15_Ceremonies, cerebrations and culture

[Say Hollow]

A glorified waitress

glorify   /ˈɡlɔːrɪfaɪ/ DJ   /’glɔrəˈfaɪ/ KK

o    verbIrregular:

glorifies;   glorifying;   glorified;   glorified

2.      to make something seem better or more important than it really is 吹捧;吹噓;美化 oftendisapproving VN

§  He denies that the movie glorifies violence. 他否認這部影片美化暴力。



Resolve a conflict, sacrifice, abandon, entrenched, escalating, atrocity, dehumanize, acknowledge, spiraling, reach a stalemate, enter into a dialogue, conflict, discrimination, reject, discriminate between red and green, discriminate against C



to publicly express thanks for help you have been given (公開)感謝 VN

  • I gratefully acknowledge financial support from several local businesses. 我對本地幾家企業的資助表示感謝。






Suspect Sb of terrorist involvement. Of +Ving…

A breeding ground for Sth

A series of bombing.

A bombing campaign.

An attempt at peace和平的嘗試


10 years of peace.

heathen   /ˈhiːðn/ DJ   /’hiðən/ KK

  • noun

1.       used by people who have a strong religious belief as a way of referring to a person who has no religion or who believes in a religion that is not one of the world’s main religions 無宗教信仰者;異教徒 old-fashioned offensive


auction   /ˈɔːkʃn/ DJ   /ˈɒk-/ DJ   /ˈɔːk-/ DJ US   /’ɔkʃən/ KK US

  • noun

1.       a public event at which things are sold to the person who offers the most money for them 拍賣countable uncountable

      • an auction of paintings 繪畫拍賣會
      • The house is up for auction(= will be sold at an auction). 這所房子將被拍賣。
      • A classic Rolls Royce fetched(= was sold for) £25000 at auction. 一輛古典式勞斯萊斯轎車拍賣了 25/f000 英鎊。




funeral   /ˈfjuːnərəl/ DJ   /’fjunərəl/ KK

1.       a ceremony, usually a religious one, for burying or cremating(= burning)a dead person 葬禮;喪禮;出殯 noun

    • Hundreds of people attended the funeral. 數百人參加了葬禮。
    • a funeral procession 送葬隊伍
    • a funeral march(= a sad piece of music suitable for funerals) 喪禮進行曲



fortune teller



fraternity   /frəˈtɜːnəti/ DJ   /-ˈtɜːrn-/ DJ US   /frə‘tɝnətɪ/ KK US

  • noun
    • Irregular: 

-ies plural

2.       a group of people sharing the same profession, interests or beliefs (有相同職業、愛好或信仰的)群體,同仁;同好 C + sing./pl. verb

3.       a club for a group of male students at an American college or university (美國男大學生的)聯誼會, 兄弟會 countable


sorority   /səˈrɒrəti/ DJ   /-ˈrɔːr-/ DJ US   /sə‘rɔrətɪ/ KK US   /-ˈrɑːr-/ DJ US   /-‘rɑr-/ KK US

1.       a club for a group of women students at an American college or university (美國大學裏的)女生聯誼會 noun American English


solemn   /ˈsɒləm/ DJ   /ˈsɑːləm/ DJ US   /’sɑləm/ KK US

  • adjective

1.       of a person not happy or smiling; looking very serious 冷峻的;表情嚴肅的

      • Her face grew solemn. 她的臉顯得嚴肅起來。
      • a solemn expression 冷峻的表情
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