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Introducing a new generation of Asian designers
These Asian designers are a hit in the world of fashion


[Chip & Chelsea]

Fashion followers everywhere know of Vera Wang, Issey Miyake and Vivienne Tam, Asian designers with established global brands. They aren’t the only designers with Asian names anymore, though. A new generation of Asian designers is making fashion statements on runways (a long platform) around the world.
From basements to runways: Doo Ri Chung
Doo Ri Chung
learned determination from her hard-working parents who moved to America from Korea when Chung was four. She studied fashion at New York’s Parsons School of Design and then further developed her tailoring skills (to make men’s clothes) under designer Geoffrey Beene. In 2001 Chung began sewing her own designs in the basement of her parents’ New Jersey dry cleaner’s. Chung has since moved her collection Doo.Ri to midtown Manhattan but still fondly(appreciate deeply) remembers the days spent designing in a basement.
Fashion critics praise Chung for her mastery of jersey, a cotton-like, stretchy material. Whether it’s a suit jacket or dress, Chung’s clothing
drapes (cover) beautifully and feels great. Chung’s most recent venture is her new collection under.ligne, which offers a lower-priced alternative for fashion lovers.

[Traditional Chinese Translation]

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[Ashley & Ken]

A: Hi, Ken

K: Hey, Ashley. Wow, I see you’ve done some shopping.

A: Yep, I just came from downtown where they had a big sale at the department store.

K: Really, I should go downtown and check it out.

A: Yes, you should. There are some really good bargains right now.

K: Hey, Ashley. We talk about downtown all the time. But how come there is no midtown or uptown?

A: Because we are not in New York City. When people talk about midtown they are most likely referring to the area in the mid section of Manhattan where the Empire State Building is.

K: And uptown is the upper part of Manhattan?

A: That’s right. Uptown refers to the upper or northern part of Manhattan. Harlem is located in uptown.

K: So that’s New York City. What about other cities?

A: Well, in most cities, downtown is the business center. So in contrast, uptown can mean the residential part of a city. That’s away from the commercial center. Uptown can also be an adjective that means rich or elegant. For example, an uptown girl is a fashionable girl from a wealthy family.

K: Hmm, interesting. Well, I think I should make a trip downtown and check out those great bargains.

A: Yes, you should.


今天的課文提到midtown Manhattan,我們都聽過downtown(市中心),但什麼是midtown(中城)呢?在紐約的Manhattan就有uptownmidtowndowntown之分,uptown(上城)是曼哈頓的北區,哈林區就在uptownmidtown是曼哈頓的中區,而downtown(下城)是曼哈頓的南區。但是大多數的城市都只有downtown(市中心),若是有uptown的話,那是指一個都市中的高級住宅區,所以uptown當形容詞用是指高級的、昂貴的,比如說一個uptown girl就是一個富家女。


[課文] Chung has since moved her collection Doo.Ri to midtown Manhattan but still fondly remembers the days spent designing in a basement.
since ~ it usually means “from a certain time” (當介係詞或連接詞用,表自從)
*Gina and Paula have been friends since high school.
has + since ~ 這裡的since是副詞,表示後來。at a certain time after a certain time in the past
*Timothy graduated in 2008 and has since worked in his father’s company.
*The director retired two years ago and has since disappeared from public attention.




Fashion statement (n.) 時尚宣言。
*The jeans have become a fashion statement.
*It’s a perfect fit, makes quite a fashion statement.
Runway (n.) 機場的跑道,停車場的車道,坡道,舞台延伸到觀眾席的台道。
*A plane this size can’t fly off such a short runway. 
Parson (n.) (英國國教的)牧區牧師,牧區教堂牧師。
*As he is a parson, he has to respect the cloth. 
Dry cleaner or dry cleaner’s (n.) 乾洗店。
Jersey (n.) 針織(尤指毛織)緊身套衫(通常穿在襯衣外面)。
Stretchy (adj.) 伸長的,有彈性的,容易深長的。
*stretchy materials
*That material’s a bit stretchy for a shirt. 
Drape (n.) (簾、幕、衣、裙等)懸掛狀。(v.) 將(衣物、簾、幕、斗篷等)懸掛,披。
*a fur coat draped round her shoulders
*Dust-sheets were draped over the furniture.
*walls draped with tapestries

drape verb 


drape sth across/on/over, etc. sth

to put something such as cloth or a piece of clothing loosely over something

He draped his jacket over the back of the chair and sat down to eat.

She draped the scarf loosely around her shoulders.

be draped in/with sth

to be loosely covered with a cloth

The coffins were all draped with the national flag.


Venture (n.) a new business activity that involves taking risks (通常指具有風險的)事業。Compare to adventure (n.) an exciting experience in which dangerous or unusual things happen 有刺激性或危險的經歷或工作。
*The car-hire firm is their latest (joint) business venture. 
*They set out on a daring space adventure.



fashion statement 時尚宣言
The girls made a fashion statement by coloring their hair blonde.
drape (v)
使布料或衣物形成皺褶的狀態;披掛上n) 窗簾,皺褶
Hank used a ladder to drape curtains over the windows.
She draped a red scarf over her coat.
venture (n)
Our company decided to go abroad for more lucrative business venture.
The joint venture between the two companies involves millions of dollars.


brand, tailor, fondly, drape, downtown, uptown, elegant, runway, venture, lucrative

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