13_Books, films and music (2)

Gory, explicit, harrowing, disturbing, to have sth in mind, off the wall (funny, strange), art-house, hyped up, convoluted, make a scene, slag sb of, a slag, escapism, gangster, bring tears to your eyes, snobby, tense, on the edge(near crazy)

I was on the edge of the seat = be gripped.

A film clip一個電影剪輯

Ethical value

Suntan oil, suntanned face; tan

I need “a hit”.


To lose face = feel ashamed

What have you been up to? How’s it going? How have you been?


To fall off the back of trunk(lorry) = steal

Pyromaniac (n) a person who enjoys making or watching fires




Zero: real(present factual: general truths, facts, common events, habits)

If(When) you heat ice, it melts

If I washed the dishes, my wife dried the dishes.


1st: unreal

If I see him, I will tell him = present, will +infinitive(without to)


2nd: now imagination

If I had money, I would buy you coffee = past simple + would infinitive

If I were you, I would shoot myself.



If I had studied harder, I would have passed the exam.



If I hadn’t eaten that egg, I would not feel sick.

If I has studied harder, I will pass the exam.

I’ll, you’ll, he’ll, she’ll, they’ll, we’ll

I’d, you’d, he’d, she’d, they’d, we’d

I’m, you’re, he’s, she’s, they’re, we’re




Floods, gory, gripped, gross, hilarious, lost, mile, moving, squirming, twist, wet, zoomed


1.      I’m in floods of tears — moving, soppy

1.          The rice fields were flooded. 稻田被淹沒了。

2.          Their bedroom was flooded with sunshine. 他們的臥室充滿陽光。

3.          flood noun (LARGE AMOUNT)


[C] a large amount or number of something

A flood of cheap imports has come into the country.

in floods of tears UK

crying a lot

I found her in floods of tears in th

2.      wet yourself ; wet your pants/knickers no passive (to accidentally urinate in your underwear 尿褲子)

3.      The camera zoomed in on the people’s arms and heads.

4.      Chopped off.

5.      It’s a really good twist in the ending. You can see it coming a mile off.

1.          see, spot, tell, smell, etc. something a mile off ; to see or realize something very easily and quickly 輕而易舉地看出(或意識到) informal

6.      I am quite gipped for the first half, but then it lost its way in the ending.

7.      It is so gross (very unpleasant 令人不快的;令人惡心的;使人厭惡的).

hilarious adjective 


extremely funny and causing a lot of laughter

He didn’t like the film at all – I thought it was hilarious.

hilariously adverb 


Her new book’s hilariously funny.

twist noun (CHANGE)


[C] a change in the way in which something happens

The story took a surprise twist today with media reports that the doctor had resigned.

The incident was the latest twist in the continuing saga of fraud and high scandal in banks and stockbroking firms.

But for a cruel twist of fate/fortune, he could now be running his own business.

There’s an unexpected twist in/to the plot towards the end of the film.

twist sb’s arm

to persuade someone to do something they do not want to do

I didn’t want to go but Linda twisted my arm.

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