13_Books, films and music (3)


I squirmed when girls are staring at me.

The Lord of the Rings is a great trilogy.

I have watched the sequels of the movie.

The war movie is too gory. It is not suitable for children and teenagers.

Eating in a toilet is very gross.

Most Jim Carrey’s movies are off the wall. Jim Carrey is famous for his off-the-wall behavior in movies.

Escapist movies can make people to forget the unpleasant and boring daylife.

The food contains a few unknown substances and needs further recognition.

He likes to slag off others. Nobody wants to be friends with him.


A triumph /ˈtraɪʌmf/, triumphant /traɪˈʌmfənt/, porter, vague  /veɪɡ/, listings magazine, middling, long(eagerly)-awaited, show-stopping, choreography /ˌkɒriˈɒɡrəfi/, tenor  /ˈtenə(r)/, eclectic, stark,



The whole country people were triumphant because they won

There’s no way we could afford that sort of money. 我們無論如何都花不起那種錢。

There’s no way he could’ve afforded that car on his salary.

If you don’t have a struggle, you won’t experience the triumph (a great victory).

triumph   /ˈtraɪʌmf/ DJ   /’traɪəmf/ KK noun

1.  a great success, achievement or victory 巨大成功;重大成就;偉大勝利 countable uncountable~ (over sb/sth)

§  one of the greatest triumphs of modern science 現代科學最重大的成就之一

§  It was a personal triumph over her old rival. 這是她對老對頭的個人勝利。

Porter, carry luggage, carry supplies. The hotel porter will get you a taxi. 旅館的門衞會給你叫出租車的

Contracted from you’d can be you had or you would.

keep/leave your options open

to avoid making a decision now so that you still have a choice in the future 保留選擇餘地;暫不作出決定

to secretly fancy someone



I am vaguely thinking …Ving, but I’m open to suggestions.

I’ve vaguely arranged to V, we haven’t got anything definite confirmed yet.

I should really try to V, I don’t suppose anyone fancies coming with me, do they?

I’m toying with the idea of maybe going ice-skating tomorrow, but I’m looking for an excuse to get out of it.

I’m supposed to V, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t.

A listings magazine is a magazine which contains information about the upcoming weeks events such as Broadcast programming, Music, Clubs, Theatre and Film information

listings magazine

Clubs: a devoted, dressed-up crowd (一個專門討論,精心打扮的人群), an open-mike jam sesson(爵士音樂即興演奏會), spin a wildly eclectic mix(混音), MC

Theater: trad stand-up acts, stark minimal set design

Music: a show-stopping song and choreography((被長時間熱烈掌聲打斷的;特別受人歡迎的+編舞藝術,舞蹈設計), outstanding tenor (男高音)

Comedy: stark, minimal set design

Film: A middling blockbuster, long-awaited sequel


middling   /ˈmɪdlɪŋ/ DJ   /’mɪdlɪŋ/ KK

1.       of average size, quality, status, etc. (大小、品質、地位等)中間的,普通的,中等的 adjectiveusually before noun

    • a golfer of middling talent 能力一般的高爾夫球手


await verb clip_image001clip_image002/əˈweɪt/ [T] formal

to wait for, or be waiting for something

He’s anxiously awaiting his test results.

A marvellous reception awaited me on my first day at work.

The long/eagerly awaited sequel is now available on video.

Tenor, baritone   /ˈbærɪtəʊn/男中音, bass(男低音)

eclectic   /ɪˈklektɪk/ DJ   /ɪ‘klɛktɪk/ KK

1.       not following one style or set of ideas but choosing from or using a wide variety 不拘一格的;兼收並蓄的 adjective formal

    • She has very eclectic tastes in literature. 她在文學方面的興趣非常廣泛。

stark adjective 


empty, simple or obvious, especially without decoration or anything which is not necessary; severe or extreme

It was a stark room with its white walls, and a bed and chair as the only furniture.

The stark reality is that we are operating at a huge loss.

In the suburbs the spacious houses stand in stark contrast to the slums of the city’s poor.

I think white would be too stark for the bedroom. 我覺得卧室裏用白色未免太素了。

The hills stood stark against the winter sky. 在冬日的天空下,小山了無生氣。



來自貧窮與壓抑的聲音———念唱(MCing)、DJ、霹靂舞(break dancing)、塗鴉(graffiti)、

為什麼一開始就說hip hop這種文化 .

Rapping. a type of modern music with a fast strong rhythm and words which are spoken fast, not sung 說唱音樂, 饒舌音樂 (節奏快而強,配有快速唸白的現代音樂)


饒舌 (Rapping)

打碟 (DJing)

塗鴉 (Graffiti)

街舞 (Breaking)

MC Master of Ceremonies(司儀、活躍氣氛的人)或 Microphone Controler(麥克風控制者)的縮寫,一般還細分為 Party MC(派對MC)與Rapper(饒舌歌手),是種即興跟經過精心編排而用念或念唱來豐富音樂的一種表演方式,在臺灣,饒舌被視為冷門的音樂類型,一個專業的 MC/Rapper 並不會受到唱片公司重視,而許多流行歌手則喜歡在自己的唱片音樂裡隨意 Rap,但素質甚至接近數來寶。

What’s the abbreviation for ‘Saint’?

“Mr. is the abbreviation of “Mister". “Mr."“Mister"的縮寫。




Real: Zero (factual) ~

if (when) + present tense, +present tense; if (when)+ past tense, +past tense

Real: First (predictive) ~

If +present (will, emphatic form(insist, a polite invitation, request)) tense, +will, can, is going to

Unreal: Second (hypothetical) ~

If + past tense, + would (could, might) + infinitive(no to)

Unreal: Third (counterfactual) ~

If + past perfect, +would (could, might) have + past participle


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