How prepared can you really be?



[Chip & Wennie]

Working for a Fortune 500 company is a dream for a lot of Chinese people in the U.S., including me. The salary and overall benefits are so much better than what many companies in the U.S. offer. And this kind of work experience looks good on a resume for future career advancement. A friend who knows me very well referred (send information to) me to the hiring manager of a Fortune 500 company. There was an immediate opening for a permanent position, and my background seemed to be a good match.


The interview process started with a phone interview with the HR (human resources) department. One invaluable (very, very valuable) lesson I learned from a career counselor is to be absolutely honest about your resume. You can exaggerate /ɪg’zædʒəˈret/, but at the interview, good interviewers can easily tell if you know

what you are talking about. I got myself ready a couple hours before the phone interview by reviewing my resume and preparing for questions regarding my background. I wanted to make a good first impression and move forward to the second-round interview. And I did!

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[Ashley & Ken]

    • One invaluable lesson I learned.
    • valuable (adj) 有價值的
    • invaluable (adj) 無價的
    • priceless (adj) 無價的
    • priceless painting
    • invaluable help and support





overall (adj) 整體的;大體上的
The department’s overall evaluation will be posted next week.
Overall, it has been a good year for our business.
refer (v)
轉介;涉及, 有關[(+to)]
referred / referring
Molly referred her best friend Julie to her father’s company.
My family doctor referred me to a well-known surgeon.
impression (n)
impress (v)
極深的印象; 使感動
She gave the impression that she didn’t want to talk to others.
David wanted to
make a good impression on 
his future father-in-law so he got a hair cut.



résumé noun 

/ˈrez.juː.meɪ/ /ˈrez.ʊ-/ [C]

a short statement of the important details of something

She gave us a brief résumé of the project so far.

US for CV curriculum vitae

She sent her résumé to fifty companies, but didn’t even get an interview.

resume verb 

/rɪˈzjuːm/ /-ˈzuːm/ formal

[I or T] If an activity resumes, or if you resume it, it starts again after a pause

Normal services will be resumed in the spring.

[+ -ing verb] He stopped to take a sip of water and then resumed speaking.

The talks are due to resume today.

See also: resumption

[T] If you resume a place or position which you have left for a period of time, you return to it

to resume your post/job

Please resume your seats, as the performance will continue in two minutes.




Fortune 500 財富500
overall (adj)
refer (v)
轉介;涉及, 有關[(+to)]
permanent (adj)
永久的, 永恆的; 永遠的;固定性的; 常在的
HR department HR
impression (n)

resume, immediate opening, invaluable, priceless, exaggerate, refer, well known, impression on

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