0901_The nPower PEG

Walk power into your cell phone

Never worry about dead batteries again


Collect energy from your body and convert it to electricity.

Imagine the possibility of the technology.

But the opposite is also true, ….

[Chip & Chelsea]

Aaron LeMieux loves to hike and often listens to the radio at the same time. While on a 1,500-mile hike along the Appalachian Trail, Aaron started thinking about energy. Could the energy his body was creating be used to charge an electronic device? In 2006 Aaron quit his job and turned the basement of his home into a laboratory. He then put all his time into developing the nPower PEG.
How the nPower PEG works

PEG means personal energy generator. It uses the energy you create while moving to charge a hand-held device. Just put your nPower PEG in your bag, or fasten /’fæsṇ/(connect or attach sth to another) it to your leg or bicycle. Then plug your MP3 player, cell phone or digital camera into your nPower PEG’s USB port. LeMieux’s company, Tremont Electric, claims the nPower PEG can charge most hand-held electronic devices to 80 percent in one hour.
The cost 
Since it costs US$149, the nPower PEG won’t appeal to everyone. But for those that spend a lot of time away from electricity, it might
come in handy (to be useful 有用處).

[Traditional Chinese Translation]

[More Information]

[Ashley & Ken]

K: Hey, Ashley, wow you look really busy today.
A: I am. One of my co-workers quit this morning and now we are really short-handed at the library.
K: You mean he just quit and left.
A: Yep, it’s not very considerate if you ask me. Usually you give two weeks notice when you decide to resign.
K: And how do you do that?
A: You write a letter of resignation to your boss. When you hand it in you’re
tendering (offer) your resignation or giving notice.
K: And this should happen two weeks before you intend to leave.
A: Right, two weeks is appropriate.
K: Don’t we call the letter of resignation the pink slip?
A: Oh, no. that’s something else entirely. Why don’t we go to Studio Classroom editor Linda and see what she has to say about that.
K: Okay.

L: If you decide to quit your job, you should write a letter of resignation. When your company decides that you should leave your job, it will give you a pink slip which is a discharge notice. Why is it called pink slip? Well, in the old days when employees were paid in cash the paymaster came around and handed out envelope with money in them. If an employee was being let go, a discharge notice was included in the pay packet. It was often printed on pink paper so it wouldn’t get thrown away as junk mail. The term getting a pink slip has long survived the actual practice. Nowadays, the discharge notice is most likely white, not pink.

K: Oh, so it’s just an expression for getting fired.
A: Or getting laid off if the company is not doing well or it’s trying to downsize.
K: I see. Well, I’d better leave you to your work.
A: And someone else’s work.
K: Good luck.

今天的課文提到在2006Aaron quit his jobquit就是辭職不干了,這是一個比較口語的字,講得正式一點要用resign /rɪˈzaɪn/ ,而辭呈叫做letter of resignation/ˈrɛzɪg’neʃən/,如果你要辭掉你的工作,最好是提前兩個星期提出辭呈才不會造成公司同仁的不便,但是如果是公司要你走路,公司就會給你一個所謂的pink slip(粉紅色紙條),意思是說你被開除、裁員或者解聘了。至於說當你被裁員時,真的會接到一張粉紅色的解僱通知單嗎?其實並非如此,pink slip只是解僱通知單的代稱,其實在美國很早很在就有了pink slip的說法。美國公司的老闆如果要解聘員工, 就在員工的工資袋裡頭加一張粉紅紙條,說明這個僱員被解僱的原因。那當然現在的解僱通知單不一定是粉紅色,大多是白色的。但是pink slip一直沿用下來成為解僱通知單的同義詞了。


.[課文] …for those that spend a lot of time away from electricity, it might come in handy.
[Tips] come in handy ~ (informal) be useful or be convenient
*Since you might buy a lot of things, you should bring an extra bag with you. It might come in handy.
*Patrick’s old umbrella came in handy because he came to work unprepared for rain.



device (n) 儀器,裝置
Most new parents own a device that allows them to monitor their baby while he or she sleeps.
The electronic device repels [Drive or force (an attack or attacker) back or away] inserts with sound waves.
fasten (v)
繫牢,扣緊      (to)
He fastened the
straps of his backpack.
他把背包上的帶子繫緊。a watch with a leather strap 皮錶帶的手錶

The sailor fastened his boat to a post on the dock.
appeal (v)
Sports have never seemed to appeal to Kevin.
vibrant colors and relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant appeal to young customers.


come in handy informal

1.           to be useful 有用處

    • The extra money came in very handy. 這筆額外的錢正好派上了用場。
    • Don’t throw that away─it might come in handy. 別把它扔了 它或許有用。



short-handed, tender, fasten, come in handy, device, repel, strap, appeal, vibrant, ran out of


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