0817_The Many Sides of Matt Damon (2)

This Hollywood star is more than just a good actor


[Branden & Chelsea]

The skillful professional
Very few actors 
immerse themselves (completely involve) in their roles with the same intensity as Damon, who changes his preparation strategy depending on what each role requires. He has lost and gained tremendous amounts of weight, moved to Tennessee in order to perfect a Southern accent, and learned to play the piano. His dedication( hard work) has paid off as audiences have flocked to see him perform in everything from Saving Private Ryan to the Bourne movies and Invictus.
The caring philanthropist
Besides being known for his great acting ability, Damon is also known as a very 
charitable person. In 2009, he co-founded Water.org, a non-profit organization with the goal of bringing good sanitation(state in clean) and clean water to people in developing countries.
While visiting some of the world’s poorest regions, he witnessed (saw) the 
plight of some of the 890 million people with no access to safe drinking water. Damon hopes to use his fame to bring attention to the problem and to raise badly needed money for water projects. The organization currently has ongoing projects in countries such as Honduras, Bangladesh, Kenya and the Philippines.
Success to Damon is more than just another hit film – it’s making a difference to people who need it most.

 [Traditional Chinese Translation]



除了以精湛演技著稱之外,戴蒙也以樂善好施聞名。二〇〇九年,他與人合作成立了 Water.org這個非營利組織,目的在於讓開發中國家的人民擁有良好的衛生設備與乾淨的水。

[More Information]

[Ashley & Ken]

K: Ashley, what’s this box for?
A: Oh, it’s the collection box for the group called water.org. Would you like to donate to the cause?
K: Donate to the cause?
What do you mean by cause?
A: In this case, I mean an organization. But you are right.
There are many different meanings to cause.
K: But I can donate or support a cause. This is different than something that produces a particular result, right?
A: Right. For instance, there is cause and effect. The cause of a car accident could be reckless
(thoughtless) driving, but to support a worthy cause is to support a need, like a charity.
K: Okay, what are different ways you could support these causes?
A: Well, you can always
make a donation. But there are also many humanitarians out there who work for the cause.
K: Is a humanitarian like a philanthropist?
A: Well, both care about helping people but
the difference has to do with money. Philanthropists mainly donate money while humanitarians sacrifice their time and energy to help people in need, mainly people suffering in terrible conditions.
K: Okay, so a philanthropist might regularly donate money to help relief efforts in Haiti.
A: Yes, but humanitarians would actually spend time in Haiti, taking care of the people, cleaning up the rubble and rebuilding people’s homes. They would most likely bring aid, like water, food and other supplies that the people needed.
K: Okay, I see the difference. Now before I go, here is my donation to water.org.
A: Wow, Ken.
That’s a generous donation. You are such a philanthropist.
K: Well, it’s all for a good cause.

今天的課文提到Water.org這是一個non-profit organization(非盈利組織),非盈利組織通常都是依賴於捐款、贊助,人們會出錢出力主要是因為認同他的causecause除了表示cause and effect(因果)之外,也可以指一個運動的主張、目標或是主義,比如說He is working for a good cause(他為了崇高的理想而奮鬥)。會為了一個cause而捐錢的人我們可以稱之為philanthropist,就是一個慈善家。而實際去一個災區參與救災行動的人我們可以稱之為humanitarian,就是一個人道主義者。



[課文] …driving drunk is out of the question.
 out of question ~ out of subject or no worth thinking about; this sentence means drive dunk is an impossible or bad idea.
*Because it’s raining outside, having a picnic at the park is out of the question.
*Having Myra’s birthday party at a steakhouse is out of the question. (ie Myra is a vegetarian)



Immerse (v.) 浸泡。Immerse oneself in something/Ving使自己沈浸在某個事物中。
*Sean immersed himself in studying.
*Britney immersed herself in the novel.
*This artist completely immersed himself in his painting.


