0816_The Many Sides of Matt Damon(1)

This Hollywood star is more than just a good actor



[Branden & Chelsea]

Matt Damon is a poster child (good example or good picture) for success with a life that includes hit movies, a beautiful wife and three daughters, and many well-known celebrity friends. Yet for all of his success, Damon hasn’t let fame go to his head, and those who know him insist he’s one of Hollywood’s nice guys.
The young man
Matthew Damon was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1970 to a 
stockbroker father and a college professor mother. When Damon was 10, he met Ben Affleck, who lived down the street, and they became best friends. While attending prep school, Damon got his star in acting by performing in several plays. Later, he attended Harvard University for three years but dropped out to pursue acting seriously.
The new celebrity
Damon headed to Hollywood and soon began landing small to moderate-sized roles, but nothing brought him much attention. Then he and Affleck finished a
screenplay(script) Damon had begun at Harvard, which was made into the movie Good Will Hunting (心靈捕手). The film won the men an Oscar for best Original Screenplay and earned Damon praise and recognition for his acting performance. The film proved to be the door opener (have opportunity) Damon needed to get better film roles.

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[Ashley & Ken]

K: So, is Good Will Hunting a play or a book?
A: Neither. It’s a movie with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.
K: Okay, but someone had to write the story before it became a movie, right?
A: That’s true. We call that the screenplay. Good Will Hunting
won an OSCAR for best original screenplay. A screenplay is the written work for a movie or a TV show. Someone who writes screenplays is a screen writer.
K: I noticed that the words screenplay is divided into two words, screen and play.
A: Yes, the screen refers to the movie or TV screen while play refers to a written drama. The screenplay contains the dialogue and action of the movie. So actors will use the screenplay to memorize their lines.
K: We often refer to the cinemas as the big screen. Someone may ask
What’s playing on the big screen?
A: Yes, or you may hear it referred to as the silver screen but it’s not silver. Do you know why?
K: No, I don’t.
A: I know someone who can tell us why. Doris.
K: Oh, good. Let
s listen to her.

D: Although movie theater screens are not silver nowadays. Movies were played on the silver screen in the old days. The actual screen
consisted of a shiny silvery color. The name stuck over the years even though the screen changed in appearance.

K: I see. You know, all of this talk about movies makes me want to go to the theater.
A: Let me know what’s playing on the silver screen.
K: I will.

今天的課文提到Good Will Hunting這部電影,在它還沒有被拍成電影之前是一個screen playscreen就是銀幕,play是劇本,所以screenplay就是電影劇本。而screen writer就是電影劇本作家或者電影編劇。電影也可以稱為the big screen(大銀幕),What’s playing on the big screen?電影院在放映什麼電影?早期的電影用的銀幕是銀色的,因此也叫作silver screen



[課文] Yet for all of his success, Damon hasn’t let fame go to his head…
句型] Yet for all…, subject + has not… ~ 雖然如此,卻不
*Yet for all
the hospital trips she has made, Karen has never once complained.
*Yet for all
the money he has lost in gambling, Nick has never learned his lesson.




Go to somebody’s head (idiom) 沖昏了頭,過度的自負或驕傲。
*Fame and wealth went to his head, and the singer became
arrogant and self-absorbed.
*Even though Frank is tremendously(
極大地;極端地;極其;非常)successful, he hasn’t let his success go to his head.
Drop out (phr. v.) 輟學,退學。
Dropout (n.) 退學者,輟學者。
*David dropped out of school when he was only 16.
*Patricia dropped out of college in order to take care of her mother.
Door opener (n.) 原指打開門的裝置,引伸為開啟機會之門的事件。
*The band’s television performance was
a door opener for their success.
Poster child (n.) 1. 典型代表,典型人物。2. 海報上的人。
*Gooding is widely regarded as the poster child for squandering Oscar opportunities.
*It’s gonna be, like, diversity poster child.
Stockbroker (n.) 股票(或證券)經紀人。 
Broker (n.) 經紀人(他人的代理,如在談判、簽約、購買時的代理人)(v.) 以中間人等身份安排
Brokerage (n.) 經紀人佣金,回扣。Brokerage house/firm 證券交易行。
*an exchange broker
*The broker inventoried the bankrupt company and offered the buyer a reasonable price.
Prep school (preparatory school) (n.) a private school in the US that prepares students for college 預備學校。 
Screenplay (n.) (= script) 電影劇本。


poster child (n) 代表性人物;典型 Rachel is a poster child for good health with her good eating habits and regular exercise. 
go to somebody’s head (idiom)
使某人沖昏了頭;使某人驕傲自大 You won the speech contest, but you shouldn’t let the success go to your head. 
drop out (phr v)
退學;輟學 When Neil’s father became sick, Neil dropped out of college to help his family. 
door opener (n)
敲門磚;進身之階 Meeting the CEO at a party was the door opener I needed to get an interview with his company.

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