13_Books, films and music (1)

Describing film

Amusing (funny), art-house, convoluted, disturbing, explicit, gory, gripping, harrowing, hyped-up, moving, off-the-wall, over-the–top, predictable, soppy, tense, uplifting

amusing   /əˈmjuːzɪŋ/ DJ   /ə‘mjuzɪŋ/ KK

1.       funny and enjoyable 逗人笑的;有樂趣的;好笑的 adjective

    • an amusing story/game/incident 逗人笑的故事/遊戲/事件
    • She writes very amusing letters. 她寫的信十分有趣。
    • I didn’t find the joke at all amusing. 我認為這笑話一點也不可笑。

·         Derivative: 

amusingly adverb

art-house, create message

1.       art-house films/movies are usually and are not usually seen by a wide audience (指電影)實驗性的,不公開放映的 adjective


convoluted   /ˈkɒnvəluːtɪd/ DJ   /ˈkɑːn-/ DJ US   /’kɑnvəˈlutɪd/ KK US

·         adjective

1.    extremely complicated and difficult to follow 錯綜複雜的;晦澀難懂的

§  a convoluted argument/explanation 晦澀費解的論證闡述

§  a book with a convoluted plot 情節錯綜複雜的書

2.    having many twists or curves 盤繞的;彎曲的 formal

§  a convoluted coastline 蜿蜒的海岸線


disturbing   /dɪˈstɜːbɪŋ/ DJ   /-ˈstɜːrb-/ DJ US   /dɪ‘stɝbɪŋ/ KK US Causing anxiety; worrying

1.       making you feel anxious and upset or shocked 引起煩惱的;令人不安的;引起恐慌的 adjective

    • a disturbing piece of news 一則令人不安的消息

·         Derivative: 

disturbingly adverb


explicit   /ɪkˈsplɪsɪt/ DJ   /ɪk’splɪsɪt/ KK

·         adjective

·         clear and exact

·         I gave her very explicit directions how to get here.

·         She was very explicit about (= said very clearly and exactly) what she thought was wrong with the plans.

·         I wasn’t aware that I would be paying – you certainly didn’t make it explicit (= state it clearly).

·         Compare: implicit


·         showing or talking about sex or violence in a very detailed way

·         a sexually explicit film


gory  /ˈɡɔːri/ DJ   /’gɔrɪ/ KK lots of blood and gut

·         adjective

1.    involving a lot of blood or violence; showing or describing blood and violence 血淋淋的;殘暴的;描述流血和暴力的 informal

§  a gory accident/operation 流血事件;血淋淋的手術

§  the gory task of the pathologist 病理學家帶有血腥味的工作

§  a gory movie/book 描述流血和暴力的影片/書

§  He insisted on telling us all the gory details about their divorce(= the unpleasant facts). 他堅持要給我們講他們離婚的種種慘痛經歷。 humorous

2.    covered with blood 沾滿血污的;血跡斑斑的 literary

§  a gory figure 血跡斑斑的人



gripping   /ˈɡrɪpɪŋ/ DJ   /’grɪpɪŋ/ KK  cannot wait to see

1.       exciting or interesting in a way that keeps your attention 激動人心的;吸引人的;扣人心弦的adjective

    • a gripping drama/story 扣人心弦的戲劇/故事
    • His books are always so gripping. 他的書總是那麼引人入勝。


harrowing   /ˈhærəʊɪŋ/ DJ   /-roʊ-/ DJ US   /’hæroɪŋ/ KK US

1.       very shocking or frightening and making you feel very upset 令人腸斷的;使人十分難過的;恐怖的adjective

    • a harrowing experience/film 痛苦的經歷;令人腸斷的電影


hyped up adjective 

clip_image001clip_image002 [after verb] informal

too excited or nervous and unable to rest or be calm

He gets really hyped up when he’s playing video games.

