0927_ Confucius: His Wisdom Lives On (1)

This week we celebrate the birthday of one of history’s well-known teachers

Despite difficulties, China’s greatest teacher left a lasting legacy



save, keep, etc. something for a rainy day

1.       to save something, especially money, for a time when you will really need it 有備無患;未雨綢繆


[Chip & Vickey]

Zhuangzi (莊子) once characterized (describe) Confucius as saying, You may forget me as I once was, but there is something unforgettable ( so meaningful) about me that will still live on. This prediction remains accurate as Confucius’ words still live on today and have been quoted by people down through the ages. Because of the writings and teachings he left behind, Confucius is considered one of history’s wisest men.
Childhood Through early manhood
When he was born in 551 B.C. in Lu (
), China, the baby who would someday be called Kong Fuzi (孔夫子) was named Kong Qiu (孔丘). Confucius’ father, Kong Shulianghe (孔叔梁紇), was a descendant of the royal family of Shang () and had at one time been governor of the town of Zou (). When Kong Qiu was three years old, his father died, leaving the child and his young mother in poverty. As Kong Qiu grew older, their financial situation required him to take on menial jobs such as caring for livestock. He became known as a polite, smart and hard-working young man with an insatiable /ɪnˈseɪʃəbl/ desire to learn. This thirst for knowledge would push (drive) him toward a life of learning and teaching others.

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[Ashley & Ken]

A: Oh, no. Oh, I can’t believe this.
K: What happened, Ashley?
A: Oh. I spent ages fixing this document and my computer lost it.
K: You spent ages? How old were you when you started?
A: No, not ages as in how old someone is,
Ages meaning a long, long time. I spent three hours working on this and now it’s gone.
K: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, Ashley. So, it’s down though the ages the same as that phrase you used?
A: No,
down though the ages means throughout time. For instance, people have read many of these books, down though the ages. That depends on the age of the book. But it means that people have been reading these books for a long time, for ages.
K: So, for ages refers to time as well?
A: Yes, we haven’t talked
for/in ages means we haven’t talked for a long time. You can use in ages to describe something you haven’t done in a long time.
K: Uh, you know
I haven’t done the dishes in ages.
A: Okay. Your wife might say it’s seems like ages since you’ve done the dishes. That means it seems like it’s been
a while. It seems like ages since I’ve been in high school.
K: But it hasn’t really been that long ago, has it?
A: It’s been only seven years, but it seems like ages.
K: Well, that may be true but for me it really has been ages since I went to high school. Time flies.
A: Yes, it does. And now I have to start over with this document. It’s going to take me ages.
K: Well, I hope it doesn’t.

age我們知道是年齡,但是ages複數往往是指很長的時間。比如說I haven’t seen you for ages或是in ages也可以,就是很久沒有見面了。I spent ages fixing this document(我花了很長的時間修改這個文件)。age也可以指時代,所以今天的課文中提到的down through the ages就是跨越不同時代的,也就是長久以來的。






descendant (n) 後代,後裔
The monument was built by one of the great poet’s descendants.
The guy claims to be a direct descendant of Mozart.
menial /’minɪəl/ (adj) 卑微的,粗重的,繁瑣的
He wasted all his talents and ended up doing menial temp jobs.
Oliver is used to menial work like cleaning the toilets and scrubbing the floors.
insatiable (adj)
The girl has an insatiable desire to paint.
Nathan seems to have an insatiable appetite for wealth and fame.


manhood   /ˈmænhʊd/ DJ   /’mænhud/ KK

  • noun

1.       the state or time of being an adult man rather than a boy 成年;成年時期 uncountable

      • to reach manhood 到達成年
      • His youth and early manhood were spent in America. 他的青少年時期是在美國度過的。

wise   /waɪz/

wisdom > knowledge


menial   /ˈmiːniəl/ DJ   /’minɪəl/ KK

  • adjective

1.       of work 工作 not skilled or important, and often boring or badly paid 不需技巧的;枯燥的;報酬低的 usually disapproving

      • menial jobs/work 枯燥的工作
      • menial tasks like cleaning the floor 擦地板這種瑣碎的工作



characterize (v) 描繪,刻畫
unforgettable (adj)
quote (v)
descendant (n)
menial (adj)
insatiable (adj)


Confucius, wisdom, characterized, live on, quote, manhood, wise, characterize, unforgettable, descendant, menial, livestock, hard-working, insatiable, satiable, thirst, monument, scrub

Wealth and fame

live in poverty, menial temp jobs


Confucius, wisdom, characterized, live on, quote, manhood, wise, characterize, unforgettable, descendant, menial, livestock, hard-working, insatiable, satiable, thirst, monument, scrub

Wealth and fame

live in poverty, menial temp jobs









She perceived that she was not lonely, because lots of people helped her to recover from the sadness.



The invention of CT and MRI revolutionized the way to diagnose diseases.



There are countless insects living in the national park.

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