0908_Asian Fashion Passion (3)

Introducing a new generation of Asian designers
These Asian designers are a hit in the world of fashion


[Chip & Chelsea]

Design with a wild side: Toshikazu Iwaya
Nobody guessed that a
textile /ˈtekstaɪl/ designer from Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College would liven up ( make sth more interesting/exciting) Japan’s runways. But that’s exactly what Toshikazu Iwaya did, first with the company DressCamp and then with his own label, Dress33.
Dress33’s Paris debut
came in 2009. Iwaya fearlessly showed Elizabethan designs mixed with modern everyday wear. In fact, Iwaya is known for bold designs like zebra-striped suit jackets and colorful, glittering dresses. His designs draw shoppers into stores in cities from Paris to Hong Kong.
Engineer of design: Goji Lin 
Designer Goji Lin’s
passion for art never died, even while he was studying mechanical engineering in college. Later, Lin studied fashion design in Britain. Now (home location) based in Taipei, Lin draws on his engineering background (his experience with engineering) for novel fashion ideas.
Lin’s designs feature vivid colors (very bright and bold) and unique materials, including one material created from used computer monitors. He finds inspiration in Chinese culture: Calligraphy, Chinese paintings and peonies all appear in his designs. 
These designers are beloved at home and popular abroad. And it shows as fashion runways
increasingly (more and more often) feature Asia’s most talented and passionate designers.

[Traditional Chinese Translation]

[More Information]

[Ashley & Ken]

A: Hey, I’ll see you later Ken.
K: Leaving so soon?
A: Yes, I want to catch Project Runway on TV.
It’s down to the last three finalists!
K: Project Runway? Is that about an airport?
A: Ken, don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Project Runway?
K: Nope, I don’t watch TV that much. I spend most my free time here in the library.
A: Uh, Ken. Project Runway is a popular TV series that focuses on fashion design.
K: Why does it use the word runway? Isn’t a runway for airplanes to take off or land on?
A: That’s one meaning of runway. But another meaning
refers to a narrow platform used by models to demonstrate clothing during a fashion show.
K: Oh, you mean a cat-walk.
A: Yes, a cat-walk. Though strictly speaking, cat-walks are for public fashion shows that anyone can attend. But runways are for private shows.
You might hear people refer to private fashion shows as runway shows. But the two terms are used freely in the fashion role and they mean practically the same thing.
K: Wow, you’re quite a fashion expert I see.
A: That’s because I watch Project Runway.
K: Hmm, maybe I should check it out.
A: You should. It starts at 9 o’clock
at channel 5.
K: Okay. I’ll try to watch it. Bye.
A: Cya.



[課文] Chung has since moved her collection Doo.Ri to midtown Manhattan but still fondly remembers the days spent designing in a basement.
since ~ it usually means “from a certain time” (當介係詞或連接詞用,表自從)
*Gina and Paula have been friends since high school.
has + since ~ 這裡的since是副詞,表示後來。at a certain time after a certain time in the past
*Timothy graduated in 2008 and has since worked in his father’s company.
*The director retired two years ago and has since disappeared from public attention.




Textile [ˈtekstaɪl] (n.) (usually plural) 織物,紡織品。Related to weave (v.)(- wove- woven) 編織。
*I will appreciate it, if you can introduce me to some firms which deal with textile.
*get a job in textiles
得到在紡織業中的一份工作。The textile industry 紡織工業。
Liven up (phr. v.) 使有生氣。
*Liven up a party
使晚會氣氛活躍。Do liven up a bit! 活躍些吧!
*Put on some music to liven things up.
Glitter (v.) (= sparkle) 閃爍,閃耀。(n.) 1. 燦爛的光輝。2. (比喻) attractiveness (外表的)誘惑力,吸引力。
Glittery (adj.) glittering 閃閃發光的,絕妙的,富麗的。
*The river glittered in the sunlight.
*He stared at me with a cruel glitter in his eyes.
*the glitter of a show-business career
*She wore glittery earrings and more makeup than I could remember.
Draw on (phr. v.) 1. If you draw on or draw upon something such as your skill or experience, you make use of it in order to do something. 利用,引用2. As a period of time draws on, it passes and the end of it gets closer. 形容某段時間正經過且接近尾聲。
*He drew on his childhood memories for the material of his novel.
*Winter is drawing on.

