Change a few habits and improve your grades


[Chelsea & Brandon]

Homework. The word alone elicits (bring about, want to) groans from kids of all ages. It’s often accompanied by the thud /θʌd/ of an overloaded book bag hitting the floor. A heavy helping of homework is, for many students, a fate worse than death.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s no
magic formula (shortcut) for getting good grades on homework assignments – and believe me, kids have been searching for one since the Stone Age. But there are some basic things that students can do to raise their grades. Here are ten homework tips from a veteran teacher (speaking on condition of anonymity /ˈænə‘nɪmətɪ/ , as these are trade secrets):


1. Study in a Clean and Well-Lighted Place.
Doing your homework
while lying on your clothes-strewn bed by the light of the TV is probably not the best way to go.
2. Limit Distractions.
Listening to your
iPod and sending instant messages to 14 different people while you’re trying to study isn’t the recipe for success. Multitasking is overrated
when it comes to getting work done.
3. Organize Your Time.
Set aside (plan out) a certain amount of time for homework every night (daily routine). If you have nothing due the next day, you can work on
long-term projects (see next item) or read a book.
It won’t
kill you, I promise.


[Traditional Chinese Translation]

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[Ashley & Ken]

Study in a clean and well-lighted place. 在整潔明亮的地方讀書。
明亮的 也可用 well-lit
light lighted
light lit
a lit candle
一隻點亮的臘燭 = a lighted candle




elicit (v) 引來;引出
The anchor’s inappropriate comments elicited severe criticism
from all parts of the nation.
After hours of interrogation, the detective successfully elicited the
whereabouts of the stolen money.
anonymity (n)
匿名者, 無名者
The police guaranteed the witness that his anonymity would be protected.
Speaking off the record and
on the condition of anonymity, a government
official conveyed the possibility of tax-raising.
overrated (adj)
overrate (v)
Being slim is overrated nowadays.
It seems to me that the young actor is overrated.



elicit   /iˈlɪsɪt/ DJ   /ɪ‘lɪsɪt/ KK

1.       to get information or a reaction from somebody, often with difficulty 引出;探出;誘出 verb VN~ sth (from sb) written

    • I could elicit no response from him. 我從他那裏套不出任何反應。
    • Her tears elicited great sympathy from her audience. 她的眼淚博得觀眾的無限同情。

groan  /gron/

a long deep sound made when somebody/something groans 呻吟聲;歎息聲;哼哼聲;嘎吱聲

  • She let out a groan of dismay. 她發出沮喪的歎息聲。
  • He fell to the floor with a groan. 他哼了一聲倒在地板上。
  • The house was filled with the cello’s dismal squeaks and groans. 房子裏迴盪着大提琴低沉而凄厲的聲音。


anonymous   /əˈnɒnɪməs/ DJ   /əˈnɑːn-/ DJ US   /ə‘nɑnəməs/ KK US


anonymity   /ˌænəˈnɪməti/ DJ   /ˈænə‘nɪmətɪ/ KK

1.      the state of remaining unknown to most other people 匿名;不知姓名;名字不公開 noununcountable

    • Names of people in the documentary were changed to preserve anonymity. 為了不暴露真實姓名,紀實影片中的人用的都是化名。
    • the anonymity of the big city(= where people do not know each other) 大城市中人們互不相識的現象
    • He agreed to give an interview on condition of anonymity(= if his name was not mentioned). 他同意在不披露姓名的條件下接受採訪。 especially American English


strew   /struː/ DJ   /stru/ KK

  • verb
    • Irregular: 

strewed;   strewed;   strewn   /struːn/ DJ   /strun/ KK

2.      to cover a surface with things 佈滿(或散佈在);在上佈滿(或散播) VN usually passive~ A on, over, across, etc. B ~ B with A

      • Clothes were strewn across the floor. 衣服扔得滿地都是。
      • The floor was strewn with clothes. 滿地都是衣服。
      • The way ahead is strewn with difficulties. 前面的道路佈滿艱難險阻。 figurative

3.      to be spread or lying over a surface 佈滿;撒滿;散播在 VN

      • Leaves strewed the path. 樹葉落滿小徑。


multitasking   /ˌmʌltiˈtɑːskɪŋ/ DJ   /-ˈtæsk-/ DJ US   /ˈmʌltɪ‘tæskɪŋ/ KK US

1.      the ability of a computer to operate several programs at the same time 多重任務處理 noununcountable computing


set aside

1.      phrase留出,撥出

      • He set aside a little money each week. 他每週都留出一些錢備用。

interrogation   [inˌterəˈgeiʃən] DJ   [ɪnˌtɛrəˈgeʃən] KK


Variant: interrogations

訊問;審問;質問 U C

police interrogation 警方的訊問



whereabouts the place where somebody/something is (人或物)所在的地方;下落;行踪 U + sing./pl. verb

  • His whereabouts are/is still unknown. 他仍下落不明。





tip-top (n) 頂點; 極點[C]
elicit (v)
anonymity (n)
匿名者, 無名者
trade secret
distraction (n)
分心, 注意力分散[U]
overrated (adj)


elicit, groan, magic formula, accompanied by, thud, anonymity, trade secret, clothes-strown, recipe, multitasking, overrated, set aside, plan out, well-lit, well-lighted, inappropiate comment, elicit criticism, anchor, interrogation, slim

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