7_31_Claiming the Arctic’s Treasures (2)




Chelsea & Chip

While the melting of Arctic ice has been detrimental (done damage/ harm)to the region’s fragile environment, it has been helpful to those trying to study the area. Record reductions of Arctic ice in recent summers have allowed teams to examine and map areas that were previously unreachable. Consequently, countries that may have a claim to ownership are scurrying (moving very quickly) to determine the shape and structure of the Arctic Ocean’s floor.
In the summers of 2008 and 2009, the U.S. and Canada
partnered in expeditions(organized journey) to map the bottom of the world’s least-explored ocean. Two icebreaker ships with various technologies enabled researchers to record the shape and surface of the ocean floor and to collect data about what lies beneath it. As a result, recent mapping expeditions have been very successful. Scientists not only gathered evidence about national territories, but also charted (mapped) underwater features such as mountains and volcanoes.
Next month, Canada and the U.S. are preparing to 
embark on(start/begin) their third cooperative voyage. Their work will surely bring us closer to answering an urgent question: Who can rightfully claim the Arctic’s resources?



1.           An expedition is an organized journey that is made for a particular purpose such as exploration.

2.           You can refer to a group of people who are going on an expedition as an expedition.

3.           An expedition is a short journey or trip that you make for pleasure.


More Information
There are actually two North Poles; the first is the geographic North Pole, which lies at the end of the Earth’s northern axis. That pole never moves. The magnetic north pole, however, is a shifting magnetic field, which, right now, is located in northern Canada. Remember, when you use a compass, the needle will point to the magnetic North Pole, not the geographic North Pole.

Ashley & Ken


K: Hey, Ashley.
A: Hi, Ken. Can I help you
with something?
K: Yes, my family and I are going on vacation soon and I need some ideas
on what to do.
A: Well,
where’re you going?
K: I’m going on vacation in Malaysia where I’ll be staying close to the ocean.
A: That sounds really nice. Hey, I heard that Malaysia has many gorgeous(
very beautiful and attractive) places to go diving. Maybe you can do some scuba diving.
K: I really want to learn how to do that. So, why is it called scuba diving?
Scuba is acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. That just means you can breathe while you’ll underwater exploring the deeper parts of the ocean.
K: That’s great. I won’t even have to come up for air.
A: No, because you’ll be breathing oxygen from the tank. Diving is great because you can explore
a whole world of sea creatures down below the ocean.
K: Yeah, maybe I’ll see a shark. Okay, that’s going to be the first thing on my list, Scuba diving.
A: Great. But Ken, you’ll have to wear a lot of equipment and receive some training. You may be able to get your
certificate while you’re there.
K: Oh. Well, that sounds like a lot of work. What else can I do?
A: It is a lot of work, but
it’s worth it. If you get tired of diving you can go snorkeling instead. Have you done that before?
K: Snorkeling? No, what’s that?
A: Snorkeling is done on the surface of the ocean while scuba diving is done in very deep levels of water. In snorkeling you don’t need an oxygen tank because you wear a snorkel.
K: What is a snorkel?
A: A snorkel is a tube you wear in your mouth that extends above the water. It helps you breath as you swim. So, while you’re snorkeling you can enjoy watching the fish interacting underwater.
K: Hmm, it sounds like another great option.
A: Well, if you need more ideas or *cough someone else to go with you on your vacation I can help you with that.
K: Okay,
I get the hint.

今天的課文提到the bottom of the world’s least-explored ocean,若是你想要看到the bottom of the ocean最有趣的方法就是去scuba diving也就是水肺潛水、深潛,scuba其實是一個縮寫,它的全名是Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus(水中呼吸器),也就是俗稱的水肺,但是scuba diving需要有certificate(證書)。相對於scuba diving你可以去snorkeling,就是浮潛。我們看到字根snorkel就是浮潛用的那個呼吸管。

. gorgeous   /ˈɡɔːdʒəs/ DJ   /ˈɡɔːrdʒəs/ DJ US   /’gɔrdʒəs/ KK US

·     adjective

1.          very beautiful and attractive; giving pleasure and enjoyment 非常漂亮的;美麗動人的;令人愉快的informal

§  a gorgeous girl/man 漂亮的女郎;美男子

§  a gorgeous view 美麗的景色

§  gorgeous weather(= warm and with a lot of sun) 宜人的天氣

§  You look gorgeous! 你真漂亮!




detrimental (adj) 有害的,不利的     (to)
Drinking alcohol is detrimental to one’s health.
The sudden change of cast will cause detrimental effects to the movie that is currently filming.

detrimental adjective 

/ˌdet.rɪˈmen.təl/ /-t ̬əl/ formal

causing harm or damage

These chemicals have a detrimental effect/impact on the environment.

Their decision could be detrimental to the future of the company.


scurry (
vi) 急速的跑,趕忙 scurried/scurried
Tanya scurried
into the office because she was almost late.
Pam scurried to the
preschool because she had to pick up her son.

scurry verb 

/ˈskʌr.i/ /ˈskɝː-/ [I usually + adverb or preposition]

to move quickly, with small short steps

The mouse scurried across the floor.

The noise of the explosion sent the villagers scurrying back into their homes.

scurry noun 


embark (v)
上船;著手,開始從事    (on   or   upon)
We will embark on a new project next month.
After working for his father for 10 years, Larry decided to embark a new career.

embark verb 

/ɪmˈbɑːk/ /-bɑːrk/ [I] formal

to go onto a ship

We embarked at Liverpool for New York.

Opposite: disembark

embarkation noun 

/ˌem.bɑːˈkeɪ.ʃən/ /-bɑːr-/ [C orU]

You’ll be asked for those documents on embarkation.

voyage noun 

/ˈvɔɪ.ɪdʒ/ [C]

a long journey, especially by ship

He was a young sailor on his first sea voyage.

  • an around-the-world voyage 環球航行
  • a voyage in space 航天
  • The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage(= first journey). 泰坦尼克號首航便沉沒了


figurative The first year of a loving relationship is a voyage (= period)of discovery.

Going to college can be a voyage of self-discovery. 上大學可以算作自我發現之行

to travel

In their little boat they planned to voyage to distant lands.

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