0920_ Psychologists (1)

The who, what and why of mental health
Our expert explains what psychologists do and how they


Psy-soul, logy- study of, ist-specialist

[Chip & Chelsea]

This month, Studio Classroom talks to Wendell Friest about counseling and mental health. Pastor Wendell Friest (傅立德牧師) was a missionary in Taiwan for thirty-four years, where he was a member of the pastoral staff of Truth Lutheran Church (台灣信義會台北真理堂). He holds a doctorate from Purdue University, and prior to retirement he was a member of the International Council of Psychologists and a board-certified diplomate of the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling, and Psychotherapy.

SC: What is the difference between a psychologist, a psychiatrist and a counselor?
Wendell Friest (WF): Psychiatrists are medical doctors (M.D.), and because their time is often limited, they usually help people primarily by giving them medicine. Psychologists usually
have a Ph.D. and help people primarily through counseling and psychotherapy. Counselors often focus on a certain area, such as school counseling or marriage and family counseling. Most experts say that there is no clear difference between counseling and therapy. Despite this, the term psychotherapy is usually used to refer to talking with people about more serious or complex problems in living.        
SC: Why do people seek counseling?
WF: People are usually
looking for help in solving problems with their emotions, behaviour and/or relationships.
SC: Everybody has problems. How do you know if you need counseling?
WF: Counseling might be helpful if you sense that you have problems with some emotions, behaviour or relationships that you don’t seem to be able to change. This is especially true if the problems keep happening in a kind of repeated or habitual /h
ə‘bɪtʃuəl/ pattern (happen as a habit).

[Traditional Chinese Translation]

[More Information]

On the list of History’s Technical Developments That Have Influenced Our Lives, television is surely among the top ten. In the United States alone, more than 98% of households own at least one television set. One survey shows the average American household watches seven hours of television per day, which explains why educational, sports, and news groups, as well as advertisers, value television so much.

[Ashley & Ken]

K: Hey, Ashley…Ashley
A: Oh, sorry Ken. I know I shouldn’t be listening to music at work. But it really lifts my mood.
K: Lifts your mood? What kind of mood are you talking about?
A: My feelings and emotions. You can also call it my frame of mind. If something lifts my mood then it makes me feel happier.
K: Oh, I see. So, why were you feeling sad today?
A: I don’t know. I was just in a mood.
K: You can say you’re in a mood? But what kind of mood were you in?
A: If someone is in a mood, that means they are unhappy about something. Maybe you don’t know why. But there is something bothering that person.
K: Oh, I see. You know, sometimes my wife is in a mood and I
just have to leave her alone. And there are times when I’m in a mood too.
A: See, men can also be in a mood.
K: Of course, we are humans.
A: And sometimes people have mood swings.
K: Does that mean they suddenly become very angry?
A: Or very depressed. Something might trigger their motions and make them feel sad. Women who are going to have a baby have many mood swings because their body is going through many changes.
K: Well, I’m sorry you’re in a mood. Are you feeling better now?
A: I am feeling better Ken. Thanks for
cheering me up.
K: Sure.

mood就是心情、情緒,在不同的時候我們會有不同的mood,也許是in a good mood(心情很好),或是in a bad mood(心情不好)。光用mood一個字也可以表示不穩定的情緒、壞心情或者壞脾氣。She is in a mood today她今天脾氣不好)。另外還有mood swings,字面上是說心情像盪鞦韆一樣,意思就是喜怒無常、情緒多變的意思。許多的孕婦會有mood swings,因為她們在生理上產生了變化。


We can discard the TV as far as I’m concerned.
as far as I’m concerned       in my opinion
In my opinion, we can discard the TV.
As far as she is concerned, her employee happiness is a priority.
As far as he’s concerned, we can all do more to help protect the environment.
As far as they’re concerned, I should always be practicing my English.



counselor (n) 諮商師,顧問
school guidance counselor
marriage counselor
rehab counselor
counseling (v)
At first Patrick resisted going to marriage counseling with his wife.
The organization provides psychological counseling for women who are abused.
habitual (adj)
The boss had to fire him because of his habitual tardiness.
Frank is a habitual liar. Don’t believe a word he says.


counselling noun 

(US usually counseling) /ˈkaʊnt.səl.ɪŋ/[U]

the job or process of listening to someone and giving them advice about their problems

a counselling service


mental adjective 

/ˈmen.təl/ /-t ̬əl/

[before noun] relating to the mind, or involving the process of thinking

His physical and mental health had got worse.

Many people suffer from some form of mental illness during their lives.

She had a mental picture (= a picture in her mind) of how the house would look when they finished decorating it.

Compare: physical


tardiness   [ˈtɑːdinis] DJ   [ˈtɑrdɪnɪs] KK


緩慢;遲延;不情願 U

I apologized for my tardiness in getting here. 我為我來遲了表示歉意。


psychologist (n) 心理學家
psychiatrist (n)
counselor (n)
counseling (n)
psychotherapy (n)
habitual (adj)

psychological counseling, mental health, consult, rehab/marriage counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist, primarily, counseling, psychotherapy, seek, look for, problem with, emotions, behaviour, relationships, habitual, flame of mind, motions, feelings, leave her alone, have mood swings, cheering me up, tardiness

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