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Discovering the True Beauty of Taiwan and Enjoying My Friendships
With my
tank top on, I am enjoying the heat


Savor is a great word to put and keep in your English vocabulary.

Savor your weekend.

[Chip & Winnie]

Time flies (time goes by quickly) – it is already the last month of my summer break. To start out this crazy month, my friends and I decided to go to Green Island – a famous spot southeast of Taiwan. With its hot weather and beautiful natural resources, Green Island is famous for water sports.
Starting with Taitung (
台東), we spent a day visiting some famous tourist sites. The next day we went to Green Island. I was fascinated by the island’s beauty: natural, simple and lovely. The sun burned my skin and sweat dampened(make a little bit wet) my shirt, but I loved the feeling, especially with great friends at my side.
After the Green Island trip, another group of friends took me to a beach in northern Taiwan: Baishawan (
白沙灣). With its white sandy shores, Baishawan is a great place for college students to hang out (to spend a lot of time in a place 常去某處;泡在某處).
Here I am at the end of the month, recalling my four months of summer break. I know it is time to say goodbye. I don’t want to go, but my studies are calling me.
Savoring (Taste and enjoy it) completely the love of friends and family, I realize what is most important to me.

[Traditional Chinese Translation]


[More Information]

[Ashley & Ken]

A: Hey, Ken. Are you almost finished?
K: Hmm, what? Where are you going, Ashley?
A: Umm, Ken. It’s 9 o’clock and the library is closed now.
I’m leaving.
K: Oh, I lost track of time. Well, I have to go.
A: Time flies when you’re having fun.
K: Time flies? It doesn’t fly, Ashley.
A: No, but it goes by very quickly when you’re doing something fun.
K: Well, I agree that time flies but I wasn’t really having any fun. I was trying to finish writing something for work.
Are you pressed for time? That means you don’t have a lot of time to finish it.
K: Well then yes. I’m pressed for time.
This is due tomorrow morning.
A: You
 shouldn’t put things off to the last minute, but I can relate to that. Time and again I wait until the last minute.
K: Time and again?
A: Yes, time and again means I repeat something. Time and again, people lose their library cards.
K: Ashley,
I heard people say the third time is a charm. What does that mean?
A: That means that
the third time you will be successful. The first two times you may fail but the third time will be much better.
K: Well, I’m going to remember that one. This is the second time I’ve turned something in late for work.
A: The third time is a charm. So the next time
you’ll meet the deadline(按時完工).
K: I hope so.
今天這一課一開始就看到一個很實用的短語time flies(光陰似箭),其實,講得完整一點你可以說Time flies when you’re having fun.當你在玩耍的時候時間過得特別快。再來學幾個跟time相關的短語,lose track of time是沒有注意到時間,to be pressed for time是有時間上的壓力,也就是時間有限,time and again其實就等於again and again,表示時常、常常發生的,third time is a charm表示第三次會有好運氣,如果有一件事當你試了兩次都失敗時,第三次你可以說third time’s a charm,意思就是希望第三次會是成功的。


[課文] I was fascinated by the island’s beauty: natural, simple and lovely.
[Tips] when you are writing and you need to include things try using a colon.
a colon is used to introduce a list
*For the hike, please pack: a water bottle, an extra jacket, some snacks, and a flashlight.
*The apartment had everything I was looking for: great view, large rooms, good location, and a reasonable price.



Natural resources (plural n.) 天然資源。
*Alaska boasts abundant natural resources such as natural gas and oil.

boast verb (HAVE)

/bəʊst/ /boʊst/

[T not continuous] to have or own something to be proud of

Ireland boasts beautiful beaches, great restaurants and friendly locals.

*Regulations have been designed to protect our natural resources.
Dampen (v.) 1.弄濕(但不是整個濕透)2. make (sth) less strong; restrain 減弱,抑制。
*The chief dampened a towel to cover the dough.
*After the rain dampened my jacket, I
hung it up to let it dry.
*dampen (down) sb’s spirits, enthusiasm, etc
Savor (v.) 原意指品嚐,這裡指欣賞或享受。(n.) 滋味,風趣,愛好。
*Timothy knows how to savor his success.
*When Rita went to Paris she
savored every moment of the trip.
*the savor of country life
Tank top (n.) 緊身短背心。
Hang out (phr. V.) 1. (informal) to spend a lot of time in a particular place or with particular people 閒晃。2. to hang clothes outside in order to dry them 掛出。
補充口語: How is it hanging? 最近過的如何
*I don’t really know who she hangs out with.
*Where do the youngsters hang out?
*Hang the wet things out to dry.



when a sum of money is due, it must be paid immediately 到期 not usually before noun

  • Payment is due on 1 October. 付款期限為 10 1 日。

southeast adjective adverb 

/ˌsaʊθˈiːst/ (written abbreviation SE)

in or towards the southeast

Southeast Asia

The mountains are/lie southeast of the city.



natural resources (pl n) 天然資源;自然資源 Saudi Arabia is most famous for one of its natural resources: oil.
dampen (v)
弄濕;使潮濕 Dampen your washcloth with a little water before putting soap on it.
hang out (phr v)
流連;消磨時間 Last Saturday night, my friends and I hung out at the local coffee shop.
savor (v)
回味;享受 We sat on the beach and savored the sight of the sun setting over the ocean. 

tank top, savor, hang out, hang up, southeast, dampen, natural resources, boast

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