8_9_Betty Boop

This 1930s character is still stealing hearts today
Still stealing hearts after 80 year



It’s quite famous as well. What’s the connection with the today lesson? Olive’s voice was done as the same person as Betty’s voice.  

Betty emerged in 1930.

[Chip & Chelsea]

With her dark curly hair and big eyes, Betty Boop “boop-oop-a-dooped” her way into everyone’s heart. “Born” on August 8, 1930, Betty actually started “life” as a dog. But soon her dog ears changed into big gold earrings, and she became all girl. By 1932, she was American’s first multi-talented animated female star. She could do drama, comedy and musicals. Betty appeared in more than 100 cartoons as well as several films. In addition, she appeared in newspaper comic strips (報紙連載漫畫) from 1934 to 1937. Betty last appeared in a film in 1939. Then she disappeared. But she reappeared in the 1980s and gained a new generation of fans.
Today, Betty’s image is everywhere.
She even has a rose and a perfume named for her. Young people buy (one or more pieces of) merchandise(goods) with her picture on it, including cell phone covers, clothing, calendars and clocks. Most likely they know very little about her film days but love her sweet face. While her little girl voice is a thing of the past, her image lives on. No one can take her “boop-oop-a-doop” 

[Traditional Chinese Translation]



curly   /ˈkɜːli/ DJ   /ˈkɜːrli/ DJ US   /’kɝlɪ/ KK US

1.           having a lot of curls or a curved shape 有鬈髮(或毛)的;拳曲狀的 adjective

    • short curly hair 短鬈髮
    • a dog with a curly tail 捲尾巴的狗

merchandise noun /ˈmɜː.tʃən.daɪs/ /ˈmɝː-/ [U] formal goods that are bought and sold

Shoppers complained about poor quality merchandise and high prices.

Japan exported $117 billion in merchandise to the US in 1999.


[Ashley & Ken]

K: Well, let me tell you. Having a family is a lot of responsibility.
A: Well, that’s not like I’m going to have one tomorrow. But you know what, Ken? If I had a son, I would name him after you.
K: You would name him after me?
A: Yes, I would call him Ken.
K: Oh, wow. That’s an honor.
A: Well, you are a good friend and I like the name Ken.
K: Well, it’s a good name. Hey, Ashley, you said you would name him after me. Can I say he will be named for me?
A: No, not really. People are named after other people. For example, my sister was named after my grandmother, but we use
name for mostly with things. Cities, airports, buildings, bridges are named for people.
K: So,
name for is when we give a person’s name to a non-living thing?
A: Right, The George Washington Bridge was named for George Washington.
K: And The Lincoln Tunnel was named for Abraham Lincoln.
A: That’s right. Though, you’ll still hear people say
The Lincoln Tuner is named after Abraham Lincoln.
K: So,
it’s not a strict rule?
A: No,
it’s more of a trend.
K: I see. What about named from?
I’ve also heard that.
A: Named from is different. This phrase applies to things only. A town may have some of its streets named from Beatles’ songs.
K: Oh, so the names come from names of things not people.
A: Right, and we use those names of things to name other things, not people.
K: Got it. Well, I hope I can meet little Ken one day.
A: (laugh) Don’t hold your breath.
K: (laugh)

今天的課文提到Betty Boop even has a rose and a perfume named for hername當動詞就是取名、命名,短語name for就是以某人的名字命名,所以有一種花跟香水就是被取名為Betty Boop。如果命名的對象是一個人,那介詞通常會用after,比如說my sister was named after my grandmother,我的妹妹是以祖母的名字命名的,也就是說如果祖母叫做Carol,我的妹妹也叫做Carol。另外一個相關的短語是name fromname from是以事物的名字命名,比如說一個小鎮上的一條街是named from a Beatles’ song,是以甲殼蟲的一首歌名命名的。

Something was named for someone
Someone was named after someone
Something was named from something


[課文] With her dark curly hair and big eyes, Betty Boop “boop-oop-a-dooped” her way into everyone’s heart.
[Tips] boop-oop-a-dooped ~ This word is a noun, but here use it to be verb, verbification (
動詞化). Always in informal situations
*She likes to sing on her way to school.
->She likes to “la-la-la” her way to school.
*Let me Google that information and see what I can find.
microwave ~ To microwave food or drink means to cook or heat it in a microwave oven.



Multi-talented (adj.) 多才多藝的。
Multi-colored 多種顏色的。Multilingual /ˌmʌl.tiˈlɪŋ.gwəl/使用多種語言的。
*Will Smith is a multi-talented actor who plays a variety of characters in his movie roles.
Animated (adj.) 1. 動畫的。2. 活潑的,活躍的。
*”Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/dw
ɔːf/” is one of Disney’s classic animated cartoons.
*”Shrek” is my favorite animated character.
*We had
an animated discussion about our Christmas plans.
Merchandise (n.) [U] 商品,貨物。(v.) 販賣,推銷產品。
*The store’s merchandise is mostly imported from China.
*The product is merchandised through
online websites.
Curly (adj.) 捲曲的。<->straight 直的。
[USAGE] SALON: long, medium, short 長,中,短髮。Wavy hair 波浪髮。Curly 很鬈。Thinning 打薄。Hair shampoo洗頭。Permanent燙髮。Hair coloring 染髮。Hair treatment護髮。Hair setting整髮。Nail care指甲保養。Pedicure修腳指甲。
Earring (n.) 耳環。
*She was wearing a pair of beautiful diamond earrings.
Musical (n.) 音樂劇,歌舞片。
*Webber had three musicals playing in London at one time.
Most likely (adv.) 很可能,多半,大概。
*This information will most likely topple the leader in our government.



earring (n) 耳環 Look at Jane’s ears. Do you like her earrings?

multi-talented (adj) 多才多藝的 Kevin can sing, dance and play the guitar. He’s multi-talented.

musical (n) 音樂劇;歌舞片 I love all the songs from that musical!

image (n) 圖像;肖像 The image of Mickey Mouse is on Tom’s T-shirt.

In comic strips

Don’t hold your breath. 別期望太高


Belly is a sexy girl.

Belly, whose hair is black and curly, is a sexy girl.

A sexy girl, Belly, with short, curly hair and big eyes is wearing golden earnings  

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