0904_Worst Case Scenario: How to Deal With Travel Disasters (3)

Learn how to deal with missed flights, blocked credit cards and more

Deal with travel trouble and live to tell the tale


That could be life threatening.

[Vicky & Chelsea]

Missed flight in Miami
Is this a big deal?
Certainly, if you’re flying to Bermuda for your wedding or France for a $15,000 cruise.
What to do: As soon as you know you won’t make your plane(meet the time of depature), call the airline’s reservations line and ask for help rebooking on a later flight. If the problem is nearly catastrophic (for examples, you’ll miss your wedding), ask the agent to help you get on another airline if yours doesn’t have later service. Be prepared to pay extra. Don’t fuss.
How to prevent it: The more important the trip, the more important it is to build in time (allow extra time) before and after for unforeseen circumstances.
Medication missing in Madagascar
We know that every sensible traveler
carries important medications on his or her person, in a purse or in a carry-on bag that never leaves your side. But stuff happens.
What to do: Bring clearly written prescriptions for important medications that treat conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Pharmacists worldwide are able to fill them on an emergency basis when you show your passport and explain the situation. Don’t try this for narcotics, though.
How to prevent it: Bring prescriptions for significant medications. Double supplies are a good idea. If you want to be utterly (completely/extremely) prepared, keep your physician’s phone number handy. In a crisis, you can call and ask that the medication be shipped overnight to your locale/ləʊˈkɑːl/.

[Traditional Chinese Translation]

[More Information]

[Ashley & Ken]

K: Hey, Ashley.
A: Hey, Ken.
K: I see you’re still
busy with work.
A: I am. They still haven’t found any one to fill the opening left by my co-worker’s resignation. So we’re still short-handed here in the library.
K: Well, who would have thought your co-worker would just up and leave like that.
A: I know. It was so silent and it was without any warning. You know, Ken. Sometimes, I feel that life is just full of unforeseen circumstances.
K: Unforeseen circumstances? So, you’re talking about unpredictable events right?
A: Right, or a contingency.
K: What is a contingency?
A: A contingency refers to an accident or emergency. We should always have a contingency plan which is a plan or procedure that we can rely on if an emergency occurred.
K: So a contingency plan is an emergency plan?
A: Exactly. It’s something that we might use as a backup should a worst case scenario occur.
K: A worst case scenario? I know a scenario is like a story right?
A: Right, but it can also refer to an outline of a sequence of events. And the worst case scenario is a situation where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.
K: Umm, what about things that are beyond our control? Is there a term for that?
A: Yes, we can call those things acts of God which are unpredictable natural events such as storms, earthquakes, floods etc. we often see this phrase in a contract.
K: Well, I hope the library will find someone soon so you can get out of this contingency.
A: I hope so too.

今天的課文提到unforeseen circumstances(不可預先看見的一個狀況),也就是沒有預料到的一個突發狀況,另一個相關的字是contingency,就是偶發事件,worst-case scenario也是很實用的一個短語,scenario是設想、假設的幾個情況,the worst case scenario就是能夠想到的最壞的情況,acts of God字面上是上帝的行為,指的就是天災,那這個名詞常常在英文的合同中會看到,那這個條款是針對發生天災時簽約者相互間的因應方式。



[課文] Upon check-in, always ask to see the destination tag before your bag goes on the conveyor belt.
Upon ~ 1. often use in formal situation to talk about location above something
*Upon the surface of the water, dragonflies were dancing.
2. In this article upon has a different meaning; it means
at the time of. Use this word to make people focus on that time.
*At the time of check-in, always ask to see the destination tag before your bag goes on the conveyor belt.
*Upon seeing her boyfriend on his knee with a big diamond ring and a large bouquet of flowers, Alicia began to cry.
*Upon the singer’s arrival at the airport, the fans who had been waiting quietly became a screaming mob.




Catastrophe [kəˈtæstrəfi] (n.) (= disaster) sudden great disaster or misfortune 突如其來的大災難。
Catastrophic (adj.) 災難的。Catastrophically (adv.)
*The Black Sea is facing ecological catastrophe as a result of pollution.
*The failure of the talks could have catastrophic consequences.
Fuss (n.) [U] (esp unnecessary) nervous excitement or activity (尤指不必要的)神經質的激動或活動。(v.) (+ about/over) be worried or excited, esp over small things 煩惱, 激動(尤指對小事)
Make a fuss/kick up a fuss  (about sth) (idiom) 強烈地不滿。
Make a fuss over sb/sth (idiom) 對某人/某事過於注意。
Not be fussed (about sb/sth) (informal) 不太關心或在意。
*Stop all this fuss and get on with your work. 
*Don’t get into a fuss about nothing.
*If you keep fussing about, we’re sure to be late.
*He’s always fussing over his grandchildren.
*She’s kicking up an awful fuss about the high rent.
*Don’t make so much fuss over the children.
*Where do you want to go for lunch? I’m not fussed.
Unforeseen (adj.) not known in advance; unexpected 為預料到的,意料之外的。
*Due to unforeseen circumstances, the play has been cancelled.
Prescription (n.) 處方,藥方。
*The doctor gave me a prescription for pain-killers.
比喻] His prescription for economic recovery was not well received.
Narcotic [nɑːrˈkɑːtɪk] (n.) 1. (often plural- narcotics) strong illegal drugs 非法的藥品。2. a type of drug which makes you sleep and reduces pain 麻醉藥。(adj.) 麻醉的,催眠的。
*The juice of this fruit is a mild narcotic.
*He was sent to prison on a narcotics charge.
Utterly (adv.) = totally, completely 完全地,徹底地。
*I feel utterly zonked.
*Considering the losses in the disaster area, our support was an utterly inadequate measure.

handy   /ˈhændi/ DJ   /’hændɪ/ KK, adjective

Irregular: handier;   handiest

1.    useful; easy to use or to do 有用的;易使用的;容易做的 informal

a handy little tool 好用的小工具

handy hints/tips for removing carpet stains 清除地毯污垢的竅門

2.    situated near to somebody/something; situated or stored in a convenient place 近便;便利 not before noun ~ (for sth/for doing sth) informal

Always keep a first-aid kit handy. 要有常備急救箱。

Have you got a pen handy? 你手頭有鋼筆嗎?

Our house is very handy for the station. 我們家離車站很近。 British English



fuss (v) 大驚小怪,(為小事情而)大發牢騷    ( + about/over)    (n)

George has been fussing about moving to a new apartment.


Stop making such a fuss!


Catastrophic [ˌkætəˈstrɔfik]  (adj) 慘重的,災難性的

The hurricane caused catastrophic damage in the coastal area.


It took years for the country to recover from the catastrophic earthquake.


prescription (n) 處方

It’s difficult to read doctor’s prescriptions.


The doctor gave me a prescription for painkillers.


This medicine is only available with a prescription.



cruise, rebook, catastrophic, fuss, unforeseen circumstance, contingency, emergency, beyond our control, acts od God, pharmacist, narcotics, utterly, locale, handy

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