1002_ The Extraordinary Eggplant (2)

Enjoy one of the world’s healthiest foods


Superstition connects with eggplant.


[Chip & Winnie]

Fortunately, today people know that eggplant doesn’t cause insanity or cancer. In fact, eggplant is so healthy that it may prevent cancer. In addition, the brain and the heart benefit from this super vegetable. Since it is high in fiber, eggplant can also improve digestion.
Italy, Turkey, Egypt, China and Japan are the leading growers of eggplant in the world today. Depending on its location, eggplant may be purple, green, orange, or yellow-white. And it can be as small as a tomato or as large as a cucumber. Dish varieties range from simple to complex, with all of them being delicious!
Loomis Eggplant Festival
Today, thousands of people are gathering in Loomis, Calif., for the 23rd annual Loomis Eggplant Festival. The main activity at the festival is eating delicious eggplant dishes. There is
plenty more to do and see, though. Recipe contests, arts and crafts, performers, races and children’s activities all egg-cite festival-goers. Most people at the festival would agree – eggplant is an egg-cellent vegetable!


[Traditional Chinese Translation]

[More Information]

If you want to a good eggplant, choose one that is firm. Test it by gently pressing the skin with your thumb. If the skin bounces back, the eggplant is ripe /raɪp/. If the eggplant skin doesn’t bounce back, it’s not ripe so put it back! The skin of the eggplant should be smooth and shiny. And, whether it’s purple, green, orange or yellow-white, the color of the eggplant should be vivid!

[Ashley & Ken]

K: Hey, Ashley. I’m reading this interesting article about super foods. But I don’t understand what makes them so super?
A: Ah, super foods. Well, super foods are high in nutrients and health benefits. For instance, some doctors believe you may lower your blood pressure by eating certain super foods.
K: Oaky. Well, this website has a list of the top 10 super foods. The first item on the list is low fat or fat-free
plain yogurt. So, what makes the food low fat?
A: Low fat foods
have no more than three grams of fat per serving. That’s per serving, not the amount you decide to eat.
K: Well, how do I know how much is one serving?
A: You have to
look on the nutrition label of the box.
K: Oh, in that list, all of the nutrients?
A: Yes. And it says how much fat and how many calories are in each serving. But you know, most things that are called fat-free actually are not fat-free.
K: Really? Then why can they call it fat-free?
A: It’s a
marketing technique. Many people think they can lose weight by eating fat-free products. But most fat-free products contain less than half a gram of fat per serving.
K: Hmm, that’s interesting. What about calorie-free snacks?
A: Calorie-free snacks have less than five calories per serving. Many raw fruits and vegetables are calorie-free.
K: Well,
there certainly is a big hype about super foods these days.
A: Yes, there is. Hey, can I see that list of super foods?
K: Sure, I’ll send it to you.

今天的課文稱茄子為super vegetable(超級蔬菜),現在時常會聽到所謂的super foods也就是有益身心的食物,super foods除了擁有高度的營養,同時也具備預防疾病的成份。super foods的一個特點是low fat(低脂的)或fat-free(無脂的),其實所謂的無脂還是有脂肪的成份,重點是要知道一個產品的serving(食用份量),每個產品上的nutrition label(營養成份)的標籤上都會註明它的serving是多少。只要每個食用份量中的脂肪是低於某個標準,那這個產品就能夠標榜它是fat-free。而所謂的calorie-free(無熱量)的食物也是一樣,它不是完全沒有熱量,而是它的每一個食用份量中的熱量是低於某個標準。



Eggplant! And no, it has nothing to do with chickens!
and no    
After the hike, the whole team is invited to my house for dinner, and no, I’m not cooking; we’re ordering pizza.
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host for today’s singing contest, and no, you will not be hearing me sing.
and yes    
On this walking tour, you’ll get to see famous sites, browse through local craft shops, and yes, even sample some local snacks.
On my camping trip, I learned how to find food in the wild, build my own shelter, and yes, I even learned how to make fire without using a match or a lighter.




fortunately (adv) 幸運地,幸好
Fortunately, we got to the train station just
in time to catch the train.
We had an accident on the way home, but fortunately, nobody
got hurt.
digestion  /daɪ‘dʒɛstʃən/ (n) 消化,消化作用
This diet not only helps a person lose weight, it also aids digestion.
His poor digestion caused him to constantly suffer from a stomachache.
annual (adj)
The company’s annual finance report will be posted tomorrow.
Kelly’s annual income is over $50,000.


raw adjective (NOT COOKED)

/rɔː/ /rɑː/

(of food) not cooked

raw fish.


extraordinary adjective 

/ɪkˈstrɔː.dɪn.ər.i/ /-ˈstrɔːr.dən.er-/

very unusual, special, unexpected or strange

He told the extraordinary story of his escape.

Her voice had an extraordinary hypnotic quality.

an extraordinary coincidence

extraordinary meeting

a special meeting which happens between regular meetings


Why is it that the trains never run on time (= make their journeys in the expected number of hours, etc.)?


in time

early enough

I got home just in time – it’s starting to rain.

If we don’t hurry up, we won’t be in time to catch the train.

We arrived in good time (= We arrived early) for the start of the match.




fortunately (adv) 幸運地
fiber (n)
digestion (n)
cucumber (n)
annual (adj)


fortunately. fiber, digestion, ripe, vivid, serving, nutrition label, plain yogurt, fat-free, low-calorie, raw fish, fruit, a big hype about, extraordinary, cucumber, annual income, arts, crafts, aid


The leading grower, producer


a big hype about




She is a versatile lady. She has more than 10 professional or qualified licenses. She also is an artist, a pianist, a composer, a famous athlete and a well-known model.    



My daughter resembles my wife.



versatile   /ˈvɜːsətaɪl/ DJ   /ˈvɜːrsətl/ DJ US   /’vɝsətḷ/ KK US

·         adjective

1. of a person able to do many different things 多才多藝的;有多種技能的;多面手的 approving

§  He’s a versatile actor who has played a wide variety of parts. 他是個多才多藝的演員,扮演過各種各樣的角色。

2. of food, a building, etc. 食物、建築物等 having many different uses 多用途的;多功能的 approving

§  Eggs are easy to cook and are an extremely versatile food. 雞蛋容易烹煮,怎麼做着吃都行。

o    Derivative: 

versatility noun, uncountable   /ˌvɜːsəˈtɪləti/ DJ   /ˌvɜːrs-/ DJ, US   /ˈvɝsə‘tɪlətɪ/ KK, US

§  She is a designer of extraordinary versatility. 她是位特別多才多藝的設計師。



成功 make one’s way

If you want to make your way you must learn to work hard while you are still young.


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