0928_ Confucius: His Wisdom Lives On (2)

This week we celebrate the birthday of one of history’s well-known teachers

Despite difficulties, China’s greatest teacher left a lasting legacy



save, keep, etc. something for a rainy day

1.       to save something, especially money, for a time when you will really need it 有備無患;未雨綢繆


[Chip & Vickey]

Confucius married when he was 19, had a son and two daughters, and continued working assorted (various) jobs, including several in his local government. Around the age of 30, Confucius began his teaching career, sometimes travelling from town to town while teaching a group of students who accompanied (wanted to go along with) him. As a result, it didn’t take long for his principles to spread and for others to begin recognizing him for the wise sage /seɪdʒ/ (extreme wise) that he was.
Times of
Chaos /ˈkeɪɒs/  and Wandering
Confucius became increasingly distressed by the political corruption and disorder in society, so he decided to get involved in politics, hoping to make a difference. He secured (obtain, get) a position as the Minister of Justice in Lu, but after realizing that his policies and ideas weren’t being accepted, he left the post (=position), disheartened (demotivated).
philosopher truly believed that society and governments would improve if they would follow the great moral teachings of the past. So, in 496 B.C. Confucius began a period of wandering (walking around) in search of a ruler who would adopt his ethical teachings. For the next 12 years, Confucius and a growing group of disciples /dɪˈsaɪpl/ follower travelled from town to town advising rulers and local officials.


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[Ashley & Ken]

K: Hey, Ashley.
A: Hey, Ken.
K: On my way over here, this guy passed me on the road and yelled at me:
Hey, wise guy, get off the road.
A: Oh, really? That’s terrible! What did you do to make him so
K: Oh, he was mad? I thought it was a complement, I mean, he called me wise.
A: No, Ken. That’s a negative term. A wise guy is someone that annoys others because they think they know everything.
K: Huh, I guess
I was mistaken.
A: Sounds to me like he was a smart aleck.
K: You think he was smart to say that to me?
A: No, a smart aleck is a wise guy. Smart aleck say cleaver thing that can be quite rude. They don’t have any respect for the person they are making fun of.
K: Hmm, sometimes kids can be smart alecks because they haven’t learned respect. I remember this boy that made a joke about his teacher in front of everyone. It wasn’t funny because he called the teacher fat. The teacher was really mad.
A: Yep, that’s a smart aleck joke. But I know a lot of adults that are smart alecks too. Smart alecks can be funny but their comments can also be hurtful.
K: And not very smart.
A: That’s right.

今天的課文提到孔夫子是一個wise sage(一個有智慧的、博學的賢人),所以一個wise man就是一個智者,但是要注意,一個wise guy就不是一個聰明的人,而是一個自作聰明的人。另外smart也是聰明,但是smart aleck是一個自作聰明、驕傲自大的人。wise guyssmart alecks都是令人討厭的人。



As a result, it didn’t take long for his principles to spread and for others to begin recognizing him for the wise sage that he was.
it didn’t take long   it didn’t talk a long time (quickly, soon)
Frank finished his essay quickly
It didn’t take long
for Frank to finish his essay.
Joyce soon grew tired of eating the same things every day.
It didn’t take long
for Joyce to grow tired of eating the same thing every day.



chaos (n) 混亂,雜亂無章
The typhoon caused chaos in the flooded area.
The whole nation was in chaos after the earthquake.
The office has been in absolute chaos since the manager suddenly quit.
corruption (n)
The mayor faces several
corruption charges.
The government took strong measures against corruption.
ethical (adj)
The society’s ethical standards should be respected by all.
unethical (adj)
It’s unethical for doctors to discuss their patients’ conditions in public.


assorted   /əˈsɔːtɪd/ DJ   /əˈsɔːrtəd/ DJ US   /ə‘sɔrtəd/ KK US

1.       of various different sorts 各種各樣的;混雜的;什錦的 adjective

    • The meat is served with salad or assorted vegetables. 端上的肉配有色拉或雜菜。
    • The jumper comes in assorted colours. 各種顏色的針織套衫一應俱全。

assort   [əˈsɔːt] DJ   [əˈsɔrt] KK

transitive verb

Variant: assorted;   assorted;   assorting


accompany   /əˈkʌmpəni/ DJ   /ə‘kʌmpənɪ/ KK

  • verb
    • Irregular: 

accompanies;   accompanying;   accompanied;   accompanied

2.       to travel or go somewhere with somebody 陪同;陪伴 formal VN

3.       to happen or appear with something else 伴隨;與同時發生 VN

4.       to play a musical instrument, especially a piano, while somebody else sings or plays the main tune(尤指用鋼琴)為伴奏 ~ sb (at/on sth) VN


go along with somebody/something

1.       to agree with somebody/something 贊同某事;和某人觀點一致


chaos   /ˈkeɪɒs/ DJ   /ˈkeɪɑːs/ DJ US   /’keɑs/ KK US

1.       a state of complete confusion and disorder 混亂;雜亂;紊亂 noun uncountable

    • economic/political/domestic chaos 經濟政治國內的混亂
    • Heavy snow has caused total chaos on the roads. 大雪導致道路上交通一片混亂。
    • The house was in chaos after the party. 聚會後,房子裏一片狼藉。

smart aleck, phrase, 【口】自作聰明之人; smart alec   /ˈsmɑːt ælɪk/


secure   /sɪˈkjʊə(r)/ DJ   /səˈkjʊr/ DJ US   /sə‘kjur/ KK US

obtain or achieve something, especially when this means using a lot of effort (尤指經過努力)獲得,取得,實現 ~ sth (for sb/sth) ~ sb sth formal

The team managed to secure a place in the finals. 球隊拚得了決賽的一席之地。

She secured 2000 votes. 她獲得 2/f000 票。

He secured a place for himself at law school. 他在法學院取得了學籍。 VNN VN







principle (n) 法則,原理
sage (n)
chaos (n)
corruption (n)
dishearten (v)
ethical (adj)
disciple (n)



assorted, go along with, accompany, chaos, wise sage, principle, corruption, wise guy, smart aleck, secure, philosopher, distress, disturb, chaos, dishearten, demotivated, wander, ethical, disciple, discipline, unethical


it didn’t take long for, I was mistaken, in flooded area, corruption charges,  took strong measures, all day long一天到晚









He is insatiable in money, so he spends ages in stock market investing.

Insatiable stomach



Poor conditions pushed him to take on some menial jobs, such as doing the dishes and scrubbing the floor at restaurants.  



   Confucius was characterized as being wise, smart and hard-working when he was young.

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