0907_Asian Fashion Passion (2)

Introducing a new generation of Asian designers
These Asian designers are a hit in the world of fashion


[Chip & Chelsea]

Made in Malaysia: Khoon Hooi
Khoon Hooi has done what no other Malaysian designer could do: He
launched /lɔntʃ/ (start/begin/pulish sth new) a successful global brand form Malaysia. Hooi attended the Malaysia Institute of Art. He studied graphic arts (art with computer) for a year to please his parents but then switched to his passion: fashion.
Hooi’s look
is known for being feminine, romantic and youthful. Shoppers in cities like New York, Taipei, Bangkok and London discover flowing silk dresses and nature-inspired colors.
Fashion for America’s first lady: Jason Wu
Taipei-born Jason Wu
exploded (arrive in public suddenly and powerfully) onto the fashion scene the night of January 20, 2009. That evening, Michelle Obama, America’s new first lady, wore an exquisite /ɪkˈskwɪzɪt/ (perfectly beautiful, lovely, detail) while gown /gaun/ made by Wu to President Obama’s inauguration [ɪnˌɔgjəˈreʃən] celebrations. For the boy who had sketched /sketʃ/ gowns (sketched design) in Taipei bridal shops when he was 5, it was a dream come true.
Wu’s family immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, when he was 9. Wu studied abroad in France during high school and attended college in New York City. In 2006, Wu started his own fashion label, which is known for its modern designs with a clean, classic and feminine look.

[Traditional Chinese Translation]

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[Ashley & Ken]

K: Hey, Ashley.
A: Hi, Ken.
K: I pick up this pamphlet /
ˈpæmflət/ at the front door about studying aboard. Is it a program held on the boat?
A: Ah, Ken. Read it more carefully. It’s not aboard. It’s a study abroad program.
K: What? Abroad? Oh, yeah, you’re right. So how do you study abroad?
A: When you study abroad, you leave your home country and study in a foreign country.
K: Oh, so studying abroad
is the same as studying overseas?
A: That’s right.
K: So abroad is an adverb?
A: Correct. To your friend back in Taiwan, you are living abroad or overseas which is the opposite of living at home.
K: I get it. Okay, what about aboard? How should I use that?
A: Aboard, a-b-o-a-r-d, means to be on board a ship, train, aircraft or any passenger vehicle. When you’ve get on a plane, the
flight attendant may say to you Welcome aboard.
K: But the other day when that new guy showed up for work you said to him
Welcome aboard I don’t get it. The library is not an airplane or a ship.
A: Aboard can also mean being in a group, organization or business. So if there is a new co-worker in your company, you can also say to him
Welcome aboard
K: Oh,
how interesting. Well, I don’t need to study abroad but I wouldn’t mind going aboard a ship for a few days.
A: I’ll keep my eyes open for you. There may be a cruise you can join.
K: Oh, thanks Ashley.

今天的課文提到Jason Wu studied abroad in France during high school. abroad aboard要分清楚,課文中說他studied abroada-b-r-o-a-d是國外的意思。除了abroad也可以用overseasJason Wu studied overseas,要注意要用複數overseas。那aboard表示在船上、在飛機上、在火車上或任何一個大眾運輸的工具上,aboard也可以表示在某家公司或組織工作,如果你在公司遇到一個新的同事, 你可以跟他說Welcome aboard(歡迎加入我們的公司)。



[課文] Chung has since moved her collection Doo.Ri to midtown Manhattan but still fondly remembers the days spent designing in a basement.
since ~ it usually means “from a certain time” (當介係詞或連接詞用,表自從)
*Gina and Paula have been friends since high school.
has + since ~ 這裡的since是副詞,表示後來。at a certain time after a certain time in the past
*Timothy graduated in 2008 and has since worked in his father’s company.
*The director retired two years ago and has since disappeared from public attention.




Launch (v.) 使(某事物)運動或送上軌道,使(船,尤指新船)下水,使(某人/某事)行動。
Launch into (phr. v.) If you launch into something such as a speech, task, or fight, you enthusiastically start it. 滿腔熱血的開始進行某事物。
*launch a blow, a missile, a torpedo, a satellite
*The lifeboat was launched immediately to rescue the four men. 
*The company is launching a new model next month.
*John launched into a speech about the importance of new projects.
Graphic arts (n.) 平面藝術。
Feminine [ˈfemɪnɪn] (adj.) (female) 女性的,女人般的,具有女性氣質或外貌特徵的。Opposite to masculine [ˈmæskjʊlɪn] (adj.) (male) 有男子特質或外觀的,男子氣的。
*a feminine voice, figure, appearance
Exquisite [ˈekskwɪzɪt] (adj.)  優美的,優雅的,精緻的,製作精良的。[formal] (指感情)感覺強烈的,劇烈的。Exquisitely(adv.)Exquisiteness (n.) [U]
*An exquisite flower adorned her dress.
Inaugurate [ɪˈnɔːgjʊreɪt] (v.) 1. (新官員或領袖)舉行就職典禮,為(工程或組織等)舉行開工儀式,為(建築物或展覽會等)舉行落成或開幕儀式。2. [formal] 開創,引進(某事物)
Inauguration (n.) 開幕式,就職典禮。
*He will be inaugurated as president in January.
*The city library was inaugurated by the major.
*the President’s inauguration speech
Sketch (n.) 1. 素描,速寫。2. 簡短的陳述或描寫。3. 詼諧的短劇或短文(v.) 素描,速寫。
Sketch out (v.) give a general description or account of sth; outline sth 概述(某事);草擬。
Sketch in (v.) to add more information about something 增加關於某事更多的資訊。
*Cantor drew a rough sketch of his apartment on a napkin.
*give a sketch of one’s plans
*Sketch out what you intend to do.
*I’d like to sketch in a few details for you.

Sketch your ideas and plans.

Aboard, adverb preposition

  • We finally went aboard. 我們終於上了船。
  • He was already aboard the plane. 他已經登機了。
  • The plane crashed killing all 157 passengers aboard. 飛機墜毀,機上 157 名乘客全部遇難。
  • All aboard! (= the bus, boat, etc. is leaving soon) 請大家上車(或船等)!(表示馬上就要開了)
  • Welcome aboard! (= used as a greeting to passengers or to a person joining a new organization, etc.) 歡迎乘坐(或歡迎加盟)!



launch (v) 開始,發起;推出
The company launched a new fragrance for women.
The bank will launch their online banking service next month.
sketch (v)
畫素描,畫速寫   (n)
The artist sketched his daughter as she was playing in the garden.
The architect sketched out a design for the building.
She did several sketches of the fisherman.
label (n)
After working under an employer for years, Brenda launched her own label last year.
The supermarket’s generic label has become very successful.
designer label
Many young people enjoy buying designer labels.



launch, known, explode, fashion scene, exquisite, gown, inauguration, sketched gown, bridal shop, immigrate to, fashion label, feminine look,Welcome aboard, home country, passenger vehicle, flight attendant, fragrance, artitect, fisherman, generic label, designer label

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