0930_ Luke’s Blog

Here I am back in Southern California

It’s back to school for Luke


Luke is back in US for his second year.


[Chip & Chelsea]

With new-found courage and faith, I am here again in Southern California. It’s my sophomore  /’sɑfəˈmɔr/ year. As students enter into their second year, many of them will begin taking classes for their majors, and I am no exception.
As I am familiar with the environment and people now, I feel more comfortable. Nevertheless (in spite of even though), there are still many new things: new classes, new roommates and new friends. One of the most exciting things for me is my new baby, an
07 Toyota Corolla – trust me, every guy wants a car. I am also working at the front desk in the library. I hope I can be more social through the interactions this job provides. On top of that, I am cooking three meals a day for myself. In America, cooking is a lot cheaper than eating out.
There are many things I want to share with you, but I need to stop now. Studying abroad is life-changing, and I am really benefiting from this experience. If you ever have the opportunity to study abroad – go.
This is the end of Luke’s blog with studio classroom. I hope you have enjoyed it! This is Luke, a 19-year-old boy studying in sunny Southern California.

[Traditional Chinese Translation]

[More Information]

Some famous quotes from Confucius include: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Men’s natures are alike, it is their habits that carry them far apart. What a superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.

[Ashley & Ken]

A: So Ken, what’s new with you?
K: Well, somebody stole my bike. Do you know where I can find a new one?
A: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I actually have an extra bike you can have. It’s as good as new.
K: Oh, it’s new?
K: No, it’s as good as new. That means it’s in really good shape. It looks new but it’s actually two years old.
K: Well, that’s great. I will love to buy that from you.
A: I mean it’s not spanking new. But it’s as good as new.
Spanking new means brand new.
K: Brand new? Are you talking about the brand of the bike?
A: No, not the company name of the bike. Brand new just means that something is fresh, that you just bought or receive it.
K: Hey, Ashley. I’ve heard there is nothing new under the sun.
A: Yep. That’s an old proverb that means everything that occurs now has happened before.
K: Kind of like fashion. Many new fashion trends are carried over from decades ago.
A: Yes. Fashions from the 1980s are popular again. There is nothing new under the sun.
K: Well, I can’t wait to ride my new bike or
nearly new bike.
A: I’ll make sure to bring it next time.
K: Thanks.

今天的課文中提到許多的new things,有new classesnew roommatesnew friends,我們不妨來學一些跟new相關的短語。若是要形容一樣東西是全新的,我們可以用spanking new或者brand new這兩個形容詞短語。若是一樣東西已經用過了一段時間但是它還是跟新的一樣,那叫做as good as new。另外有一個諺語there is nothing new under the sun(太陽底下沒有新鮮事),意思就是世上所有的事情都是曾經發生過的。



…many of them will begin taking classes for their majors, and I am no exception.
situation, and someone is no exception.
Anyone entering the laboratory must wear an apron and safety glasses, and a visitor is no exception.
All students must wear their school uniforms, and the exchange student is no exception.


sophomore (n) (高中或大學的)二年級學生
Irene is
a sophomore at Boston University.
Joy made the honor role during her sophomore year at Yale.
exception (n)
Without exception, everyone needs to
turn in his or her paper by Friday.
The director’s films are always heavy and serious, but this one is an exception.
on top of
Jenny works two jobs, and on the top of that, she also has to take care of her sick mother.
On top of his financial problems, Josh has a heart condition to add to the stress.





assassinate (v) 暗殺,行刺
The king was nearly assassinated by one of his guards.
assassination (n)
The assassination of the president caused th
e nation to panic.
mournful (adj) 哀悼的,悲傷的
The puppy’s mournful/’m
ɔrnfəl/  eyes make you want to hug it.
The mournful cello solo still lingers in my head.
boundless (adj)
Nothing can express my boundless gratitude.
The boy has boundless energy.





sophomore (n) 二年級學生
exception (n)
nevertheless (adv)
on top of




sophomore, exception, Nevertheless, front desk, sophomore year, a sophomore


On top of, spanking new, brand new




spanking new

On top of


indifference, hardship, assassinate, moral doctrines, doctorine, falter, Analects, huts, mournful, boundless, funeral ceremony, religious ritual



The more modern cities are, the more indifferent people are.

The more modern cities are, the more indifference people show up.



There is no frustration being able to falter his decision to become a doctor.



I would rather see hilarious movies than mournful ones.



He has a boundless passion on for singing

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