0914_Fall Into Fashion (2)

Find out what fall fashion has to offer
Follow fashion into the next decade


The decision ends with you and me because automatically we are the ones who choose to buy the fashion and wear them.   

[Chip & Chelsea]

Design with a wild side: Toshikazu Iwaya
So what fall 2010 fashion trends suit (fit) you best?
One of this season’s hot fabrics is velvet. Find this thick, soft material made into everything from scarves to pants and jackets.
Not only will it look and feel luxurious /lʌɡˈʒʊəriəs/, velvet will also keep you warm. Pair your favorite velvet piece with another current fashion trend – wide-leg pants. Go ahead and put away those skinny jeans from years past and make room for this new trend. Known for their comfort, wide-leg pants can be worn in both casual and formal settings.
Patterns will also play a role in fashion this fall, as clothes will
be covered in creative graphics. Whether displaying urban graffiti or colorful patchwork, these clothes are sure to be a hit.
Finally, buy clothes in this fall’s most popular color: deep red. This rich, warm color
flatters (compliment/ to make somebody seem more attractive) most skin tones and is easily paired with a variety of colors. Prefer a more classic look? Black is always in style.
Consider your taste and style, and enjoy all that fashion has to offer this fall!

[Traditional Chinese Translation]

[More Information]

[Ashley & Ken]

K: You know, my friend Dennis is getting married.
A: Oh, really. When is the wedding?
K: Uh, it’s this weekend. And I want to go out in style.
A: How about a nice suit?
K: Well, I always wear the same old suit. I’d buy a new one, but lately I have been spending money like…like…um
A: …like it’s going out of style?
K: No, money doesn’t go out of style.
A: But you can spend money like it’s going out of style. That means you have been doing it excessively.
K: Well, in that case I have been spending money like it’s going out of style.
A: You can also do other things like they are going out of style. For instance, you may eat somewhere like it’s going out of style.
K: Hmm. Where does this phrase come from?
A: Well, when something is going out of style. Then it will be gone soon. So the phrase suggests doing something with urgency.
K: Okay. So if I suddenly have an interesting in photography and carry a camera with me everywhere, I might be taking pictures like they are going out of style?
A: Exactly. Now here is another idiom for you. If you get the most expensive camera you can find with all the best equipment, then you might be a person who does things in style.
K: I do. I want to do things the best way.
A: If you do something in style, you do it especially well. You wouldn’t just have a simple dinner for guests. You treat them with all the best drinks and food.
K: I do it in style. And speaking of that, I still need to find a good suit for the wedding.
A: Well, I’m sure you’ll go out in style.
K: As long as I’m not out of style.

in style就是正在流行、時髦的,相反地就是out of style(不再流行、過時的)。英文有句話說spend money like it’s going out of style(花錢花得好像錢將要退流行一樣),意思就是花錢如流水、大手筆的花錢。其實你可以把這句話用在不同的地方,如果你突然喜歡攝影,一天到晚拿著一個像機不停地拍照,你就是take pictures like they’re going out of style。另外do it in style是指採用最好的、最頂級的。




[課文] Chung has since moved her collection Doo.Ri to midtown Manhattan but still fondly remembers the days spent designing in a basement.
since ~ it usually means “from a certain time” (當介係詞或連接詞用,表自從)
*Gina and Paula have been friends since high school.
has + since ~ 這裡的since是副詞,表示後來。at a certain time after a certain time in the past
*Timothy graduated in 2008 and has since worked in his father’s company.
*The director retired two years ago and has since disappeared from public attention.



graphic (n) 圖案,圖樣,圖表
Appealing graphics on packaging usually help promote sales.
The graphics they used in the presentation are really easy to understand.
Ricky majors in computer graphics.
urban (adj) 都市的,都會的
Populations in urban areas continue to steadily increase.
Urban renewal is the mayor’s main goal.
rural (adj) 鄉村的
Many rural schools lack certified teachers.
flatter (v) 使顯得比真人或實物好看
Pink really flatters Diane’s complexion.
Susie’s new hair style flatters her a lot. She looks ten years younger than she actually is.



velvet (n) 絲絨
scarf (n) 圍巾
luxurious (adj) 豪華的,奢侈的
graphic (n) 圖案
urban (adj) 都市的
patchwork (n) 拼布
flatter (v) 使顯得好看


velvet, scarves, scarf luxurious, skinny jeans, out of style, in style, excessively, appealling graphic, urban graffiti, rural, patchwork, flatter, skin tone, Urban renewal, certified teachers, complexion

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