14_War and Peace (1)

[Say Hollow]

Retail therapy  [ˈritelˈθɛrəpɪ] ,

Wholesaler à retailer



Former (ex-), pianist, squirming, full-on, open-mike, jam session (musicians perform in an informal way), masterpiece, in the wake of, infatuation (crazy love), legend, persuade (convince), compere = MC=host, perennial, gender-bending (disguise), a seasoned cast, opera, psychedelic, well-heeled, poet  /ˈpoʊət/


Be infatuated with teenagers.



Coup/coups ; /ku/ /kuz/ take over goverment

a sudden, illegal and often violent, change of government 政變

·         Variant: coup d’état【法】政變

Wage a guerilla war

Wage /weɪdʒ/: v to begin and continue a war, a battle, etc. 開始,發動,進行,繼續(戰爭、戰鬥等) VN ~ sth (against/on sb/sth)

The rebels have waged a guerrilla /gə‘rɪlə/ war since 1995. 自從 1995 年以來,反叛者一直發動遊擊戰爭。

He alleged that a press campaign was being waged against him. 他聲稱有人正在對他發起新聞攻勢。

Noun. a regular amount of money that you earn, usually every week, for work or services (通常指按週領的)工資,工錢 singular

wages of £200 a week 一星期 200 英鎊的工資

a weekly wage of £200 週薪 200 英鎊

wage reductions/cuts 減薪

a wage rise of 3% 3% 的加薪 British English

a wage increase of 3% 3% 的加薪

wage demands/claims/settlements 增加工資的要求;工資解決協議

Wages are paid on Fridays. 每星期五發工資。

There are extra benefits for people on low wages. 低薪者有額外補助。


Intervene +in sth

to become involved in a situation in order to improve or help it 出面;介入 V ~ (in sth)

The President intervened personally in the crisis. 總統親自出面處理這場危機。

She might have been killed if the neighbours hadn’t intervened. 要不是鄰居介入,她可能會沒命了。

Intervention noun, uncountable, countable, ~ (in sth)   /ˌɪntəˈvenʃn/ DJ   /-tərˈv-/ DJ, US   /ˈɪntɚ‘vɛnʃən/ KK, US

§  calls for government intervention to save the steel industry 呼籲政府出面挽救鋼鐵業

§  armed/military intervention 武裝



a call for an immediate ceasefire 要求立即停火的呼籲

Observers have reported serious violations of the ceasefire. 觀察員報告說停火協議遭到嚴重破壞。

Be indicted for  /ɪnˈdaɪt/

The senator was indicted for murder. 那位參議員被控犯謀殺罪。


Collateral damage; inadvertent casualties among civilians and destruction in civilian areas in the course of military operations


Heavy-handed, very violent; clumsy


fuel tension ; make problem worse


to increase something; to make something stronger 增加;加強;刺激 VN written

§  to fuel speculation/rumours/fears 引起猜測/謠傳/恐懼

§  Higher salaries helped to fuel inflation. 工資提高刺激通貨膨脹。


The atrocity ə‘trɑsətɪ/ (cruel act) has provoke a backlash

backlash   /ˈbæklæʃ/ DJ   /’bækˈlæʃ/ KK

a strong negative reaction by a large number of people, for example to something that has recently changed in society (對社會變動等的)強烈抵制,集體反對 noun singular ~ (against sth) ~ (from sb)

The government is facing an angry backlash from voters over the new tax. 政府正面臨選民對新稅項的強烈反對。

Stem the spiralling violence

Stem, verb

to stop something that is flowing from spreading or increasing 阻止;封堵;遏止 VN

Phrasal: stem from something

to be the result of something 是…的結果;起源於;根源是


Take something (what she says) with a pinch of salt.


Precision bombing

Bridge the divide.

To acknowledge  /ək’nɑlɪdʒ/ their grievances( =complaint); make a grievance against, harbor/nurse  a grievance agianst


Entrenched; (of an attitude, habit, or belief) Firmly established and difficult or unlikely to change; ingrained, 根深蒂固的 difficult to change

It’s very difficult to change attitudes that have become so deeplyentrenched over the years.

The organization was often criticized for being too entrenched in its views.


Trench; 溝;渠

Twist sth to one’s end. Make sth suitable

twist verb (CHANGE)


[T] disapproving to change information so that it gives the message you want it to give, especially in a way that is dishonest

This report shows how she twisted the truth to claim successes where none, in fact, existed.

You’re twisting my words – that’s not what I said at all.



Harbor sb

1. 庇護;藏匿;收養(動物等)

§  He is accused of harboring an escaped convict. 他被指控窩藏逃犯。

2. 心懷,懷有

§  He still harbors a grudge against me. 他對我仍懷有怨恨。


light at the end of the tunnel; It will be Ok


something that shows you are nearly at the end of a long and difficult time or situation 快要熬出頭了;曙光在即

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