0825_iPhone Games Take Flight

Is it a game or is it reality?


  I can surf the Internet with it. I put my photo away.

  My iPhone is more amazing than my thought.

  What an amazing application.

[Chip & Chelsea]

Surf the Internet (do online shipping), take pictures, watch videos, listen to music and stay in touch with your friends and family. These are some of features that have driven /’drɪvən/  iPhone’s popularity(power to control)  in countries worldwide. But how about using your iPhone to control a Parrot AR.Drone, a wifi helicopter /ˈhelɪkɒptə(r)/ with two cameras? Think of the games you could play with that!
How it works
Thanks to its self-created wifi, the AR.Drone can be controlled by either an iPhone or an iPod Touch. Moving your iPhone or iPod Touch turns the quadricopter and
guides it forward and backward. Direct it to go up or down with buttons on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Do nothing and it will hover in place.
What it can do
Most video games can be played while comfortably seated on your couch (a long comfortable seat). Playing them outside would
be out of the question (impossible or not allowed) . Playing with the AR.Drone, however, compels (to produce a strong feeling or reaction) you to be active. Take it outside, and race others around your neighborhood. Fight gigantic (huge, enormous) robots and aliens, or destroy other drones with the multiplayer mode. Finally, a video game that won’t make you a couch potato!

[Traditional Chinese Translation]



無人飛行器自備無線網路設備,所以能夠透過iPhoneiPod Touch來操控。只要移動你的iPhoneiPod Touch,就可讓這架四個螺旋槳驅動的直升機轉向,或前進後退。用iPhoneiPod Touch上的按鍵就可以控制升降。如果你什麼都不做,它就會滯留在空中。

[More Information]

[Ashley & Ken]

K: You know, I just love my iPhone. I can check the Internet right here without bringing my laptop.
A: It’s pretty nice, Ken. Do you also have an iPod?
K: No, I don’t. Hey, why is it called an iPod? The iPhone is obviously a phone. But what is a pod?
A: That’s an interesting question, Ken. Pod has many different meanings. One meaning is
a part of plant where seeds are stored. Have you even eaten green beans or peas?
K: Yes, I have. Both beans and peas have to be removed from pods before you eat them.
A: Right. And another meaning
for a pod is a small group of ocean animals like a pod of whales or dolphins.
K: But that doesn’t really seem to relate to the iPod.
A: No, the actual name comes from a science fiction movie. A pod was a device that traveled into outer space but always returned to the main hub.
K: Hmm…what is a hub?
A: A hub is an important place
for activity. There are many different kinds of hubs. For instance, a retail hub might be a place full of retails shops. A technology hub would be up on the latest technology. People in Boston call their city The Hub of the Universe.
K: Now that’s
stretching it.
A: Yea, but it just go to show how much they love their city.
K: So, a hub is mainly
a center for a particular activity.
A: Yes, and that’s where the name iPod comes from. An iPod is a hub for many different kinds of activities – internet, music, computer games. There are many things to do with an iPod.
K: Okay. Well, that makes sense
A: Yea, now I want to get one.
K: Me too. But I like my iPhone still.

K教授:你知道,我只是愛我的iPhone我可以檢查 Internet這裡沒有帶我的筆記本電腦。 
答:這是非常好的,肯。你是否也有一個 iPod 
:不,我不喜歡。嘿,為什麼叫一個 iPodiPhone顯然是一個電話。但究竟什麼是莢? 
答:是的,這就是iPod的名字從何而來。 iPod是一種樞紐許多不同類型的活動互聯網,音樂,電腦遊戲。有很多事情要做一個 iPod 

iPhone顧名思義就是一個phone(電話),但是什麼是iPodpod可以指豌豆的豆莢,也可以指海豚、海豹、鯨魚以及其他海洋哺乳動物的一群。但這些都不是iPod的意思,iPod其實是來自太空船的分離艙,他能夠自己飛入太空,但是這個pod最後還是要回到一個hubhub就是一個活動的中心、一個中樞。比如說the hub of our town,就是我們城鎮的中心。波士頓人把他們的城市稱為The Hub of the Universe(宇宙的中心),因此iPod的功能就如同一個hub,它能夠涵蓋網絡、音樂、電玩等等的活動。


