8_4_Business Jargon (2)

Understanding confusing business conversations

Learn what people in the business world are talking about


There are plenty of websites in your fingertips. They can help you to make sense of jargon.


Chip & Winnie

Tee up
People use this term to describe making preparations for something. It is often used to describe preparing technical support for presentations. 
Can you tee up the DVD player while I get the projector working?

tee something↔up;   tee up

1.           to prepare to hit a golf ball by placing it on a tee (把高爾夫球置於球座上)準備擊球

Take it to the next level
When you take something to the next level, you are improving or intensifying it. Let
s take this project to the next level and improve our sales.


1.           If you intensify something or if it intensifies, it becomes greater in strength, amount, or degree.

The ball is in your court  (your turn to do sth)
People say this when it is someone else’s turn to do something or make a decision. It often suggests the speaker is waiting for someone else to act. 
I’ve done all I can. Now the ball is in Matthew’s court.
Apples and oranges
This term is often used when arguing that two things are too different to be compared. Comparing the new arena to the new hospital is like comparing apples and oranges.
Strike while the iron is hot
To strike while the iron is hot is to 
proceed (go for/ continue with sth) while you have the chance. The term is often used to encourage people to take action quickly. If we want to make this sale, we need to strike while the iron is hot!

noun (METAL) /aɪən/ /aɪrn/

let’s touch base later tonight/soon.

We need to touch base

Ashley & Ken

A: So, Ken, what’s your website recommendation for today?
K: Well, I recommended answers.com yesterday. So, today the ball is in your field.
A: Um…Ken, you mean the ball’s in my court?
K: Oh, is that how the saying goes?
A: Yes, it’s court, not field.
K: You know, all the places different sports are played are so confusing. I heard fields, diamonds, courts and arenas. How are they different?
A: Let see if I can make some sense for you. Let’s start with outdoor sports. Outdoor sports are usually played on a field.
K: Okay, I know baseball is played on a field. But I also hear the word
diamond for baseball. I thought that was jewelry.
A: It is. And if you look at a baseball field and see where the bases are, they look like the shape of a diamond, right? And that is included in the field that is much larger.
We also call a baseball field a ballpark. Someone might hit a ball out of the ballpark.
K: Okay. So, the larger area is a field. Is that true for all outdoor sports?
Pretty much – soccer, cricket, field hockey. But if we switch to indoor sports then these are played on a court, especial when there is a net. Tennis, volleyball and basketball are played on a court.
K: Okay. What if I’m watching ice skating?
A: Then it is called a rink. There are
skating rinks and hockey rinks. And for bowling, it is called an alley. A bowling alley is the building and where you roll the ball is called a lane.
K: Speaking of buildings, what’s the difference between an arena and a stadium?
A: Good question. Generally,
an arena is enclosed while a stadium is usually open air. In Ancient history, arenas were open air. But today they are usually indoors, although not always.
K: Well, thanks for your help. So the ball is now in your court. Can you think of a good website?
A: Hmm, I just find one for you, sportsidioms.com.
K: Ah, sounds like a good one.

不同球類的場地有不同的名稱,大型的戶外球場叫做field,但是對棒球除了field之外也可以用ballpark來表示棒球場,而內野的球場是一個diamond。為什麼用diamond(鑽石)呢?這是因為從一壘到本壘所形成的這個菱形長得就像一個鑽石的形狀。另外比較小型的球場尤其是牽涉到網子的室內球場,我們會用court,比如說basketball courttennis courtvolleyball court。而曲棍球因為是在溜冰場比賽,因此用另外一個字rinkhockey rink就是曲棍球場。保齡球比較特別,保齡球場叫做bowling alley,但是球場內的球道叫做lane。另外arena原本是古羅馬的競技場,而現在表示是室內的運動場。而stadium是大型的戶外體育場。


Projector (n.) 投影機,放映機。Slide projector 幻燈片機
*You need to focus the projector to make the images clear.
Intensify (v.) 加強,增強,使強化。
*Tension between the two parties has recently intensified due to controversial proposal. 
*The couch intensified the team’s training by adding more time to practice. 
Proceed (v.) /prəʊ ˈsiːd/pro有向前的意思,ceed有走的意思。進行,開展。Proceed to do something表示進行下一件事情。
*Preparations for the
wedding banquet are proceeding very smoothly. 
He put on his glasses and proceeded to read the novel.



After that, we need to strike while iron is hot.

After listening to the daily course of studio classroom, we need to strike while iron is hot.

After listening to the daily course of studio classroom, we need to strike while iron is hot and then review it soon.

After listening to the daily course of studio classroom, we need to strike while iron is hot and then review it. We can take our English to the next level.

After listening to the daily course of studio classroom, we need to strike while iron is hot and proceed to intensify it by reviewing. I believe we can take our English to the next level soon.

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