moving   /ˈmuːvɪŋ/ DJ   /’muvɪŋ/ KK

·         adjective

1.    causing you to have deep feelings of sadness or sympathy 動人的;令人感動的

§  a deeply moving experience 非常動人的經歷

§  His performance was very moving. 他的表演非常感人。


off the wall

surprising and unusual 1. 異乎尋常的;非凡的    2. 瘋狂的    3. 異乎尋常地

an off-the-wall joke

off-the-wall leisure pursuits


over the top

1.       done to an exaggerated degree and with too much effort 過分;過火;過頭 informalespecially British English

    • His performance in the movie is completely over the top. 他在這部影片中的表演完全過火了。


predictable   /prɪˈdɪktəbl/ DJ   /prɪ‘dɪktəbḷ/ KK

·         adjective

1.    if something is predictable, you know in advance that it will happen or what it will be like 可預見的;可預料的

§  predictable responses/results 預料中的反應/結果

§  The ending of the book was entirely predictable. 那本書的結局完全是可以想見的。

§  The disease follows a highly predictable pattern. 這種疾病幾乎皆按預料的模式發展。

§  In March and April, the weather is much less predictable. 三、四月份的天氣非常不好預測。


soppy adjective 

clip_image001clip_image002/ˈsɒp.i/clip_image003/ˈsɑː.pi/ informal disapproving, too romatic

showing or feeling too much of emotions such as love or sympathy, rather than being reasonable or practical

a film with a soppy ending

That’s one of the soppiest stories I’ve ever heard!

Some people are really soppy about their pets.


Tense (surprise)

of a situation, an event, a period of time, etc. 形勢、事件、時期等 in which people have strong feelings such as worry, anger, etc. that often cannot be expressed openly 令人緊張的(或焦慮的、滿腹憤懣的等)

  • I spent a tense few weeks waiting for the results of the tests. 等候測試結果的這幾個星期裏我寢食不安。
  • The atmosphere in the meeting was getting more and more tense. 會議的氣氛越來越緊張。


uplifting   /ˌʌpˈlɪftɪŋ/ DJ   /ˈʌp’lɪftɪŋ/ KK

1.       making you feel happier or more hopeful 令人振奮的;鼓舞人心的;催人奮進的 adjective

    • an uplifting experience/speech 令人振奮的經歷/演說
    • An uplifting ending



  • The match ended in a two-all draw. 比賽以二平結束。
  • He managed to hold Smith to a draw(= to stop him from winning when he seemed likely to do so). 他總算與史密斯打了個平局。


Trilogy(a group of three books, films/movies), sequel ,

Prime time soap opera

The boy in the striped pyjama [pəˈdʒɑːmə].

low-budget film

Snob, snobby, snobbish

To give you a feel for給予感受到

Rustle a bag; the sound of the trees rustling in the breeze 樹木在微風中發出的沙沙聲 V

Trailer /’trelɚ/ / read review

Bravery, braveness

It had light touches(funny)and a really uplifting ending.

That was about it. 差不多就那樣

priest   /priːst/

I didn’t see how topping(kill) yourself constitutes a happy ending.

What have you got in mind?

I was vaguely /ˈveɪɡli/ (not clear in mind, slightly, roughly) thinking about going to have something to eat.

peckish   /ˈpekɪʃ/ DJ   /’pɛkɪʃ/ KK, slightly hungry 有點餓的 adjective British English informal

one night off won’t hurt

twist my arm, twist somebody’s arm; to persuade or force somebody to do something 勸說;強迫;生拉硬拽;施加壓力 informal

brilliant   /ˈbrɪliənt/ DJ   /’brɪljənt/ KK, adjective ; extremely clever or impressive 巧妙的;使人印象深的

on the edge,

引擎蓋AM(hood) BR.(Bonnet); 行李箱Am(trunk) BR.(boot)

Chicago gangsters  /’gæŋstɚ/芝加哥的歹徒

I kind of wish I hadn’t

That is a shame.

Awkaward /ˈɔː.kwəd/, embarrassed or nervous

Catch Sb in huge scene.

Slag sb off = insult

Moving, it certainly brought tears to my eyes.

reckon verb (THINK)


[I] informal to think or believe

I reckon it’s going to rain.

[+ (that)] How much do you reckon (that) it’s going to cost?

“Can you fix my car today?" “I reckon not/so (= probably


What are you up later?

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