8_2_Volcano Boarding — a Hot New Action Sport

Travel to Nicaragua for a new adventure ride
Travel to Nicaragua for the ride of a lifetime!

Steve & Hazel

Go down a volcano.

Brave, strong, adventurous


1.           Someone who is adventurous is willing to take risks and to try new methods. Something that is adventurous involves new things or ideas.

2.          Someone who is adventurous is eager to visit new places and have new experiences.

Chelsea & Brandan

Flying down a 400-meter-long slide like Taichung’s Sky Pool provides plenty of excitement for most. But for those who like more extreme adventures, Nicaragua offers an even more exciting “slide” experience. Instead of sliding down water, people slide down volcanic ash (火山灰) on the side of an active volcano!
Volcano boarding began in 2005 when a local tour company 
came up with the idea. Since then, over 10,000 people have traveled to Cerro Negro to give it a try. Cerro Negro is one of Nicaragua’s most active volcanoes. Riding down the side of a smoking volcano is an experience like no other.

How is it down?
After a 45-minute climb to the volcano’s 
rim, riders /ˈraɪ.dər/ put on protective gear(=equipment). They receive brief instructions and then try sliding down a short slope.

slope noun 

/sləʊp/ /sloʊp/ [C]

a surface which lies at an angle to the horizontal so that some points on it are higher than others

The roof is at a slope (= at an angle to a horizontal surface) of 30°.

(part of) the side of a hill or mountain

a ski/mountain slope

Snow had settled on some of the higher slopes.

There’s a very steep slope just before you reach the top of the mountain.

There are some nice gentle (= not steep) slopes that we can ski down.



After that, it’s time for the real thing! Sitting on a specially designed board, riders push off and fly straight down a 488-meter slope. The black volcano ash provides a dusty, dirty ride. But boarders usually arrive at the bottom with smiles on their faces. With riders reaching speeds up to 82 km/h, volcano boarding offers a one-of-a-kind adventure ride!

Republic of Nicaragua [ˌnikəˈrɑːgwə]

image image

Capital Managua; Spanish


image image

More Information
An excerpt from the Bigfoot Adventure website reads:
After a 45 minute hike up the mountain we are standing at the top, wondering how we’ll get down! However, after a lesson on boarding and a quick 5-meter practice run, we are ready! At one moment we are sitting and waiting for a push, the next we are flying down the side of a volcano at 80km/hr!

Excerpt /ˈeksɜːpt/

1.   An excerpt is a short piece of writing or music which is taken from a larger piece.

2.   If a long piece of writing or music is excerpted, short pieces from it are printed or played on their own.


Ashley & Ken

K: Hey, Ashley.
A: Hi, Ken. How are you?
K: Ah, I’m so hot.
I’m so glad the library has air conditioning. It feels like a volcano outside.
A: I know. And speaking of volcanoes, I was just chatting with Doris online about volcanoes.
K: Oh, really?
A: Yes.
She was just explaining to me what is considered an active volcano.
K: What did she say about active volcanoes?
A: Let’s find out.
K: Okay.

D: An active volcano shows signs of eruption, has erupted before, and is likely to erupt again. To erupt means to release. A volcano that is leaking liquids and gases is active. If there is a lot of unrest and many earthquakes, it’s a good sign that an eruption is coming.

unrest noun 

/ʌnˈrest/ [U]

disagreements or fighting between different groups of people

It is feared that the civil unrest we are now witnessing in this country could lead to full-scale civil war.

K: So, Ashley, what do you call the liquid that is released from the volcano?
A: When a volcano erupts, it releases a hot liquid called lava. Lava is melted rock that
blows out of a volcano.
K: I see. Are there any volcanoes that are not active?
A: Yes, there are dormant and extinct volcanoes. Dormant volcanoes may have erupted in the past, but now are sleeping. Dormant means something is not active but may become active in the future.
K: Oh, so
dormant volcanoes may have remained quiet for a long time and show no signs of unrest. But they’re capable of erupting again?
A: Yes, and as for extinct volcanoes, t
hey’re unlikely to erupt for a long time. The may not show any signs of volcanic activity for hundreds of years.


1.       If you say that something is unlikely to happen or unlikely to be true, you believe that it will not happen or that it is not true, although you are not completely sure.

K: Okay. Well, I’m glad I don’t live next to a volcano.
A: Me too. But would you like to visit one?
K: Maybe an extinct volcano. That way I know it won’t erupt.

今天這一課講到volcano boarding,我們可以順便討論volcanoes(火山),火山可以分三類:active volcano是活火山,另一種是dormant volcanodormant是睡眠狀態的,所以dormant volcano就是休眠火山,最後一種是extinct volcano也就是完全沒有活動紀錄也沒有活動跡象的死火山。火山爆發時會流出lavalava noun 

/ˈlɑː.və/ [U]就是岩漿。

[課文] …for those who like more extreme adventures, Nicaragua offers an even more exciting “slide” experience.
->…for the people who like more extreme adventures, Nicaragua offers an even more exciting “slide” experience.
[Tips] for those who ~ for the people who…
We use this phrase when we want to focus on how something it was or will be different for certain group of people compare to the rest.
*Every member in the tour group will get a sandwich and a drink for lunch; for those who want to have dessert, they just need to pay 52 dollars more.
*Most students have no trouble completing their assignments; but for those who need extra help, they could meet with the school counselor after school.



Extreme (adj.) /ɪk’strim/極端的,激烈的,極度的。
*The extreme weather conditions made the desert journey
/ˈdʒɜːrni/ really difficult.
*Always use extreme caution when you take medication.
Come up with (idiom) 想出,突出某想法、計畫或答案。
*The students came up with several options for their new club’s name.
*After several hours, we finally came up with the correct answer to the difficult math problem.
Rim (n.) 邊緣。
*The rim of the glass was broken.
*The basketball bounced back from the rim.
*The rims of the tires are rusted and need to be replaced.


1.   Rust is a brown substance that forms on iron or steel, for example when it comes into contact with water.

2.   When a metal object rusts, it becomes covered in rust and often loses its strength.

3.   Rust is sometimes used to describe things that are reddish-brown in colour.

Gear (n.)[U] equipment, clothing, etc needed for an expedition, a sport, etc(遠征、運動等)需用的設備、裝備、衣物等。
*All his camping gear was packed in the rucksack.
*We’re only going for two days; you don’t need to bring so much gear!
Excerpt (n.) (= extract)書、電影、樂曲等的節錄。
*excerpts from a novel
*I’ve seen a short excerpt from the film on TV.


Go down a volcano.

Go down a dormant volcano

Go down the side of a dormant volcano

Slide straightly down a 488-meter slope of a dormant volcano.

Sliding straightly down a 488-meter slope of a dormant volcano is an experience like no other.

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