit back and relax until he’s done.
K: So just say
Fill’er up?
A: That’s it.
K: But I still like to learn how to pump gas myself.
A: Hmm, why don’t we contact Linda to see if she can help you?
K: Okay.

L: Knowing how to pump gas is an important part of life in America. In most cities you won’t be able to get gas without paying first. And if you pay in cash, you need to go inside the gas station. But before you head in, look at the pump and remember the number. When you talk to the clerk, tell him how much money you’re paying and at which pump. If you want to use your credit card, you can pay at the pump with it. And when you are pumping gas, keep your grip on the handle. The pump will automatically stop when it reaches the amount you have paid for. If you want to fill up your tank, it will stop when the tank is full. And don’t try to pump more gas into the tank after the handle has clicked off. This is called topping off and it is not recommended.

K: Wow, that’s very useful information.
A: I knew Linda could explain it better than I could.
K: Well, I’d better let you go get gas.
A: Okay, I’ll see ya.
K: Bye.

雖然今天這一課介紹的這部車讓我們不用再擔心加油這件事,但是在現實生活中我們還是得知道要如何加油。在美國要加油最簡單的方法就是直接前往一個full-service(全套服務)的加油站,你只要說一聲「Fill’er up」(加滿),就會有人幫你服務了。但是如果你想要省一點錢,你可以去self-service station(自助式的加油站),在那裡你就要先跟店員說你要使用幾號加油機,然後付了錢就可以開始加油了。在美國也有許多的加油站會讓顧客pay at the pump,就是直接在加油機上用信用卡付費。所以加油的動作就叫做pump gas。加油的時候要握緊油槍,當油加滿時它會自動地彈起來,這個時候就不要再硬加油到你的車子裡,這種舉動叫做topping off,這是很不好的習慣。



But since the vehicle’s top speed is 45 kilometers per hour, you won’t be breaking any speed records.
breaking speed records       going very fast (exaggerate   or   making something appear greater)
Before you start planning concerts, why don’t you finish your homework?
I like basketball and I play it a lot, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be joining the NBA.




rely on 依靠,依賴
Many people rely on computers too much today. They can’t work without them.
Rebecca relies on her mother for advice.
compress (v)
The weight of the truck compressed the soil underneath and made it more solid.
The tank is filled with compressed gas and needs to be moved with extreme caution.
refill (v)
重新裝滿,續杯    (n)
The waiter refilled all the glasses with water.
The coffee shop offers
free refills for early birds.


[Vocabulary & phrase]

rely on 依靠,依賴
vehicle (n)
compress (v)
refill (v)
joystick (n)
pollution (n)


have in common, run on, powered by, fueled by, vehicle, high pressure, tank, fill’er up, full-service, self-service, pump gas, topping off, refill, joystick, medium-sized, adult, pollution-free, offer free refills

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