0911_The Diamond That Disappeared

The mysterious story of the Marlborough diamond

The location of the famous diamond stolen 30 years ago remains a mystery


Jewelry is made from jewels.

[Chip & Chelsea]

For workers at one of London’s Graff jewelry [ˈdʒuːəlri] shops, today’s date is not easily forgotten. Exactly thirty years ago, a well-dressed man entered the store looking like an ordinary customer. Once inside, he pulled out a gun, and another man followed (the 1st man) with a grenade /ɡrəˈneɪd/.
The two thieves quickly took the finest jewels /
ˈdʒuːəl/ from the displays. They also took the store’s most famous piece: the 45-carat  /’kærət/  Marlborough diamond. This pigeon-egg-sized diamond was worth 400,000 pounds at the time. The robbers got out of the store with over 1.4 million pounds in jewels.
They were clever, but not quite clever enough. As they got off the plane in Chicago 11 hours later, the police were waiting. They quickly identified and arrested Joseph Scalise and Arthur Rachel for the crime. To the policemen’s surprise, however, the stolen jewels were not in the men’s luggage. To this day, the location of those jewels – including the Marlborough diamond –
remains a mystery.

[Traditional Chinese Translation]

[More Information]

When people say the diamond is the hardest substance known, they are referring to its resistance to being scratched, not its resistance to other forces, such as the strike of a hammer. Diamond hardness depends on its purity and the way its crystals are arranged. Other minerals can scratch softer diamonds but only diamonds can scratch the hardest of diamond.


[Ashley & Ken]

A: Ken, what are you doing with that suitcase?
K: Oh, I’m planning on checking out a lot of books today and I don’t want to carry them around.
A: Oh, well, make sure you leave some books for others to check out
K: I will. Don’t worry. I only have one luggage.
A: Oh, you mean you only have one suitcase. Luggage is uncountable.
K: Oh, is it? Then I can’t say I have a luggage or one luggage?
A: No, and here to explain more for us is Doris.
K: Okay.

D: Uncountable nouns, like luggage and baggage, can not take numbers. If you want to make luggage countable, you have to use the word piece. So you might have a piece of luggage or 12 pieces of luggage. Suitcase, on the other hand, is countable. So you can have a suitcase or 12 suitcases.

K: Okay. So I may have one piece of luggage or one suitcase.
A: Right. And then there is the carry-on. That’s the bag you take with you on the plane.
K: What if I don’t carry a bag but a backpack? Can I still take it on a plan?
A; Oh, when I said bag I didn’t mean just a bag like a shopping bag. The word
bag actually refers to any type of luggage. This is an informal usage. It can refer to a bag but it can also be any type of suitcase, backpack, etc.
K: So when someone asks me
How many bags do you have? they are asking how many pieces of luggage I have?
A: Exactly.
K: Okay. So, is carry-on countable?
A: Yes, but most airlines only allow you to bring one carry-on, so make sure you don’t bring more than one.
K: Okay. Well,
that’s good information to know. Well, I didn’t want to carry around a lot of baggage today which is why I brought this suitcase.
A: That’s smart. But Ken, before you take away all those books don’t forget to
check them out.
K: Oh right, I almost forgot.

今天的課文提到luggage,我們知道luggage就是行李,這是一個不可數名詞,後面不能加s。若是要數一共有幾件行李, 我們可以用piece這個字。比如說一件行李是a piece of luggage,五件行李是five pieces of luggage。另外也可以用suitcase就是行李箱,這個字是可數的,I have five suitcases。行李有一個口語的用詞,那就是bagbag除了表示袋子之外,也可以指任何的行李、皮箱、包包、背包等等,都是bags。在飛機場要check in的時候,航空公司的地勤人員常常會問How many bags?意思是你有幾件行李?隨身攜帶的行李箱、手提箱叫做carry-oncarry-on的意思就是carry on board(隨身帶進機艙內的)。




[課文] They were clever, but not quite clever enough.
[Tips] Subject + Verb + adjective + but not quite + adjective + enough
The food isn’t the best.
àThe food was good but not quite good enough.
I don’t believe your story.
àYour story sounds convincing but not quite convincing enough.



jewelry (n) 珠寶,珠寶首飾  (不可數名詞)
Her jewelry really
compliments her dress.
Vivian doesn’t wear expensive jewelry when she travels.
jewel (n)
寶石,珠寶   (可數名詞)
The jewels on the crown
/kraʊn/  are worth millions of dollars.
grenade (n)
The terrorists
killed and wounded many people when they threw grenades into the train station.
Fortunately, the hand grenade didn’t explode.
mystery (n)
whereabouts [ˈhwɛrəbaut] of the stolen painting remains a mystery.
What happened between the couple is a mystery. No one knows why they broke up after their


jewelry   [ˈdʒuːəlri] DJ   [ˈdʒuəlrɪ] KK

·         noun

1. 【美】(總稱)珠寶;首飾 U

§  Rebecca never wears jewelry. 麗貝卡從不戴首飾。


Pull out

to remove something from a place by pulling 拔出;抽出 VN usually VN + adv./prep.

§  Pull the plug out. 把插頭拔掉。

§  She pulled off her boots. 她脫下了靴子。

§  He pulled a gun on me(= took out a gun and aimed it at me). 他拔出槍來指着我。



/ˈmɪs.tər.i/ /-tɚ-/

[C or U] something strange or not known which has not yet been explained or understood

How the massive stones were brought here from hundreds of miles away is/remains a mystery.

The mystery was solved when the police discovered the murder weapon.

The book tries to explain some of the mysteries of life.

The details of the scandal remain cloaked/shrouded/wrapped inmystery.

It’s a complete mystery (to me) that/why (= I do not understand why) she married him at all!


mysterious adjective 

/mɪˈstɪə.ri.əs/ /-ˈstɪr.i-/

strange, not known or not understood

She’s an actress whose inner life has remained mysterious, despite the many interviews she has given.

He died in mysterious circumstances, and there is still a possibility that it was murder.

mysteriously adverb 

/mɪˈstɪə.ri.ə.sli/ /-ˈstɪr.i-/

“Perhaps, and perhaps not, " she said mysteriously.

Mysteriously, the light came on, although no one was near the switch.



mysteriuos, pull out, grenade, jewelry, jewel, mystery, mysterious, carry around, carry-on, luggage, compliment, crown, whereabout, engagement

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