7_27_Bugs Bunny’s Debut


Steve & Hazel

Show up.

Pick up

Foil, a person or thing that contrasts with, and therefore emphasizes, the qualities of another person or thing 陪襯者;陪襯物 countable ~ (for sb/sth)

Chelsea & Chip

        What’s up, Doc?

He has gray and white hair, long ears and turns 70 today. But he doesn’t look his age, and he has amazing energy. Who or what is this creature? Bugs Bunny – the famous cartoon rabbit who is always chewing on a carrot! First official appearance
Seventy years ago today, in the cartoon A Wild Hare, a hunter was hunting rabbits. A nameless rabbit suddenly emerged from a hole and said, “What’s up, Doc?" That line
became Bugs’ signature phrase.

debut (n) 首次露面; 初次登台, make the first appearance.

debut movie; debut album

debut noun 

/ˈdeɪ.bju/ [C]

when someone performs or presents something to the public for the first time

She made her professional stage debut in Swan Lake.

He started as an actor, making his debut as a director in 1990.

her debut (= first) album


chew (v) 咀嚼;深思, 細想, 熟慮, grind

to bite something continuously, for example because you are nervous or to taste it (因為緊張等)咬住,不停地啃;(為嚐味道)不停地咀嚼 ~ (on sth)

§  Rosa chewed on her lip and stared at the floor. 羅莎咬着嘴唇,眼睛盯着地板。 V

§  The dog was chewing on a bone. 那隻狗在一個勁地啃骨頭。

§  to chew your nails 啃指甲 VN


signature phrase 口頭禪

Popping up from the rabbit hole was Bugs Bunny’s first appearance with this personality. This is why it is considered his first official appearance. Bugs, however, stayed nameless until his second appearance in the cartoon series Elmer’s Pet Rabbit.

According to the magazine TV Guide, Bugs Bunny is the greatest cartoon character in American history. He is a classic example of “the smart-aleck American comic." His tricks have made people laugh for generations. And even after 70 years, Bugs isn’t about to slow down!

smart alec;   smart aleck

If you describe someone as a smart alec, you dislike the fact that they think they are very clever and always have an answer for everything. 自作聰明的人;好逞能的人

smart alec noun 

(also  smart aleck)  /ˌsmɑːtˈæl.ɪk/ /ˌsmɑːrt-/ [C] informal

someone who tries to appear clever or who answers questions in a clever way that annoys other people


Ken & Ashley

trick (n) 魔術;把戲;惡作劇
His tricks have made people laugh for generations
騙子;喜歡作弄人的人; magician play magic tricks

prank=practical joke

a trick that is played on somebody as a joke 玩笑;惡作劇 noun

  • a childish/silly prank 幼稚的/愚蠢的惡作劇

online prank



And even after 70 years, Bugs isn’t about to slow down!
not about to= not having the desire or plan to
1. The secretary is not about to get herself in trouble by interrupting her boss’ meeting.

2. Don’t worry. I’m not about to go out and tell your secret to other people.



emerge (v) 出現;顯露
The full moon emerged from behind the clouds.
Bears emerged from the woods after hibernating.


1.    Animals that hibernate spend the winter in a state like a deep sleep.

emerging (adj)

emerging adjective 

/ɪˈmɜː.dʒɪŋ/ /-ˈmɝː-/ [before noun] (formal emergent)

starting to exist

Western governments should be giving more aid to the emerging democracies of the Third World.

emergent economies/markets

signature phrase 口頭禪
“I’ll be back!" is the signature phrase of the Terminator.
我會再回來! " 是署名終結者的口頭禪。
“Good night and good luck!" is the famous anchor’s signature phrase.
晚安並祝好運! " 是著名的口頭禪。 


signature noun 

Click to hear the UK pronunciation of this wordClick to hear the US pronunciation of this word/ˈsɪg.nɪ.tʃər//-tʃɚ/ [C]
your name written by yourself, always in the same way, usually to show that something has been written or agreed by you

Compare: autograph


autograph noun 

Click to hear the UK pronunciation of this wordClick to hear the US pronunciation of this word/ˈɔː.tə.grɑːf//ˈɑː.t ̬ə.græf/ [C]
a signature (= your name written by yourself) of a famous person

Did you get his autograph?

smart-aleck (adj) 【口】自作聰明之人
The smart-aleck rookie detective got himself in trouble.
His smart-aleck comments made him the laughing stock of the class.

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