14_War and Peace (3)

[Say Hollow]


Prop up, foil, propaganda, aggressor, intervene, rabidly, step up, regime.


The government decides to prop up the housing market.

The security service is set up to foil invasion of thieves.

There have been a lot of anti-nuclear propaganda.

Most Middle Asia countries thought USA as a aggressor.

Lt is the right time for me to intervene the argument between them

He is a rabidly anti-gay person.

The company decided to step up its investment in the China market.

to increase the amount, speed, etc. of something 增加,提高(數量、速度等)

Many people call for regime change peacefully.



It’s one-sided or biased.

If you believe everything that you hear on news,…

A fires widely anything that moves; B carries out precision bombing.

A is a demented tyrant; B is statesmanlike and dignified

having or showing the qualities and abilities of a statesman 具有政治家風範的;像政治家的

calm and serious and deserving respect 莊重的;莊嚴的;有尊嚴的;高貴的 adjective

a dignified person/manner/voice 高貴的人;莊重的舉止;莊嚴的聲音

It’s called collateral damage; civilian casualties.  /səˈvɪliən/ [ˈʒjʊəltɪ]

It’s pre-emptive strike; a sneak missile attack without provocation.

the act of doing or saying something deliberately in order to make somebody angry or upset; something that is done or said to cause this 挑釁;刺激;激怒 

They censor all their newspapers; our generals gave press briefings.

They churn out propaganda.

churn somethingout


They are brainwashed, blindly obedient and fanatical.



Aristocracy : (in some countries) people born in the highest social class, who have special titles (某些國家的)貴族 noun C + sing./pl. verb

Middle class:

Working class:

There is no bloodshed.

the killing or wounding of people, usually during fighting or a war (戰鬥或戰爭中的)人員傷亡,流血事件 noun uncountable


To flame me

flame verb (COMPUTING)


[T] slang to send an angry or insulting email

Please don’t flame me if you disagree with this message.


apartheid   /əˈpɑːthaɪt/

the former political system in South Africa in which only white people had full political rights and other people, especially black people, were forced to live away from white people, go to separate schools, etc. 種族隔離(前南非政府推行的政策) noun uncountable


The Victorians regarded the railways as bringing progress and civilization. 維多利亞時代的人認為鐵路帶來了進步和文明。



This is a wimpish behavior.

Do not wimp out of any opportunity that you get.


Barbarian  /bɑr’bɛrɪən/ KK US noun -s

Barbarians have no civilization.


decisive   /dɪˈsaɪsɪv/ DJ   /dɪ‘saɪsɪv/ KK

The decisive moment, action, economic plan, win, hit, score, …


Critical marriage is a big problem.


no holds barred  不受限制

no holds 沒有保留

No-holds-barred future of medicare

any means necessary

By Any Means Necessary


War settles nothing.


A spare room = guest room 客房


Take/get revenge on….

In revenge for


Revenge on ….

Be revenged on

vengeful   /ˈvendʒfl/ DJ   /’vɛndʒfəl/ KK

1.       showing a desire to punish somebody who has harmed you 心存報復的;圖謀復仇的 adjectiveformal

Iraq: “Vengeful" women increasingly engaging in suicide attacks


hell hath no fury (like a woman scorned)

1.       used to refer to somebody, usually a woman, who has reacted very angrily to something, especially the fact that her husband or lover has been unfaithful (尤指女人因丈夫或情人不忠而)大發雷霆;醋勁大發 British English


Hath= has

Fury= a state of being extremely angry about something 狂怒;暴怒 singular

  • He flew into a fury when I refused. 我拒絕他就勃然大怒。


scorn   /skɔːn/ DJ   /skɔːrn/ DJ US   /skɔrn/ KK US


a strong feeling that somebody/something is stupid or not good enough, usually shown by the way you speak 輕蔑;鄙視 uncountable ~ (for sb/sth)

See also: contempt Synonym

Her fellow teachers greeted her proposal with scorn. 別的老師對她的提議不屑一顧。

They had nothing but scorn for his political views. 他們對他的政治觀點只有鄙夷。

She was unable to hide the scorn in her voice. 她掩飾不住自己輕蔑的語氣。



To smother sb

 to prevent something from developing or being expressed 抑制;扼殺;忍住 VN

  • See also: 

stifle Synonym

  • to smother a yawn/giggle/grin 把哈欠忍了回去;憋住不笑出聲來;剛想張嘴笑又收了回去
  • The voices of the opposition were effectively smothered. 反對黨的聲音被有效地壓制了下去。

to kill somebody by covering their face so that they cannot breathe 使窒息而死;悶死 ~ sb (with sth) VN

He smothered the baby with a pillow. 他用枕頭把嬰兒悶死了。


Youth /juθ/  culture

Welfare = well-being; welfare state福利制度

GOP must adapt to welfare state.

welfare state is collapsing

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