[課文] Thanks to its self-created wifi, the AR.Drone can be controlled by either an iPhone or an iPod Touch.
thanks to ~ because of 
*Thanks to Mrs. Wang’s generous donation, twenty children from the orphanage are able to attend school.
*Tyler made it back safely, thanks to his flashlight.



Surf (v.) 原指衝浪,這裡指在網路或頻道上面遊覽。
Channel-surf (v.) 無目的地轉台。
Browse (v.) (n.) (隨意)遊覽(書籍)
*I have a browse on the book on her shelf.
*I spent hours browsing in the bookstore.
*Many young people like to
go to cybercafes to surf the Internet.
*Jason did nothing but
channel-surfing the whole night.
Compel (v.) 強迫,使不得不。
Compulsion [kəmˈpʌlʃən] (n.) 強迫,強制。
*Studying under Professor Simpson compels you to
*The workers felt compelled to work
night shifts in order to finish the project.

Do you work night shifts你上夜班嗎. day shift 白班
*I refuse to act under compulsion.
*You need feel under no compulsion to accept.

compel verb 

/kəmˈpel/ [T] (-ll-)

to force someone to do something

[+ to infinitive] As a school boy he was compelled to wear shorts even in winter.

formal The new circumstances compelled a change in policy.

See also: compulsion

formal to produce a strong feeling or reaction, sometimes unwillingly

Over the years her work has compelled universal admiration and trust.

Couch potato (idiom) 形容整天懶洋洋坐在沙發上看電視或打電動的人。
*Alex was a couch potato during vacation. All he did was watch football games.
Drone [droun] (v.) 發出嗡嗡聲,單調低沉地說,過著單調的日子。(n.) 嗡嗡聲,遊手好閒者,無人駕駛飛機。
*An aircraft droned overhead.
*The chairman droned on for hours.
*a drone bomber
WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) (abbr.) 無線保真技術。
WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) (abbr.) 無線區域網。
是由一個名為無線乙太網相容聯盟WECAWireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance)的組織所發佈的業界術語,中文譯為無線相容認證。它是一種短程無線傳輸技術,能夠在數百英尺範圍內支援互聯網接入的無線電信號。隨著技術的發展,以及 IEEE 802.11a IEEE 802.11g 等標準的出現,現在 IEEE 802.11 這個標準已被統稱作 Wi-Fi
Wireless Local Area Network(無線局域網)的縮寫,它是一種基於802.11n/b/g/a標準,利用WiFi無線通訊技術將PC等設備連接起來,構成可以互相通信、實現資源分享的網路。
Helicopter (n.) 直升機。Compare to Chopper (n.) (俚語) 直升機。
*The helicopter hovered over the crowd for a while before inching away.
Quadricopter (n.) 有四個螺旋槳驅動的直升機。
Hover (v.) 1. 盤旋,2. 徬徨,猶豫。
*There was a helicopter hovering overhead.
*The mercury hovered around 35 Celsius degree.
*She’s always hovering around the place annoying people.
*hovering between life and death



surf (v) 瀏覽;隨意搜索觀看 Jason surfed the TV channels for 15 minutes before finding a show he wanted to watch.
helicopter (n)
直升機 A helicopter can move in many directions that airplanes can’t.
compel (v)
強迫;使不得不 Mary’s desire to lose weight compels her to exercise every day.
couch potato (idiom)
老是坐在沙發上看電視的人 You’ve been watching TV all day. Do something outside before you become a couch potato.

surf, helicopter, race, bean, pea, channel-surf, compel, excel, night shifts, hover

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