draw on/upon something

1.          to use a supply of something that is available to you 憑藉;利用;動用

    • I’ll have to draw on my savings. 我只得動用我的存款了。
    • The novelist draws heavily on her personal experiences. 這位小說家在很大程度上是以她的親身經歷為素材

Novel (n.) (長篇)小說。(adj.) 新穎的,新奇的。
*a novel idea, fashion, experience
Calligraphy [kəˈlɪgrəfi] (n.) 書法。Calligrapher (n.) 書法家。
*The graphic arts include calligraphy and lithography.
Peony [ˈpiːəni] (n.) [C] 牡丹。
*Heze is quite famous for its peony flowers. It is the home of peony.
Beloved [bɪˈlʌvɪd] (adj.) (literary or humorous) loved very much by someone 被某人深深喜愛的。(n.) (與代詞所有格連用,做稱謂) 心愛的()
*The man endeavored to please his beloved wife.
*The little boy was beloved of all the teachers.
*The flower is from my beloved.


refer    /rɪ‘fɝ/ KK verb

Phrasal: refer to somebody/something (as something), to mention or speak about somebody/something 提到;談及;說起

1.          The victims were not referred to by name. 沒有提到受害人的姓名。

2.          Her mother never referred to him again. 她的母親再也沒有提起過他。

3.          You know who I’m referring to. 你知道我指的是誰。

4.          She always referred to Ben as ‘that nice man’. 她總是稱本為那個大好人

5.          I promised not to refer to the matter again. 我答應過再也不提這事了。

Phrasal: refer to somebody/something, to describe or be connected to somebody/something 描述;涉及;與相關

1.          The star refers to items which are intended for the advanced learner. 標有星號的項目是給高階學習者的。

2.          The term ‘Arts’ usually refers to humanities and social sciences. arts 一詞通常指人文和社會科學。

3.          This paragraph refers to the events of last year. 這一段說的是去年發生的事。

4.          to look at something or ask a person for information 查閱;參考;徵詢

5.          See also:

6.          consult Synonym

7.          You may refer to your notes if you want. 如果需要,可以查閱筆記。

8.          to refer to a dictionary/an expert 查閱詞典;徵詢專家的意見

Phrasal, refer somebody/something to somebody/something, to send somebody/something to somebody/something for help, advice or a decision 送交給(以求獲得幫助等)

6.          My doctor referred me to a specialist. 我的醫生讓我去找一位專家診治。

7.          The case was referred to the Court of Appeal. 這個案子被送交到上訴法院。

8.          May I refer you to my letter of 14 May? 你查看一下我 5 14 日給你的信好嗎?

Endeavor [ɪnˈdevər] (v.)(n.) (formal) 努力,盡力。
*We always endeavor to please our customers.
*Despite our best endeavors, we couldn’t start the car. 


liven up something 充滿生氣,使人興奮

The dancers’ performance livened up the concert.


Colorful cushions can liven up a room instantly.


A walk in the woods always liven me up in no time.


glitter (v) 光彩奪目,閃耀

Nina proudly showed her glittering engagement ring to her sister.


The stars glittered in the night sky.


The movie star’s diamond necklace glittered in the spotlight.


draw on 利用,汲取

He drew on his experience as a teacher in order to get close to the young inmates.


The author drew on his childhood when writing his novel.




textile, liven up, passion for, draw on, vivid, calligraphy, peony, beloved, passionate, feature, Cya, runway, catwalk, left so soon, finalist, hear of, nope, take off, land on, refer to, glitter, engagement ring, instantly, in no time, young inmate, haute couture, feature

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