14_War and Peace (2)

[Say Hollow]

To flirt with one handsome man.

He flirts outrageously with his female clients. 他無恥地與女顧客調情。

She flirted with the idea of becoming an actress when she was younger. 她年輕時曾鬧着玩似地想過當演員。

to flirt with danger/death/disaster 冒險;玩命兒;不把災禍當回事


Coup, intervene, light at the end of the tunnel, collateral damage, harbor, ceasefire,

Guerilla, backlash, indict, take Sth with a bunch of salt, twist sth to your own ends, spiraling.


Anti-Muslim backlash raises fears in U.S.

The senator was indicted for (accused of) murder. 那位參議員被控犯謀殺罪。



Pakistan, Afghanistan [æfˈgænistæn], Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzerkistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel [ˈɪzrɪəl] , Lebanon, westbank, Jerusalem, gaza strip




Jew, jewish  /’dʒuɪʃ/  monotheistic

a Communist country/government/leader 共產主義的國家政府領袖


Muslim, N, ADJ 1. 回教;伊斯蘭教徒,回教徒    2. 回教的;伊斯蘭教的


Hindus, N, ADJ 印度人adjective印度的;印度教的

diaspora   /daɪ‘æspərə/ KK noun

1.       the movement of the Jewish people away from their own country to live and work in other countries(猶太人的)大流散

Holocaust (二次大戰時納粹對猶太人的)大屠殺


infantry   /ˈɪnfəntri/ DJ   /’ɪnfəntrɪ/ KK

1.       soldiers who fight on foot (統稱)步兵 noun U + sing./pl. verb

    • infantry units 步兵分隊
    • The infantry was/were guarding the bridge. 步兵守衞着橋梁。



Palestine   [ˈpælistain] DJ   [ˈpæləstaɪn] KK 巴勒斯坦




Jewish, Muslim, Christian —-  monotheism /’mɑnoθɪˈɪzəm/


soiled 是以下字詞的一種形式: 
soil   [s
ɔil] DJ   [sɔɪl] KK

  • transitive verb
    • Variant: 

soiled;   soiled;   soiling

2.       弄髒

3.       玷污

4.       腐蝕


Wear a hijab or veil希賈布 (穆斯林婦女戴的面紗或頭巾)


patriarchal   /ˈpetrɪɑrkḷ/ KK US matriarchal

ruled or controlled by men; giving power and importance only to men 男人統治的;男性主宰的

      • a patriarchal society 父權社會
      • The animals live in matriarchal groups. 這些動物按母系群體生活。





Rogue state 流氓國家


Compulsive military service, invade, occupy, rogue state, conscription



conscript verb 

/kənˈskrɪpt/ [T] (US usually draft)

to force someone by law to serve in one of the armed forces

He was conscripted into the army at the age of 18.

conscript noun 

/ˈkɒn.skript/ /ˈkɑːn-/ [C] (US usuallydraftee)

Over half the army was composed of conscripts.

Compare: volunteer

conscript adjective 

/ˈkɒn.skript/ /ˈkɑːn-/ [before noun]

a conscript army

conscription noun 

/kənˈskrɪp.ʃən/ [U]

He’s been worried that the government will introduce conscription ever since the war began.


draft noun (MILITARY)

/drɑːft/ /dræft/

the draft mainly US (UK conscription)

the system of ordering people by law to join the armed forces

He avoided the draft because of a foot injury.


draft dodger 逃避兵役者


A civil war, coup, have a military dictatorship軍事獨裁, wage a guerilla warfare (biological warfare; chemical warfare; germ warfare)

Commit arts of genocide, border skirmishes,


declare a ceasefire宣布停火

pull out the troop撤離

descend to civil war

descend into something no passive, formal

1.       to gradually get into a bad state 逐漸陷入

§  The country was descending into chaos/anachy. 這個國家陷入一片混亂。


Prop up a regime = support a method or system of government

a fascist/totalitarian/military regime 法西斯/極權主義/軍事政權

to get rid of; We got rid of all the old furniture. 我們扔掉了所有的舊傢具。

Foil an attack = succeed in stopping an attack.


to stop something from happening, especially something illegal; to prevent somebody from doing something 挫敗,阻止,制止(非法活動等) VN often passive written

See also: thwart Synonym

to foil a plan/crime/plot 挫敗計劃/犯罪/陰謀

Customs officials foiled an attempt to smuggle priceless paintings out of the country. 海關官員制止了一次把珍貴畫作走私出國的陰謀。

They were foiled in their attempt to smuggle priceless paintings. 他們走私繪畫珍品的企圖未能得逞


A bomb has gone off (explored) in the capital.

to be fired; to explode 開火;爆炸

§  The gun went off by accident. 槍走火了。

§  The bomb went off in a crowded street. 炸彈在擠滿人群的大街上爆炸了。

step up a campaign  /kæmˈpeɪn/ = increased

  to create a threat, problem, etc. that has to be dealt with 造成(威脅、問題等);引起;產生 VN

be hailed  /hel/ as a liberator.

