1004_ Snoopy’s Big Day! (1)

Everyone’s favorite cartoon dog has a birthday today


There is no question about it. Snoopy is truly an everyone’s famous comic cartoon dog.

[Brandon & Chelsea]

Snoopy made his first appearance (debut) in the Peanuts comic strip on this day in 1950. At first, Snoopy looked and acted like a normal dog. Two years later, however, Snoopy’s creator, Charles Schulz, gave him a unique personality. He gave Snoopy the ability to express his thoughts in speech bubbles. Soon after, the smart beagle /’bigḷ/小獵兔犬became as famous as his master, Charlie Brown.
Snoopy displayed his personality by sleeping
on the top of his doghouse instead of inside of it. And while awake, he acted out imaginary roles on top of his doghouse. He took orders as a grocery clerk. He typed out stories as a famous novelist. And he battled the dreaded (fear, worried about) Red Baron (German fighter pilot) as a fighter pilot.
The peanuts comic strip officially ended in 2000 with the death of Charles Schulz. Since then, Snoopy hasn’t appeared in any new comics, but people continue to enjoy the old ones. They are still published in newspapers and books and on greeting cards. Generations after his debut, children and adults worldwide still love snoopy, the one-of-a-kind cartoon dog.

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[Ashley & Ken]

K: Excuse me. Hey there. Are you new here? I’m not gonna hurt you.
A: Hi, Ken
K: There you are. Who was that?
A: Oh. That’s one of our library
K: Oh, well, he is not very friendly, you know.
A: Yeah, he is a little bit
shy and doesn’t have a lot of personality. But he is a hard worker.
K: That’s good. But what do you mean he doesn’t have a lot of personality?
A: Someone with a lot of personality is
very lively and outgoing. They may have a lot of interesting things they like to share.
K: But everyone has a personality.
A: Right, but this expression is used for someone with a
distinct catchy易記住的personality. For instance, many radio and TV personalities have loads of the personality.
K: Wait, TV personalities? TVs don’t have personalities, Ashley.
A: Not TVs. People on TV are TV personalities.
K: Oh, so you mean celebrities are TV personalities?
A: Right, and so are reporters and talk show hosts.
K: Hmm, they do have a lot of personality. They are very entertaining with a crowd.
A: And here to tell us more about this is one of Studio Classroom’s personalities, Linda.
K: Oh.

L: Hi, friends. Not only can people have a lot of personality, but places can have personality. For instance, think of your bedroom. Does it have a lot of personality? If you decorate it in an interesting and unique way, you could say that it has a lot of personality. Restaurants, offices and even libraries can have personality too.

K: Oh, I see. Well, Ashley, I think this library has a lot of personality.
A: And I hope its librarian do too.

personality有諸多的含義,今天的課文說snoopy display his personality by sleeping on top of its doghouse instead of inside of itsnoopy都是睡在狗屋的上面而不是在裡面,這是它展現它的personality的方法。personality就是個性,當然每個人都有他的個性,但是一個人有a lot of personality就表示他有強烈、吸引人的個性和魅力,相反地,一個人如果只有little personality就表示他沒有什麼吸引人的個性。一個室內的設計也可以有personality,就是很獨特的、很有個性的。另外TV personality是指電視名人或名嘴,radio personality是廣播名人或電台的節目主持人。

catchy   /ˈkætʃi/ DJ   /’kætʃɪ/ KK

1.       of music or the words of an advertisement 音樂或廣告詞 pleasing and easily remembered 悅耳易記的 adjective informal

    • a catchy tune/slogan 容易上口的樂曲口號



Generations after his debut, children and adults worldwide still love snoopy, the one-of-a-kind cartoon dog.
The unique color of the marble makes this sculpture a one-of-a-kind artwork; there is no other like it in the world.
If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind dress, you might find it in this store.
Many people think that Michael Jackson’s style is
one of a kind.
Scott is very different from all of the other students; his personality is really one of a kind.



creator (n) 創造者,創作者
The creator of the popular online game is now a millionaire /
This famous doctor
is known as the creator of the successful diet and exercise program.
imaginary (adj)
My little sister used to have an imaginary friend named
The child withdrew to his imaginary world as a result of the severe trauma of the accident.
dread (v)
is dreading his final exam because he missed so many classes.
The boy hid under his bed and held his breath after reading a scary story about a dreaded


dread   /dred/ DJ   /drɛd/ KK

  • verb

1.       to be very afraid of something; to fear that something bad is going to happen 非常害怕;極為擔心

  • This was the moment he had been dreading. 這是他一直最擔心的時刻。 VN
  • I dread being sick. 我特別害怕生病。 V -ing
  • She dreads her husband finding out. 她生怕丈夫察覺出來。 VN -ing
  • I dread to think what would happen if there really was a fire here. 我不敢想像假如這兒真的

·         He’s dreading his driving test – he’s sure he’s going to fail.

·         [+ -ing verb] I’m dreading having to meet his parents.



Don’t dread English.




creator (n) 創造者
speech bubble (n)
beagle (n) (
imaginary (adj)
dread (v)
Red Baron
greeting card (n)



Comic strip, creator, shy, catchy, dread, millionaire, speech bubble, imaginary, dread, greeting card







He is an extraordinary pitcher in MLB.


a big hype about

There is a big hype about the movie. Indeed, it is not good as what it really is.



When looking the nutrition label on the box, being careful about the serving box.


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