  • to found a club/company 創辦俱樂部/公司
  • Her family founded the college in 1895. 她的家族於 1895 年創辦了這所學院。

Sanitation [ˌsænɪˈteɪʃən] (n.) [U] 公共衛生,環境衛生。
*The country’s development was impeded (inhibited)by poor sanitation.

impede   /ɪmˈpiːd/ DJ   /ɪm’pid/ KK

1.  to delay or stop the progress of something 阻礙;阻止 verb VN often passive formal

o    See also: 

hinder Synonym;   hamper Synonym

§  Work on the building was impeded by severe weather. 樓房的施工因天氣惡劣而停了下來。


The camping site lacks adequate sanitation facilities.
*The shelter provides food, water and sanitation.
[USAGE] Sanitation facilities
馬桶 toilet, toilet bowl, stink pot, stool
*He has gone to stool.
*go for a pee/have a pee
蹲式馬桶 squatting pot, squat toilet
小便斗 urinal, wall-hung urinal
浴缸 bathtub, 按摩浴缸 Jacuzzi (bathtub)
淋浴間 shower cubicle(room, enclosure)
洗臉槽,洗滌槽,臉盆 sink, basin, washbasin
浴簾 bath(shower) curtain
廚房的工作台面 countertop
桌面,台面 table top, mesa
水桶 bucket
Plight [plaɪt] (n.) 困境,苦難。
*The plight of the earthquake victims was reported on the TV news this morning.
*Many were touched by the orphans’ plights and
made donations to help them.
Tremendous [trɪˈmendəs] (adj.) 1. to emphasize how strong a feeling or quality is, or how large an amount is巨大的,極大的。2. [informal] (= [] terrific, []awesome, great, excellent)very good; extraordinary 極好的,極度的。Tremendously (adv.)
*They cost a tremendous amount of money.
*The play became a tremendous hit.
*We had a tremendous time on the beach.
Dedicate (v.) 1. (+ oneself/sth to sth) give or devote (oneself, time, effort, etc) to(a noble cause or purpose) (自己,時間,精力等)奉獻給(崇高的事業或目的)2. (+ sth to sb) to say at the beginning of a book or film, or before a piece of music, that it has been written, made, or performed for someone that you love or respect (自己所著之書,音樂作品等)的前部提詞。3. (建築物等)舉行落成典禮。
Dedication (n.) 1. (+ to sth) 奉獻,供奉。2. 揭幕儀式。3. 提詞。 
*The monument was dedicated to the memory of the national hero.
*He dedicated his life to science.
*She dedicated her first book to her father.
*The school dedicated the new building on Sunday.
*His dedication to teaching gained the respect of his colleagues.
Charity (n.) 慈善,慈善機構,仁慈,施捨物。
Charitable (adj.) 仁慈的,慈善的,寬厚的。
*She gave the beggar some money out of charity.
*Poor as they were, the old couple never asked for charity.
*The rich lady left all her money to charities.
*That wasn’t a very charitable remark.

philanthropist   /fɪˈlænθrəpɪst/  慈善家

reckless   /ˈrekləs/ DJ   /’rɛkləs/ KK

1.       showing a lack of care about danger and the possible results of your actions 魯莽的;不計後果的;無所顧忌的 adjective

    • He showed a reckless disregard for his own safety. 他對個人安危全然無所顧忌。
    • She was a good rider, but reckless. 她是個好騎手,但太魯莽。
    • He had always been reckless with money. 他花錢總是大手大腳。
    • to cause death by reckless driving 魯莽駕駛造成死亡 British English




dedication (n) 專心致志;獻身 As mayor, Mr. Johnson served the city with dedication and honesty.
charitable (adj)
慈善的;樂善好施的 The family is very charitable and always tries to help those in need.
sanitation (n)
衛生設備;衛生設施 The restaurant’s poor sanitation caused many who ate there to get sick.
plight (n)
困境;苦難 We were moved by the plight of the earthquake victims.


Charitable Plight, sanitation dedication


The charitable person witnessed the plight of the people of lacking good sanitation, so he dedicated his life to helping them.

The charitable person witnessed the plight of the people with no access to good sanitation, so he dedicated his life to helping them.

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