How prepared can you really be?


Face to face interview

[Chip & Wennie]

My second interview took place on the company’s campus a couple of days later. On the day of the interview, I arrived early, found the right building, and cleared my thoughts (relax myself, clear my mind) before I went in. The interview was an hour long and was more of a behavior interview. The hiring manager wanted to learn about my personality and working style. We clicked in the second round interview, and I felt quite confident going into the last interview.
My third round interview lasted half a day and was conducted (done, organized) by five people from the hiring department. I had to answer all kinds of questions, even some that didn’t
 pertain to (related to, having to do with) the job! One person asked me a brainteaser (logical) question. Another asked me a math question, and luckily that’s one of my strengths. I wasn’t sure if I satisfied every interviewer. However, I tried to just be myself and prove that I was the right fit for the position.
I was thrilled (excited) to receive the offer letter a couple of weeks later – the job was mine!

[Traditional Chinese Translation]

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[Ashley & Ken]

K: Hey, Ashley. I saw the notice on the bulletin board about an opening here at the library?

A: Yep. We’re interviewing people for the position and I’m conducting the interview. So if you know of anyone who might be qualified, send him or her my way.

K: I have a friend who might be interested in being the interviewer.

A: Uh Ken, I’m the interviewer. If your friend is interested, then he can be an interviewee.

K: Wait a minute. Interviewee? What’s that?

A: An interviewee is someone who is being interviewed.

K: And what about an interviewer?

A: An interviewer is the person conducting the interview.

K: Oh, so the interviewer is the person asking the questions and the interviewee is the one who has to answer the questions?

A: There, you understand.

K: Are there other words like interviewee?

A: Sure. When we add the suffix ee to some verbs, we get words that refer the people who are the passive recipient of the action of the verb. For example, an examinee is someone who receives or takes an exam, a trainee is someone who receives training, an employee is someone who is been employed.

K: And the suffix er refers the person giving the action?

A: That’s right. The suffixes er and or indicates the person initiating an action. So an employer employs an employee. A trainer trains a trainee.

K: So, can I say a murder murders a murderee?

A: No, you can only use this construction with certain verbs.

K: I see. Well, I’ll be sure to ask my friend if he’d like to be an interviewee.

A: And I promise to be a nice interviewer.




I tried to just be myself and prove that I was the right fit for the position.
fit            having the right shape or size to cover something in an exact way
The fit of this jacket isn’t right, it’s too small.
the right fit      
talking about quality
Terrence has trouble working with others, so I don’t think he is the right fit for the job as manager.
Greg is the right fit for the assignment because he has had many years of experience.
I think Brent is
the right fit for Claire; they have many similar interests and really get along well.



click (v) 一見如故,一拍即合
Josh and Samuel totally clicked the first time they met. They became best friends at once.
Wilma and Tanya didn’t click at first, but they slowly realized that they made a good team.
conduct (v)
The project was conducted by one of the top construction companies in the country.
The experiment was conducted in the Boston University’s science lab.
pertain (v)
相關,有關      (to)
We’ll only be discussing issues that pertain to our topic today.
The writer’s latest article pertain to racism has caused a lot of controversy.



to become friends with somebody at once; to become popular with somebody (與某人)頃刻成為朋友;受(某人)的歡迎 V informal

  • We met at a party and clicked immediately. 我們在聚會上相識,一見如故。
  • He’s never really clicked with his students. 他從未真正受到過他學生的歡迎。


click verb (BECOME FRIENDLY)


[I] informal to become friendly or popular

Liz and I really clicked the first time we met.

The new daytime soap opera has yet to show signs that it’s clicking with the television audience.


pertain to something/somebody formal

1.       to be connected with something/somebody 相關;關於

    • the laws pertaining to adoption 有關收養的法律



campus (n) 校園,園區
behavior (n)
click (v)
conduct (v)
pertain (v)
brainteaser (n)
thrilled (adj)


campus, click, behavior, conduct, pertain, brainteaser, thrill, examee, trainee, employee, suffix, racism


cleared my thoughts (relax myself, clear my mind)


resume, immediate opening, invaluable, priceless, exaggerate, refer, well known, impression on

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