Stick to one’s guns堅持不讓步= to insist on one’s opinion

Indicted for a crimes


It had me in floods of tears.

You twist what I said.

Bomb countries to democracy.

Change your tune. (view of point)

to express a different opinion or behave differently when your situation changes 改變調子;改變態度;變卦 informal

Wait until it happens to himhe’ll soon change his tune. 等着瞧吧,到他遇上這事時,他很快就會改變調子了

Distract us from B

  • You’re distracting me from my work. 你使我不能專心工作。
  • Don’t talk to hershe’s very easily distracted. 不要同她講話 她的注意力很容易分散。
  • It was another attempt to distract attention from the truth. 這又是企圖分散人們對事實真相的注意力。


Come into play

come into play開始起作用

      • The new rules have already come into play. 新規則已經開始生效。


Hack people to death with machetes

hack   /hæk/ DJ   /hæk/ KK

  • verb

1.       to cut somebody/something with rough, heavy blows 砍;劈 VN + adv./prep.

      • I hacked the dead branches off. 我把枯樹枝砍掉了。 VN
      • They were hacked to death as they tried to escape. 他們企圖逃走時被砍死了。
      • We had to hack our way through the jungle. 我們不得不在叢林中闢路穿行。
      • We hacked away at the bushes. 我們劈開灌木叢。 V


machete   /məˈʃeti/ DJ   /məʃɛtɪ/ KK

1.       a broad heavy knife used as a cutting tool and as a weapon 大刀;大砍刀 noun


See us as aggressors. 侵略者

mutilate   [ˈmjuːtileit] DJ   [ˈmjutḷˌet] KK

·                                 transitive verb

o                                            Variant: 

mutilated;   mutilated;   mutilating

2.      切斷(手足等);使殘缺不全;使傷殘 H

3.      毀壞;(通過刪除等)使(書稿等)支離破碎


corpse   /kɔːps/ DJ   /kɔːrps/ DJ US   /kɔrps/ KK US

a dead body, especially of a human being (尤指人的)死屍,屍體 noun

The corpse was barely recognizable. 那具屍體幾乎無法辨認。


horrendous   /hɒˈrendəs/ DJ   /hɔːˈr-/ DJ US   /hɔ‘rɛndəs/ KK US   /hɑːˈr-/ DJ US   /hɑ‘r-/ KK US

·                                 adjective

1.  extremely shocking; terrible 令人震驚的;可怕的

§                                 horrendous injuries 可怕的傷勢

2.  extremely unpleasant and unacceptable 討厭得難以容忍的

§                                 horrendous traffic 糟透了的交通

o                                            Derivative: 

horrendously adverb

§                                             horrendously expensive 貴得離譜


ethnic   /ˈeθnɪk/ DJ   /’ɛθnɪk/ KK

·                                 adjective

1.  connected with or belonging to a nation, race or tribe that shares a cultural tradition 民族的;種族的;部落的

§                                 ethnic groups/communities 族群;種族社區

§                                 ethnic strife/tensions/violence(= between people from different races or tribes) 種族衝突/緊張局勢/暴力

§                                 ethnic Albanians living in Germany 生活在德國的阿爾巴尼亞族人


extremist   /ɪkˈstriːmɪst/ DJ   /ɪk’strimɪst/ KK

1.          a person whose opinions, especially about religion or politics, are extreme, and who may do things that are violent, illegal, etc. for what they believe 極端主義者;極端分子;過激分子 nounusually disapproving

    • left-wing/right-wing/political/religious extremists 左翼/右翼/政治/宗教極端主義者

·                                 Derivative: 

extremist adjective, usually before noun

§                                 extremist attacks/groups/policies 過激分子的攻擊;極端分子組織;極端主義政策


A heavy film-depressive, difficult to see.


Rabidly ( 極端 ) anti-war

rabid right-wing fanatics 極端的右翼狂熱分子

repressive regime專制政權

march in 進場

change your tune

1.          to express a different opinion or behave differently when your situation changes 改變調子;改變態度;變卦 informal

    • Wait until it happens to himhe’ll soon change his tune. 等着瞧吧,到他遇上這事時,他很快就會改變調子了。




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